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Working hours: 24 hours

For companies

We offer you effective and easy way to provide food for the whole office. It takes only 10 minutes, and makes easy to have lunches at work
First, you need to create a company
  1. Get registered or log in website
  2. Open the tab My companies
  3. Click on «Create my company»
  4. Enter the information and click «Create»
Add new company
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Now in your tab: «My companies» was created your company
My companies
Add employees to your company
  1. Log in to your newly created company
  2. Copy and send out the link from the field called "Add members"
Attention: make sure to use the actual link
Please, be sure to pay attention to the link, as it changes every day. You need to copy the link only from this field and no other source. For example, if you resend an old letter with used link, it won't work
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In order to make a corporate order
  1. Click on the button "Open the order" near your company
  2. Choose a food place, which you want to order from and click «Create an order»
  3. As soon as your employees enter the website, the system will notify them about created corporate order
  4. The status of your order will be displayed in the field «Active orders»
  5. As soon as your employees decide on their preferences, click on the «Finish an order»
Your order is successfully created, so you just need to expect our specialist to confirm the order
Got any questions left?
You can leave the note in jivosite with the request of ordering the demonstration of how the system works. Our manager will hold a presentation for you or give you needed information. It is free and takes a short time
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