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Working hours: 24 hours

Burger House Ala-Archa

Average bill:
400 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
10:00 - 23:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of dishes may not match their type in reality
For cutlets, you can choose the degree of roasting, check with the operators

Burgers ( L )

Classic Burger L
onion, pickled cucumber, sauce classic cheese
185 s
The special Burger L
mushrooms, pickled cucumber, fried onions, BBQ sauce, cheese
220 s
London Burger L
fried onions, pickled cucumber, sauce London cheese
205 s
California Burger L
Jalapeno pepper sauce Cilantro lime, cheese
200 s

Burgers ( M )

Classic Burger M
Onion, pickled cucumber, sauce Classic cheese
145 s
The special Burger M
Mushrooms, pickled cucumber, fried onions, BBQ sauce, cheese
175 s
London Burger M
Grilled onions, pickled cucumber, sauce London cheese
160 s
California Burger M
Pepper Jalapeno, red onion, cilantro lime sauce, cheese
160 s

Hot dogs

Classic hot dog
Bun, sausage, Skopina mustard and ketchup.
109 s

Fries and snacks

Classic fries
65 s

Soft drinks

Fanta 0,5
40 s
Sprite 0,5
40 s
Cola 0,5
40 s


Caesar salad with chicken
220 gr.
180 s
Eggplant Fries
150 gr. pieces of peeled eggplant in special sauce, deep fried to a crisp
179 s
Salad "Olivier"
150 gr.
150 s
Green beans
220 gr. Crispy green beans tempura, which set off the sharp taste of peppers
219 s
Greek salad
220 gr.
170 s
Salad of fresh vegetables
220 gr. fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers in a Chinese dressing
140 s


Chicken Tabaka
300 gr.
290 s
T-bone steak
270 gr.
450 s
Steak of marbled beef
1701 gr.
375 s


Boso lagman
400 gr.
185 s
Guiro lagman
400 gr.
175 s
Suirou lagman
400 gr.
175 s
Veal on skewers
180 gr. tender pieces grilled on skewers bonfire
260 s
Chicken in sweet and sour sauce
200 gr.
230 s
Chicken Chilli Coriander
250 gr. tender pieces of chicken fried in chili sauce Coriander, served with rice
199 s
Chicken with teriyaki sauce
250 gr. served with rice
189 s
Chicken Szechuan
250 gr. tender pieces of chicken sauteed in Szechuan sauce with crispy Chinese pepper and peanuts
230 s
Kazan kebab chicken
250 gr.
199 s
Kazan kebab
250 gr. juicy veal fried on high heat in a Woke with onions and spices
270 s
Veal with wood mushrooms
250 gr. Bon fillet slices sautéed with tree mushrooms, slices of vegetables with Chinese sauce 3-day infusions
230 s
Beef with glass noodles
230 gr.
240 s
Moo Shu Ru
250 gr. tender pieces marinated and roasted veal with small adding of mushrooms, paprika, tomatoes and Chinese spices
230 s
Grilled veal with fries
220 gr.
210 s
Toktogul trout
200 gr.
450 s

Children's menu

Corn dogs
150g Grilled sausages in breadcrumbs
175 s
Fried sausage with French fries
180 s
Ravioli with potatoes
150 s
Nuggets 5pcs
99 s
Nuggets 10pcs
174 s

Side dishes

French fries
100 gr.
60 s
100 gr.
80 s
100 gr.
120 s
150 gr.
70 s
Fried rice with egg
180 gr.
80 s
30 s