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Chayhana «Barhat»

Average bill:
700 som
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Hours of work:
11:00 - 23:45 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of the dishes can be different from reality


Greek salad
250 g . Cucumbers, fetaxa, tomatoes, olives, lemon.
418 s
Fried asparagus
200 g. Fried asparagus with meat in soy sauce with spices.
488 s
Fresh salad
300 g . Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise or olive oil.
228 s
Caesar with chicken
320 g. Chicken fillet, crackers, lettuce leaves, iceberg, cherry, caesar sauce.
458 s
Warm veal salad
300 g. Juicy veal meat with fresh arugula leaves, garlic, basturma with shallots, bell pepper and cherry tomatoes.
558 s
Salad "Asia"
300 g . Tender tongue of beef, tomatoes, cucumbers, spices.
418 s
Spinach with meat
300 g, pickled spinach with meat in soy sauce with spices.
378 s
Florida salad
270 g, chicken breast, broccoli, cauliflower, pepper, spices.
388 s
Eggplant fries
300 g . Eggplant in batter with a special sauce.
398 s
Spicy salad with beef and peanuts
300 g, pickled beef, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, hot sauce, peanuts.
448 s
Las Vegas Salad Roll
380 g, smoked chicken roll, nori leaves, egg pancakes, lettuce leaves, iceberg, cherry tomatoes, sesame seeds.
458 s
Spicy warm salad with chicken in sweet chili sauce
300 g, spicy warm salad, zucchini, cucumbers, chicken, sweet chili sauce, tomatoes, herbs, spices.
388 s
Beef heh
250 g, marinated beef, carrot, pepper, spices, soy sauce.
458 s
Healthy salad
280 g, boiled beef, beans, onions, garlic, cucumbers, spices.
388 s
Salad "Rustic"
300 g, tongue, peas, pickled cucumbers, spices, onions.
248 s
300 g . Warm beef salad, funchosa with woody mushrooms.
428 s
Cold chicken salad
270 g, boiled chicken, tomatoes, half-hot pepper.
328 s
Herring under a fur coat
280 g, herring, onion, carrot, potato, beetroot, mayonnaise, spices 200g
328 s
Salad "Royal"
300 g, pineapple, chicken, egg, mayonnaise, poppy seeds.
328 s
270 g, cucumbers, beef, egg, potatoes, peas, mayonnaise.
318 s
Salad "Vinaigrette"
280 g, beans, pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, potatoes, beets.
248 s
Gourmet salad
270 g, beef, potato pie, mayonnaise, egg, pickled cucumbers.
388 s


The cellar
300 g . Squash, gherkins, honey mushrooms, sauerkraut, cherry tomatoes.
588 s
Assorted fish
400 g. Salmon, escolar, mackerel, caviar.
1608 s
National assorted
290 Chuchuk , Kazy karta, gov language
1118 s
Cold cuts
400 g . Beef tongue, duck roll, chicken roll, veal.
1258 s
Russian snack
300 g. Herring, potatoes, onions.
488 s
Buffalo Wings
400 g. Chicken wings, adjika, garlic, spices, batter.
558 s
Assorted vegetables
300 g . Cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, cheese, greens.
388 s
Trout in teriyaki sauce
1 kg.
1608 s

First courses

400 g. Mutton, potatoes, vegetables.
328 s
400 g. Beef, beetroot, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, greens.
308 s
300 g, beef, cucumbers, pepper, cabbage, egg pancake.
298 s
Tom yam
500 g, squid, shrimp, champignons, lime leaf, lemongrass, rice
528 s
Meat in Kazakh
400 g. Mutton, large pieces of dough, potatoes, spices.
258 s
400 g. Beef, semi-hot pepper, pieces of dough, vegetables.
258 s
400 g. Branded Chinese soup with dumplings and funchesa.
428 s
Mastava with meatballs
400 g
258 s
400 g. smoked sausage, chicken breast, olives, beef, pickles.
438 s
400 g, beef dumplings, broth, sour cream, herbs.
268 s
Azerbaijani soup
400 g, veal rib, meatball stuffed with chickpeas, potatoes.
418 s
400 g, dumplings in red broth.
258 s
Santavro Chinese Soup
400 g, sour-spicy soup with the addition of funchosa, omelette, mure mushrooms, marinated beef.
378 s
Lentil soup
400 g, lentils, potatoes, carrots, broth, spices.
248 s
Chicken noodle soup
400 g, homemade chicken, egg noodles, carrots, potatoes, greens.
238 s

Second courses (European cuisine)

Chicken chop with mushroom gratin
350 g, chicken breast, potatoes, creamy mushroom sauce.
428 s
Beef Stroganoff
250 g. Beef, cream, onion, spices.
458 s
Steak with egg
350 g, cucumbers, boiled beef, radishes, egg, potatoes, greens.
398 s
Meat in French
300 g, potatoes, meat, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese.
378 s
T-Bone Steak
400 g. Bacon, spices, rosemary, garlic.
1148 s
Rib Eye steak
400 g, beef steak.
1308 s
Medallions with mashed potatoes
350 g, bon fillet, mashed potatoes, pepper, spices, Italian herbs, cherry, demiglas sauce.
1318 s
Salmon steak
300 g, in a creamy sauce.
1228 s
Trout with mashed potatoes with steamed spinach in a creamy sauce
320 g, trout, mashed potatoes, spinach, cream sauce, spices, lemon sauce, cherry.
658 s
Walleye on a vegetable pillow
250 g .
688 s
320 g, pasta in tomato sauce with minced beef and cheese.
468 s
350 g, pasta with chicken and mushrooms.
448 s

Second meals (Eastern cuisine)

Besh barmak
420 g. chuchuk, minced beef, dough.
508 s
700 g, marrow bones, garlic, tomatoes, pepper, spices, bruschetta.
388 s
Oxtails on a roaster with potatoes
420 g, oxtails, potatoes, onions, spices, sauce.
478 s
400 g. Beef, wood mushrooms, bell pepper, spices.
438 s
Kazan kebab
250 g, veal, onion, rap, spices.
478 s
350 g, laser rice, carrots, beef, lamb.
348 s
350 g, potatoes, lamb ribs, onions.
728 s
Fish on a brazier
300 g, pike perch, pepper, tomatoes, spices.
568 s
Beef on a roaster
300 g, beef, pepper, tomatoes, onions, spices.
438 s
Fried manta rays
5 pieces, manta rays from beef, fried in oil.
348 s
Manti with beef
5 pcs.
328 s
1 piece, a roll of dough stuffed with potatoes, carrots, onions and beef meat.
318 s
Balyk siai
320 g. Pike perch, pepper, tomatoes, spices, herbs.
608 s
Gan fan
300 g, beef, bell pepper, Chinese cabbage, rice, herbs, spices.
318 s
Gyuro lagman
450 g. Beef, pepper, celery, basai, coriander, garlic, spices, herbs, dough.
428 s
Dapanji with noodles
350 g. Chicken, potatoes, pepper, tomato, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, ginger, spices.
358 s
3 pieces, custard dough, beef, onion, spices.
278 s
Boso lagman
450 g. Beef, pepper, celery, basai, coriander, garlic, spices, herbs, dough.
338 s

Chinese cuisine

Fish grapes
300 g. Pike perch fillet in sweet and sour sauce.
598 s
Chicken in sweet and sour sauce
300 g, chicken fillet in sweet and sour sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds.
428 s
Gongbao Chicken
300 g, spicy chicken in white wine sauce with vegetables and peanuts.
428 s
Crispy mushrooms
250 g. Golden fried oyster mushrooms with spices.
478 s
Wings in Beijing
400 g. Juicy chicken wings with garlic and aromatic spices.
698 s
Fries with meat
300 g. Juicy pickled veal with fries.
408 s
Beans in Chinese
250 g, spicy crispy beans in batter.
428 s
Sichuan chicken
350 g, chicken, pepper, peanuts, sesame seeds, spices.
418 s
Viennese chicken
400 g. Chicken, cheese, oyster mushrooms, tomatoes, cream sauce, herbs, spices.
428 s


Philadelphia roll
8 pieces, Philadelphia cheese, rice, cucumbers, salmon.
398 s
Kappa Maki roll
8 pieces, fried rolls, rice, salmon, cucumber
388 s
Kim salmon pub
8 pieces, kim leaves, salmon, dragon, rice.
368 s
Atsui maki
8 pieces, hot rolls in double batter with salmon.
418 s
California roll
8 pieces, rice, snow crab, mayonnaise, cucumber, tobiko caviar.
308 s

The sets of rolls and sushi

The Geisha Set
56 pcs .
2708 s
The Okinawa Set
32 pcs.
2108 s
Set from the "Chef"
32 pcs.
2308 s

Bakery products

1 PC.
25 s
250 g
90 s
Tortillas 2 pieces
50 s
Assorted samsa "Velvet"
15 pcs. Layered samosas, Velvet samosas, fried chebureks.
588 s
Samsa "Lavash"
1 PC.
98 s

Side dishes

Rice with egg
180 g. Fried rice with egg and greens.
118 s
150 g .
88 s
Grilled vegetables
180 g. Pepper, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant.
168 s
Potato slices
150 g
128 s
French fries
158 s
Mashed potatoes
150 g .
88 s


Chili Pizza
500 g. Minced beef, tomatoes, cheese, spices, fire, sauce.
558 s
Chicken pizza
500 g. Chicken breast, mushrooms, spinach, cream sauce.
558 s
Pizza Caesar
500 g. Lettuce leaf, iceberg, chicken breast, caesar sauce, parmesan.
558 s
Assorted pizza
500 g. Smoked chicken, beef, vegetables, sauce, cheese, mushrooms.
558 s
Hunting pizza
500 g. Hunting sausages, gherkins, cheese, sauce.
558 s
Pepperoni pizza
500 g. Salami, mushrooms, cheese, sauce.
558 s


Cheesecake in the assortment
288 s
Red Velvet
258 s
Chocolate dessert
258 s
Snickers dessert
258 s
Three chocolates
258 s


Coca-Cola 1 l.
178 s
Fanta 1 l
178 s
Sprite 1 l
178 s