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Average bill:
700 som
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Hours of work:
18:30 - 04:30 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of the dishes can bе different from reality


Salad «Fresh»‎‎
220 gr. Cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, radishes, lettuce, butter.
239 s
Caesar salad with shrimp
250 gr. Tiger prawns, lettuce, iceberg, cherry tomato, parmesan, caesar sauce.
399 s
Caesar salad with chicken
250 gr. Chicken, lettuce, iceberg lettuce, cherry tomato, Parmesan, Caesar dressing.
349 s
String beans in Chinese style
220 gr. Beans, sweet and sour sauce, peanuts, nut spices.
499 s
Chuka salad
220 gr. Pickled seaweed, cucumbers, sesame seeds, nut sauce, orange sauce.
259 s
Salad «Chechel»‎‎
280 gr. Puff basket, hunting sausages, cherry tomatoes, salad mix, chechel cheese, aioli sauce.
339 s
Olivier with meat
300 gr. Beef tenderloin, potatoes, carrots, eggs, green peas, pickles, dill, mayonnaise.
239 s
Salad «Tender»‎‎
300 gr. Smoked duck, shiitaki mushrooms, boiled egg, pears, mayonnaise.
389 s
Greek salad
300 gr. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, cheese fetaksa, seeds.
279 s
Salad «Beijing»‎‎
280 gr. Tenderloin, cucumbers, bell pepper, onion, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, spices.
359 s
Crispy eggplant in sauce
280 gr. Eggplant, tomato, ginger, hoyu sauce.
399 s
Royal salad
300 gr. Beef tongue, tenderloin, smoked veal, lettuce, mayonnaise, pickled cucumbers.
290 s


Assorted sausages
450 gr. Beef sausages, chicken sausages, potatoes, sauerkraut.
599 s
Cheese platter
200 gr. DorBlu, fetaksa, Parmesan, black Prince, honey, nuts.
799 s
Buffalo BBQ
600 gr. Chicken wings, aioli sauce, bbq sauce.
899 s
Herring with potatoes
290 gr. Herring, potatoes, gherkins, onions, bread.
399 s
Caucasian appetizer
500 gr. Tomato, cucumber, cheese, Persol, greens, khachapuri.
989 s
Beer Set
700 gr. Chechel, tag, fries, chicken wings, garlic croutons, cheese sticks.
899 s
Assorted vodka dishes
450 gr. Herring, sauerkraut, cherry tomatoes, gherkins, French fries.
599 s
Cold cuts
350 gr. Smoked horse meat, chicken roll, kazy, duck breast.
799 s
Fish platter
220 gr. Smoked salmon, smoked escolar, caviar, lemon.
999 s
Cheese sticks
350 gr. The teriyaki sauce, mozzarella cheese and bread crumbs.
399 s
Fried shrimp
200 gr. Shrimp, garlic, sauce, lemon.
1299 s
Cutlet, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers.
320 s
Chef burger
Cutlet, egg, jalapeno, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce.
350 s

First courses

Cream of Lentil soup
300 gr. Mint, cream, lentils, potatoes, tomato paste, lemon.
229 s
Chicken noodle Soup
350 gr. Chicken fillet, carrot, onion, egg noodles.
229 s
400 gr. Salami, servelat, doctor's sausage, pickles, smoked chicken, tomato paste, lemon, sour cream, olives.
269 s
Tender meat soup with vegetables
400 gr. Beef ribs, potatoes, bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower.
299 s
Sour-spicy soup with funchosa
400 gr. Beef, black mushrooms, cellophane, onions, sesame seeds.
319 s
400 gr. Ramen noodles, egg, beef, chuka seaweed.
249 s
Kuksi in Korean
400 gr. Beef, cucumbers, cabbage, cold broth, noodles.
239 s
Tom Yam
300 gr. Shrimps, mussels, mushrooms, coconut milk, tom yam paste, lemongrass.
399 s

Second courses

Tobacco Chicken
700 gr. Chicken, salad mix, BBQ sauce, woofu sauce.
499 s
Milanese Chicken
400 gr. Chicken fillet, cream, kimchi sauce, bell pepper, homemade potatoes.
389 s
400 gr. Beef tenderloin, bell pepper, onion, garlic, black mushrooms, Chinese spices, vinegar, egg, lapiza.
499 s
Medallions in Asian style
300 gr. Bon filet, bell pepper, onion, garlic, apple-garlic sauce.
599 s
Fettuccine with chicken
350 gr. Fettuccine pasta, parmesan cheese, chicken fillet, cream.
389 s
Bluecheese salmon
280 gr. Salmon fillet, spinach, cream, dorblu cheese, lemon.
699 s
Trout with green peas
350 gr. Trout, mussels, shrimp, green peas, teriyaki sauce, lemon.
599 s
Chicken in sweet and sour sauce with rice
380 gr. Chicken fillet, sesame seeds, sweet and sour sauce.
389 s
Medallions with BBQ sauce
300 gr. Bon filet, BBQ sauce, salad mix, woofu sauce.
499 s
Lamb Kuurdak
350 gr. Lamb fillet, onions, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes.
459 s
Chicken with black mushrooms
400 gr. Chicken fillet, bell pepper, onion, black mushrooms, garlic, sesame, sweet and sour sauce.
389 s
Udon with veal
320 gr. Japanese noodles, veal, udon sauce, Peking cabbage, onion, garlic.
389 s
Udon with chicken
320 gr. Japanese noodles, chicken fillet, udon sauce, Peking cabbage, onion, garlic.
329 s
Udon with tiger prawns
320 gr. Japanese noodles, tiger prawns, udon sauce, Peking cabbage, onion, garlic.
369 s


Rib Eye Steak
320 gr. Beef, BBQ sauce.
799 s
320 gr. Beef, salsa sauce.
799 s


480 gr. Oregano, basil, tomatoes, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese.
459 s
Pizza-Meat glade
580 gr. Beef, salami, hunting sausages, tomatoes, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese.
639 s
550 gr. Ground beef, onion, bell pepper, chili pepper, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, jalapeno.
699 s
480 gr. Chicken fillet, lettuce, caesar sauce, parmesan, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese.
599 s
Pizza with smoked meats
480 gr. Smoked veal, smoked duck, hunting sausages, pickles, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese.
639 s
Pizza-Four cheeses
500 gr. Mozzarella cheese, dorblu, parmesan, Dutch cheese, pizza sauce.
639 s
Uzbek style samsy
1 pc. Thin dough, beef, tomatoes, tomato sauce.
65 s

Side dishes

120 gr.
99 s
Grilled vegetables
200 gr.
179 s
200 gr.
139 s
Mashed potatoes
150 gr.
99 s
French fries with ketchup
150 gr.
129 s
Idaho potatoes with ketchup
180 gr.
149 s
Croquettes with ketchup
150 gr.
149 s


Philadelphia Roll
8 pcs. Salmon, tender cheese, cucumbers.
429 s
Kom bu baked
8 pcs. Acne, cheese tender, and the sauce is hot.
329 s
California with shrimp
8 pcs. Tiger prawns, tobiko, cucumber, mayonnaise.
459 s
Spicy salmon roll
8 pcs. Tender cheese, eel, spicy sauce, salmon.
329 s
Katsuma roll
8 pcs. Salmon, tobiko, cucumber, hot sauce.
399 s
California Fusion
8 pcs. Salmon, cucumber, tender cheese, breadcrumbs.
479 s
Lava Roll
8 pcs. Salmon, cucumber, tender cheese, breadcrumbs.
359 s
Manhattan Roll
8 pcs. Tender cheese, salmon, cucumber, tobiko.
420 s
Tempura roll
8 pcs. Salmon, parmesan, tender cheese.
369 s
California Red
8 pcs. Tobiko, mayonnaise, crab, cucumber.
359 s
Tasaki roll
8 pcs. Tobiko, cucumber, spicy sauce, tender salmon, unagi sauce.
429 s
Roll unagi uramaki
8 pcs. Tender cheese, cucumber, salmon, eel, sesame.
599 s
Set # 1
44 pcs. Philadelphia, spice, lava roll, California red, tempura, takashi.
2200 s

Soft drinks

Coca-Cola 1l
200 s
Fanta 1l
200 s
Sprite 1l
200 s
Mineral water Bonaqua with gas 1l
120 s
Mineral water Bonaqua without gas 1l
120 s
Natural juice
270 s