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Working hours: 24 hours


Average bill:
700 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
13:00 - 05:30 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of the dishes can bе different from reality


Aristocrat (the cooking time 3.5 hours)
3kg Bon fillet, entrecote, lamb ribs, wings, chicken breast, sirloin, white cheese, greens
2900 s
Chicken special (cooking time 3.5 hours)
2 kg Chicken, Dutch cheese, chicken, potato pie, mayonnaise, egg
1500 s
Cold cuts
450gr. Smoked veal tongue, duck breast, greens
650 s
Fish platter
400gr. Smoked salmon, smoked Escolar, shrimp, caviar, greens, lemon
850 s
450gr. DorBlu, fitaki, Dutch cheese, Suluguni, grapes, walnuts
750 s
Sausages on the grill
Albanian sausages: chicken, beef or lamb, potatoes, sauerkraut, cherry.
650 s
Assorted vodka
450gr. Gherkins, cherry tomato, sauerkraut, squash, herring, sprats, potato croquettes, rye bread
490 s
250gr. Chicken wings in a spicy sauce
340 s
Beer Set company
800gr. Fries, Buffalo wings, French toast, cheese sticks, Chechil
800 s
Appetizer Caucasian
450 gr. cucumber, tomato, persela, chicken, puff pastry, radishes, green onion, bell pepper.
560 s


Caesar salad with shrimp
250gr. Tiger prawns, salad leaves, iceberg, cherry tomato, Parmesan, Caesar dressing
390 s
300g. Hunting sausages, boiled potatoes, goat's milk, iceberg lettuce, garlic sauce
290 s
Caesar salad with chicken
250gr. Chicken, lettuce, iceberg, cherry tomato, Parmesan, Caesar dressing
290 s
250gr. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, cheese fetaksa, seeds
220 s
Salad "Beijing"
250 gr. sirloin, cucumber, bell pepper, onion, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, spices
290 s
Royal salad
250gr. Beef tongue, sirloin, smoked beef, lettuce, mayonnaise, pickles
290 s
Mix salad with mushrooms
250 gr.ham, chicken, mushrooms, mushrooms, shiitake, tomato, greens, garlic.
250 s
Salad with spray
260гр. Asparagus, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, bell pepper, soy sauce
280 s
Salad "Tender"
smoked duck, shiitake mushrooms, boiled egg, mushrooms, mayonnaise
290 s
Salad with funezou and wood mushrooms
beef, funchoza, sweet pepper, wood mushrooms.
250 s
Crispy eggplant in sauce
250g Eggplant, tomato, ginger, sauce how
190 s
Salad with eel sauce with fresh herbs
250g Eel, salad, rice croquettes in breadcrumbs, teriyaki sauce
290 s


Tom Yam
300g. Shrimp, mushrooms, rice, Tom Yam, bell pepper,bean sprouts
350 s
300g. Salami, sausage, pickles, boiled sausage, smoked chicken, tomato
230 s
350gr. Seaweed, cabbage, mushrooms, rice noodles, kimchi sauce
190 s
Tender meat soup with vegetables
350gr. Beef ribs, potatoes, bell pepper, carrot, broccoli
260 s
Soup with meatballs and quail egg
300 gr. minced beef, carrots, pepper and quail egg
230 s
Soup chicken noodles
300g. Chicken, noodles, egg
200 s
Soup Kharcho
400 gr. bonfile, rice, carrots, bell peppers, potatoes, many ways. walnut, spices
190 s


Salmon steak
Salmon, vegetables, sauce
800 s
Beef, vegetables, sauce
750 s
beef, vegetables, sauce
750 s

Main dishes

Medallions in cream sauce
350gr. Bonfile, cream, cheese viola, French fries, spices, cherry
570 s
Kazan Kawaba
350gr. Lamb, onion, fat tail, puff pastry
470 s
Kuurdak of bonfire lamb
370гр. Bonfire, potatoes, onion, cherry tomato, spices
390 s
Beef with green beans
Sirloin, green beans, Chinese mushrooms, served with rice 300g
490 s
Chicken teriyaki
350gr. Chicken, rice, teriyaki sauce, cherry tomato, sesame, spices
320 s
Chicken in sweet and sour sauce
Chicken breast, sesame, sweet sour sauce
290 s
Chicken Milanese
350gr. Chicken breast, cream, potatoes, bell pepper
360 s
Lamb with vegetables
350 gr. lamb, broccoli, bell pepper, zucchini, tomato
490 s
Trout baked with potatoes at home
300 gr. potatoes, trout, lemon
420 s
Chicken in Thai
350 gr. chicken, garlic, tomatoes, honey, pepper, sesame oil.
340 s
Meat trio-grilled
1200 gr. rack of lamb, Bon fillet, chicken wings, French fries.
2000 s
Fried beef with pepper
Sirloin, bell pepper, garlic, rice garnish
380 s
Ravioli with mushrooms
Oyster mushrooms, potatoes, cream, dough, Parmesan cheese
280 s
Fettuccine with mushrooms and chicken
Chicken breast, mushrooms, fettuccine, Parmesan, cream
390 s
Spring rolls
Spring dough, chicken breast, beef fillets, bell pepper, soy sauce
390 s
Chicken wrap Moroccan
Chicken legs, bell pepper, ginger, apples, cous cous
390 s
Buns, pickles, egg, bonfire, cheese Hochland
390 s


Salmon roll
(baked roll with cream cheese, eel, mayonnaise and tobiko)
450 s
Asia roll
(hot roll mix eel, chukka seaweed and sweet ginger)
320 s
Okinava roll
(cream roll with eel and unagi sauce)
330 s
California Black
(roll with tobiko, eel and avocado)
370 s
Califorinia Red
roll with tobiko, salmon, avocado and cucumber
370 s
Kappa Maki with salmon
280 s
Kappa Maki with eel
270 s
Katana roll
(roll with avocado, shrimp and cream cheese)
375 s
Little red riding hood
(a gentle roll with cream cheese, tuna, iceberg and cherry tomatoes)
320 s
Sesame roll
(roll with roasted sesame, creamy cheese and meat maguro)
360 s
Cucumber roll
(a gentle roll with salmon and cream cheese wrapped in cucumber)
300 s
Premium roll
(roll cream cheese, salmon, tobiko caviar, lettuce and tiger shrimp)
460 s
Sakura roll
(a gentle roll with salmon and cheese)
320 s
Spicy salmon roll
(spicy salmon roll, cucumber and dill)
310 s
Tokyo roll
(hot roll with salmon and cheese)
330 s
(roll with cream cheese and fresh salmon)
420 s
Philadelphia Luxury
(roll with Royal caviar, cream cheese and salmon)
420 s
Fitness roll
(easy roll mix, avocado, cucumber, tomato and lettuce)
240 s
Hit roll
(hot roll with eel and cheese)
350 s
Cheese roll with chicken breast
(baked roll with cream cheese, tomato, chicken, mayonnaise and mozzarella)
360 s
Cheese roll with eel
(baked roll with cream cheese, tomato, eel, mayonnaise and mozzarella)
410 s
Abby Kappa Maki
280 s
Abby Turi roll
360 s
Imperial set
2300 s


650гр. Oregano, Basil, tomatoes, sauce, cheese
480 s
Caesar Pizza
700gr. Chicken fillet, lettuce, Parmesan, Suluguni, sauce
500 s
Four cheese
650гр. Mozzarella cheese, Dutch cheese, Dor-blue, Parmesan
580 s
Pizza Chile
750gr. Beef, onions, tomatoes, bell pepper, chili sauce
560 s
Meat Polyana
700gr. Beef, salami, sausage, onion, tomatoes
590 s
Pizza Smoked
700gr. Smoked veal, duck, onion, pickles, sausages
550 s
Pizza Family
750gr. Smoked beef, duck breast, chicken, mozzarella, salami, cucumbers
550 s

Side dishes

120 s
Grilled vegetables
150 s
120 s
120 s
Home fried potatoes
150 gr
140 s
Bread basket
100 s


180gr. Cream cheese, cottage cheese, syrup
200 s
200gr. Mascarpone, Savoiardi, cream
250 s
200g cake, condensed milk, butter
200 s
Three chocolate
Chocolate, cream, egg, butter, cocoa
200 s
Fruit platter
600g. Apples, orange, banana, kiwi, pineapple, grapes
650 s

Soft drinks

Coca-Cola 1l
150 s
Fanta 1l
150 s
Sprite 1l
150 s
Borjomi 0,5 l
180 s
Mineral water Bonaqua with gas 1l
100 s
Mineral water Bonaqua without gas 1l
100 s
Natural juice
240 s