Order by phone
Working hours: 24 hours


Average bill:
700 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
09:00 - 23:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of dishes may not match their appearance in reality
When ordering over 800 soms, a dessert as gift!

Breakfast options

Oatmeal porridge
140 s
Millet porridge
140 s
Rice porridge with caramelized banana
155 s
Glaze their 2 eggs
With warm toast and grilled tomato.
140 s
Tender omelet
With a salad of avocado, arugula, tomato. Served with parmesan mousse. Well, very tasty!
340 s
Croutons with suluguni cheese
160 s
Dashkek omelet
Omelet, sausages, potatoes with mushrooms, haloumi cheese, beans and a fresh mix.
390 s
Rishkekskaya glazunya
Fried eggs, sausages, potatoes with mushrooms, halumi cheese, beans and a fresh mix.
390 s
Pancakes with cream cheese, salmon and red tobiko caviar
270 s
Pancakes with three toppings
From nuttella, berries and mascarpone.
210 s
Cheesecakes with jam and sour cream topping
240 s
Belgian waffles with mascarpone and berries
330 s
Cottage cheese with fruit
Orange, apple, banana, walnut, raisin.
240 s
Pancakes with nutella
150 s
Pancakes with jam
150 s
Panzerotti with veal and cheese
230 s
Croissant with avocado and salmon
280 s
Trout, quinoa and edam bean bowl
390 s


Salad with crispy eggplant
Deep-fried eggplant, fresh tomatoes, feta cheese and sweet chili sauce.
290 s
Warm salad bowl with chicken and mushrooms
350 s
Warm salad bowl with veal and potatoes
370 s
Tuna salad
Boiled egg, red onion, gherkins, cherry and tuna.
360 s
Fresh salad
Cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, bell pepper and red onion with dressing of olive oil and lemon.
220 s
Asian Salad
Veal on a pillow of mixed greens.
340 s
Caesar Salad»
340 s
Sicilian salad
Lettuce, spinach, olives, cheese with pesto sauce.
310 s
Warm salad with salmon
420 s
Green salad with fried haloumi and avocado
380 s


Chicken Breast Sandwich
Served with potato slices. Well, very satisfying!
300 s
Burger with minced veal cutlet
370 s
Doner Bakinsky
Without mayonnaise, juicy lula kebab with tomatoes in their own juice.
330 s
Balyk ekmek
Trout with juicy tomatoes and half-hot peppers in freshly baked bread.
330 s
Tortilla with Mexican chicken
340 s
Bao burger with chicken in batter and hot sauce
270 s


Mushroom soup
190 s
Lentil soup
170 s
Chicken soup
170 s
Tom yam
370 s


320 s
Bulkoff pasta»
Spaghetti with chicken breast, tomatoes, pesto sauce in a duet with cream sauce.
370 s
Fettuccine with trout
380 s
Fettuccine with chicken
360 s
Penne in hot sauce.
290 s


Turkey Pizza
380 s
Pepperoni Pizza
360 s
Pizza Bulkoff
Dorblu cheese, pear.
370 s
Pizza Margarita
360 s

Main dishes

Rib Eye Steak
Served without garnish.
520 s
Chiboy steak
A special steak consisting of two parts: a fragrant striploin and a tender tenderloin, which is separated by a T-shaped bone. Recommended Medium roast.
660 s
Cowboy Steak
The most delicious and juicy steak, with excellent marbling.
830 s
Trout in cream sauce with spinach
510 s
Chicken Breast
Stuffed with spinach and cheese in a creamy sauce.
320 s
Steak with mashed potatoes
360 s
Chicken with green buckwheat
400 s
Beef stroganoff with rice
360 s
Medallions in mushroom sauce
480 s

Side dishes

90 s
French fries
100 s
Grilled vegetables
120 s
Spinach in cream sauce with cheese
140 s
Green buckwheat
90 s
New potatoes
90 s
Bread basket
40 s


160 s
160 s
160 s
230 s
Berry tartlet
160 s
200 s
Chocolate cake
250 s
Pistachio roll
220 s
Red Velvet
160 s
Chocolate cupcake
60 s

Bakery products

Classic croissant
70 s
Croissant with condensed milk
90 s
Croissant with chocolate
90 s
Oatmeal cookies with peanuts
40 s
Chocolate chip cookies
50 s


Coca cola 1 l
90 s
Fanta 1 l
90 s
Sprite 1 l
90 s
J7 juices in the range of 1 l
180 s
Bonaqua with 1 l gas
90 s
Bonaqua without gas 1 l
90 s