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Working hours: 24 hours

Restaurant «Cyclone»

Average bill:
400 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
11:00 - 21:30 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of dishes may not correspond to their appearance in reality


Bruschetta with spicy trout
Lightly salted trout, fresh cucumbers, sertaki cheese.
380 s
Veal bruschetta
Veal, bell pepper, sertaki cheese, herbs.
300 s
Tomato and mozzarella bruschetta
Tomato, red onion, garlic, cheese, herbs.
270 s
Bruschetta with avocado and sesame seeds
330 s
Assorted bruschetta
510 s
Veal Carpaccio
450 s
Prawns in creamy garlic sauce
450 s
Breaded eggplant appetizer
300 s
Cheese fondue
Chabatta, fondue sauce.
400 s
Cheese balls in pistachio breadcrumbs with dried fruit
300 s


Trout ceviche with avocado
Trout, red onion, tomatoes, cherry, garlic, avocado, chabatta.
470 s
Salad with shrimp, kiwi and pesto sauce
520 s
Mixed trout salad with cheese balls
400 s
"Caesar" with chicken and original black sauce
Iceberg lettuce, lettuce, sauce, perep egg, chicken, parmesan, crouton
500 s
Salad with chicken breast and poached egg
Mushrooms, gherkins, lola-rosa, lettuce, chicken fillet, sauce, chabatta
350 s
Mixed salad with veal and New York sauce
420 s
Salad with dried cherries
With tender cheese and veal
380 s
Tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, sertaki cheese, cherry tomatoes, greens
450 s
Salad with fresh spinach and parmesan
Spinach, parmesan, sauce
330 s


Tomato soup with seafood
Shrimp, mussels, celery, leek, red onion, red onion, tomato juice.
290 s
Spinach and poached egg soup
210 s
Cream Cauliflower soup
Cauliflower, cream, salmon, onion, parmesan, mashed potatoes, olive oil.
220 s
Spicy tomato soup with beans
String beans, tomato juice, bon filet, beans.
250 s


Pizza with seafood
640 s
Calzone with mushrooms and garlic
400 s
Toscana Pizza
Juicy chicken fillet with mushrooms, cheese and Bulgarian pepper with tomato sauce.
430 s
Eggplant and veal pizza
510 s
Pizza with trout and smoked salmon
600 s
Pizza "Margarita"
Classic and that says it all. Tomato sauce, cheese and aromatic basil.
370 s
Pizza "A la Diabola"
Tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese and spicy salami.
490 s
Pizza four cheeses
520 s
Pizza with spinach and chicken
440 s

Pasta - Pasta

Ravioli with seafood in tomato sauce
360 s
Ravioli with chicken and spinach
330 s
Ravioli with spinach
310 s
Linguine with shrimp
Shrimp, mussels, celery, sauce, pasta
430 s
Linguine with trout
450 s
Fettuccine with spinach and chicken
370 s
Fettuccine with prawns in cheese sauce
480 s
Spaghetti Bolognese
310 s
350 s
Alio-Olio Spaghetti
Pasta, parsley, paprika, garlic
280 s
Spaghetti with juicy tomatoes, basil and garlic
340 s
Faralle Alfredo with chicken balls
300 s
Faralle Alfredo without chicken balls
300 s
Penne Arrabiata
330 s

Main dishes

Trout with vegetable paste
Trout, fried vegetables, mashed potatoes.
530 s
Trout roll with spinach in cream sauce
600 s
Breaded chicken fillet with cheese and smoked meat
490 s
Chicken fillet in walnut sauce with spinach and eggplant
Chickens fillet, nuts, Smet sauce, eggplant, carrots
390 s
Chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella
470 s
Rib Eye steak in pepper sauce with potatoes
700 s
Veal medallions with fondue
Medallions, fondue sauce
490 s
Filet mignon with demiglas sauce
With a side dish of potatoes and mushrooms.
550 s
Shrimp risotto
380 s
Risotto with mushrooms
300 s

Side dishes

Potatoes with garlic and dill
100 s
Vegetable fritters
120 s
Broccoli with butter and thyme
100 s
French fries
100 s
Champignons with parmesan cheese
150 s
Potato slices in cream sauce
110 s


classic homemade cheesecake
180 s


Fanta 1 liter.
210 s
Coca Cola 1 l
210 s
Sprite 1 liter.
210 s
Mineral water 1 liter.
120 s
Natural juices in the range of 1 liter.
200 s