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Working hours: 24 hours

How NambaFood works

A few clicks and order is ready

Operator will confirm the order

Institution will prepare an order

Receiving and paying for an order

Courier delivers an order

Courier takes an order

Delivery in the shortest time

We have our own delivery service
Delivery to the most areas of the city
When paying via mobile banking
Online payment or cash after receiving the order
Payment methods
Payment by cash to the courier
Mobile Banking from the Bank KYRGYZSTAN
Electronic purse "Mobilnik"
Payment with VISA and MasterCard
Additional fee for remote addresses
20 soms
110 district
20 soms
Alamedin village, Water Power Plant-2
50 soms
All remote living areas
50 soms
130 soms
Dordoi and further
80 soms
Dostuk distric
20 soms
50 soms
Kok-Jar village
50 soms
Leninskoe village
100 soms
Alamedin-1 village
20 soms
20 soms
Tunguch / Uchkun
20 soms
50 soms
Ortosay, Sovmin city
20 soms
Kirgisia, VDNH
20 soms
60 soms
Lower Ala-Archa
100 soms
Novo-Pavlovka, Novo-Pokrovka
130 soms
Osmonkul further of Big Chui CanalК
30 soms
50 soms
50 soms
Gorodok Stroitelei (Constructors' city)
20 soms
Gorodok Energetikov (Energy city)
20 soms
Coca-Cola factory
20 soms
Krasnyi stroitel
100 soms
Kirpichnyi zavod
100 soms
r/a Enesai
80 soms
r/a Kelechek
100 soms
Delivery from Shops
+ 180som

Payment is made by receipt from a shop and for a delivery - 180 som

Order can have not more than 15 items. Total weight should not exceed 15 kg

+ 20som

If the total weight exceeds 15 kg, there is an additional charge of 20 som for each kg that exceed 15th. The number of items is not restricted

If order had more than 15 items, but it’s weight less than 15 kg, than for each additional item there will be 20 som additional charge

The size of the order should not exceed the volume of luggage storage of a standard car

If the total weight of the order exceeds 40 kg, delivery is made only till the door entrance

Fast delivery is the basis for a tasty meal!

Namba Food can be actually called the fastest delivery service in the city of Bishkek. In short time, we can make your meal at work tasty and delightful, as well as dinner at home or exotic food for first try. Fast delivery helps you out at holidays or big events. It makes family and friends gatherings joyful and fun, especially for those people who don't like to wait.

You won't have to wait long! Maximum time of Namba Food delivery is one hour! In this period, we are even able to deliver food in the furthest areas of Bishkek. You can be sure that your food will be as tasty and fresh as if it was just prepared. You can probably also agree that no fast food or canned food would substitute the great taste of natural food that you can order and have delivered in the shortest time. Our specialization is fast delivery of food to your home, work, or even school. Therefore, we will do everything to make you feel good and even excited.

Secret of our mobility

The secret is not in that we have a lot of workers, but in their quality. Everyone does own job professionally. Our accurate process of cooperation between consultants, chefs and delivery people is thought well that possible errors are almost impossible Just think about that: while your food is being prepared, our delivery person arrives at the place to pick it up as soon as it si hot and ready. Then, he rushes to bring it to you while it is hot and fresh.

The payment is given to the delivery person upon your food has arrived. Then comes the moment, when you enjoy your meal: you can appreciate the skills and talent of chefs of your favorite cafe and restaurants. You don't have to condemn the quality of used products, as every business tries to organize a great meal for own customers. If the issue with the lack of food arises, you will know about it: our consultant will call you back and notify about what the cafe has available for you.

You won't wait long!

Our own delivery service works well, but sometimes may happen that your favorite cafe or restaurant might be on days off. Besides that we are ready to serve you round the clock, some dishes may be just not available. In this case, the order is changed and within the hour you get the same good quality food. On the other hand, this serves as a reason to prove that we deliver only fresh and hot meals.

Food of any complexity, from fast food to world cuisine, is cooked and delivered in the indicated time. We know that you wait for us, and we have rescued hungry office workers or event organizers not a single time. You can order well known dishes or you can try something new and excite yourself and people close to you. Any dish within one hour can appear on your table which is pleasant and surprising.

Don't limit yourself in the pleasure to try tasty food, as it always energizes people. It also motivates and inspires you for new things. Get yourself a little tasty holiday within one hour with Namba Food!