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Average bill:
800 som
200 som ?
Hours of work:
11:00 - 22:30 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of the dishes can be different from reality


Rice porridge
Rice, milk, dried fruits, coconut. milk and cashew nuts
190 s
Norwegian omelet
egg, milk, salt, lightly salted trout, salad mix
360 s
Bruschetta lecho
bread, lecho, mascarpone, arugula
330 s
Green breakfast
poached egg, spinach, cottage cheese, cream cheese, smoked paprika
380 s
Ala Turko
egg, avocado, milk sausages, mascarpone mousse, bread, salad mix, butter, smoked paprika
420 s
Rice porridge with dried fruits
milk, rice, butter, dried fruits
190 s
Oatmeal porridge with dried fruits
milk, oatmeal, butter, dried fruits
190 s
Classic cheesecakes
(cheesecakes – cottage cheese, semolina, egg, cherry compote, mascarpone mousse)
290 s


Veal tartare with yuzu sauce
bon fillet, yuzu fresh, capers, onions, gherkins, quail egg, hollandaise sauce, mustard, black pepper, bread
620 s
Cheese Plateau
dorbloux cheese, cheddar, parmesan, camembert, brie cheese, honey, grapes
1100 s
Tuna Tataki
tuna, yuzu sauce, ramesco sauce, quail egg, arugula, lemon
590 s
Slavic appetizer made of author's pickles
herring, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, red onion, onion, croutons, vinegar, salt, vegetable oil
590 s
Spring roll with vegetables
pepper, onion, wood mushrooms, cabbage, dough, oyster sauce
320 s
Cheese sticks with berry jam
breaded Dutch cheese, berry jam
350 s
Spicy Thai wings
chicken wings, salt, black pepper, lemon, mixed herbs, pico de gallo sauce
320 s
Smelt in batter
capelin, lemon, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, black pepper
350 s
Crispy Squid Rings
breaded squid rings
320 s
A honeycomb of mussels
mussels, dorblo cheese, onion, cream, white wine, bread
690 s
Quesadilla with chicken
tortilla, chicken fillet, bell pepper, red onion, jalapeno, parsley, hollandaise cheese, pico de gallo sauce, avocado guacamole
470 s


Caesar with chicken
lettuce leaves, iceberg, crackers, chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, caesar sauce, parmesan, overfilled egg
480 s
Caesar with shrimp
Lettuce leaves with fried shrimp with cherry tomatoes and parmesan
580 s
Crispy eggplant salad
bon fillet, eggplant, arugula, cherry tomatoes, sweet chili sauce, garlic, lemon, salt, starch, sugar, coriander
590 s
Greek salad
tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, lettuce, lollo rosso, spinach, feta cheese, lemon, red onion, olives, dressing sauce, olive oil, salt, black pepper
450 s
Salad with arugula and strachatella
arugula, cherry tomatoes, pesto, baguette, microgreens, garlic, butter, pine nuts, strachatella
550 s
Salad with baked salmon
chicken, leek, garlic, parmesan, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, squid, mussels, salmon, salt, black pepper, butter1
750 s


Tom yam
shrimp, champignons, ginger lemongrass, lime leaf, coconut milk, tom yam paste, rice, coriander, lime
550 s
Beef Ramen
450 g. Classic ramen with beef and egg according to a Japanese recipe with rich broth with egg noodles , beef with poached egg, coriander, green onion, white sesame and onion fries
480 s
Chicken soup
chicken, carrots, onions, noodles, quail egg, greens
290 s
Marseille soup with smoked veal
pilati, tomato juice, onion, garlic, orange, sugar, basturma
490 s
Author's Pumpkin soup with strachatella
pumpkin, carrot, onion, thyme, garlic, honey, strachatella, almond slices
590 s
Chicken Ramen
480 s

Main dishes

Rib Eye steak
Served with potato wedges and ketchup
1100 s
Salmon steak with Thai sauce
salmon fillet, ginger, garlic, honey, edamame beans, kikoman, chili pepper, broccoli, sweet chili, oil, micro herbs, lemon
850 s
Pepper steak
bon fillet, salt, black pepper, garlic, thyme, olive oil, mushrooms, spinach, mashed potatoes, pepper sauce
950 s
Sea bass with chimichuri sauce
sea bass, white wine, arugula, chimichuri sauce, lemon, green oil
820 s
Baked quail
quail, chili pepper, thyme, olive oil, sweet chili, garlic, lemon juice, coriander, iceberg, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, micro greens, green oil
750 s
Stewed lamb rack
pirzola, new potatoes, vegetable pickle, cherry tomatoes, demiglas, ketchup, lemon, sugar, garlic, dill, micro greens, green oil
950 s
T – bone steak with potatoes in a rustic way
T-bone, potato slices, pico de gallo sauce, demiglas
1100 s
Rib eye steak with grilled vegetables
rib eye, salt, black pepper, oil, santa maria, garlic, thyme, dill, pico de gallo sauce, demiglas
1100 s


Pasta bolognese
minced beef, onion, carrot, pilati, oregano, basil, parmesan, spaghetti, white wine, cherry tomatoes
480 s
Fettuccine with chicken and mushrooms
fettuccine, chicken fillet, mushrooms, cream, wine, leek, salt, black pepper, parmesan cheese
480 s
Penne arabiata
penne, leek, garlic, capers, salt, black pepper, pilati, dried oregano, rosemary, cherry tomatoes, mascarpone mousse, olives
470 s
Shrimp pasta with pesto sauce
tiger prawns, leeks, pesto, cherry tomatoes, strachatella cheese, spaghetti, white wine
580 s

Side dishes

French fries
French fries, ketchup
150 s
Grilled vegetables
vegetables by season
190 s
Rustic potatoes
new potatoes, garlic, green onions, ketchup
150 s
Broccoli with garlic
(broccoli, garlic butter, pesto sauce
180 s
Air puree
160 s
Smoked fries with parmesan
150 s


Fila with shrimp
shinaki rice, nori, cottage cheese, cucumbers, salmon, shrimp, yuzu sauce
690 s
"New York"
shinaki rice, cottage cheese, cucumbers, eel, salmon, unagi sauce, tobiko red
670 s

Baked Rolls

Baked eel
shinaki rice, nori, cottage cheese, eel, avocado, spice sauce, unagi sauce
690 s
Baked salmon
shinaki rice, nori, salmon, avocado, Dutch cheese, mayonnaise
590 s
Baked crab
shinaki rice, nori, crab mix, cucumbers, spice sauce cucumbers
550 s


Coca-Cola 0.25 l
90 s
Bonaqua 0.33 l
70 s


Fried chechil snacks
180 s