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Black tea

High-grade tea is made of small fresh leaves, this ensures maximum nutrient content, and high extract values . Refers to a group of aged ("Shu") of Puer. Found in the taste, noble notes of dried fruit, nuts, chocolate. The special properties of PU-erh – antacid action and cleansing the blood. They also reduce blood sugar levels and promote weight loss.
700 s
Da Hong PAO
Da Hong PAO grows in soils, dam of the famous mountain range of the Eastern provinces of China – Fujian. Cultivated a unique tea variety is already more than seven centuries. The same number of centuries tear once a year 4 piece of paper with the first branches is a constant participant of the tea ceremony. The Chinese know what real tea with benefit and taste.
450 s
North India
Blend of large leaf tea from selected plantations in Northern India (Orange Pekoe grade) Characteristic long, pointed leaves, twisted along its axis. Pronounced tea flavor; traditional finish with a hint of dried fruit. Ingredients - black tea leaf loose leaf large.
210 s
Assam Himalayas
Indian high quality loose leaf tea. When brewed, gives a red color, has a tart, spicy-malt flavor and aroma. Especially delicious when you add milk or cream. Composition: tea black major (sheet) (India).
340 s
Puer 2003 1pcs
This Yunnan Shu Puer Xiao (my mini) made in 2003 at the tea factory, China Tea Hunan Co. Ltd.. He pressed in the form of blocks weighing about 6 g. it is harmonious, balanced, soft taste, characteristic of aged PU-erh tea. The longer You keep the tea on the shelf, the better and softer it will become. Puer in the form of a mini tochi convenient to take with you to work or travel.
50 s
PU-erh in Mandarin 1pcs
The name "PU'er in Mandarin" should be taken literally, because that's exactly is PU-erh in Mandarin. In the manufacture of this tea is taken: unpressed young Shu PU-erh (15 grams) and cheerful yellow Mandarin (1 piece). Then cut with a Mandarin hat. Further, a special tool, like a spoon, only with sharp edges, is removed from tangerine pulp. And in the empty tangerine tunic is filled with PU-erh. On top it is covered by the cap and sent to progulochnyy the closet for a few hours, where drying and podvyalivayut.
65 s
Shu PU'er TEA YUNNAN 100g
Yunnan PU-erh (pancake) 100 g of Tea pressed into the shape of a pancake with a mass of 100 grams. The infusion has a brown-red color, has aromas of dried longan with rich mellow flavor. Helps digestion, warms the body, lowers cholesterol in the blood.
500 s
Golden Eyebrows
Diamond Chinese tea tradition – luxury Golden eyebrow tea has several distinctive features, one of which is its appearance – a thin curved stripes that look like eyebrows of Chinese beauties. Tea color – Golden black, Golden color nail tips have a delicate tea (unblown tea buds), which imparts a subtle flavor to tea, from traditional fruity scents to floral. The colour is translucent and Golden. The taste of the tea Golden eyebrow – distinctly sweet and juicy, a little tart.
580 s
Ivan-tea is fermented. This drink has a slightly tart taste with sweet floral and herbal aroma and contains up to 20% tannins, bioflavonoids, pectin, and vitamins b and C. caffeine free. Improves the process of hematopoiesis, increases the protective functions of the body. Additional fermentation helps Ivan-tea serve as an antioxidant, to be antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent, to help normalize blood pressure, fight insomnia and to improve digestion. Ingredients: fireweed peremontirovan.
400 s
Count The Grenadines
100g Black tea with organic blueberries and blackberries. Noble deep shades of aromas of pomegranate, blueberry and black currant will warm You in the winter!
330 s
Earl Grey
Black tea with bergamot oil
320 s
Fragrant, attained the highest degree of ripening tea from mountainous areas of Assam. Loose leaf, top grade, Golden Flowry orange Pekoe(GFOP). Composition: tea black major (sheet) (India).
400 s
Tea Sidhu
The most common tea in the world is black. Its main producer is India. This well-twisted tipsovy North Indian tea TGFOP is rich, full-bodied, invigorating taste.
280 s
Golden monkey tea
Elite Chinese tea grown in Yunnan province, consists of Golden, completely covered with a velvety pile of the kidneys. When brewed this tea produce a drink with a clean Golden-amber colour, floral aroma, providing a memorable taste. Composition: 100% tea black baikhovi.
350 s
Pearl Of Ceylon
Plantation black tea "Pearl of Ceylon" — high-quality black tea grown on the famous plantations of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is situated on a low plateau, whose height varies from 300 to 2500 meters above the sea level. The cool, moist climate, scenic mountains of "Paradise island" gives it a gorgeous Ceylon big leaf black tea bright Golden colour, unrivalled light aroma and a full robust taste. Black loose tea "Pearl of Ceylon" goes well with cream, sugar or lemon.
340 s
Чай Ганпаудер в переводе с китайского означает «порох». Классика китайского зеленого чая. Получил свое название «ганпаудер» благодаря сходству с порохом (gunpowder по-английски означает порох). При обработке листья скручиваются поперёк, в шарики. Этот сорт имеет насыщенный, терпкий и слегка горьковатый вкус. Аромат сладко-приторный, отдающий сухофруктами и дымком. Хорошо подходит для ежедневного чаепития.
140 s
Сенча - этот напиток покорил сердца истинных ценителей своим неповторимым ароматом и интересным вкусом. Сенча – замечательный антиоксидант, он помогает нам, как можно дольше оставаться молодыми и здоровыми. Антиоксиданты защищают наш организм от сердечнососудистых заболеваний и рака. Сенча богата витаминами А,В,С,D,Е, йодом и аминокислотами. Такой чай тонизирует, придает сил, снимает усталость. В состав сенчи входит меньше кофеина и танина, благодаря этому он считается диетическим и имеет более мягкое действие на организм.
320 s
Витаминный чай
Яркий травяной купаж из иван-чая с шиповником, цедрой лимона, кусочками яблока, мятой и лепестками гибискуса, листьями сладкой ежевики, земляникой и лепестками сафлора. Травяной купаж содержит огромное количество важных микроэлементов, которые дадут вам энергетический заряд на весь день. Настой способствует укреплению иммунитета и является мощным антиоксидантом.
310 s

Green tea (with Jasmine)

Leafy green tea flavoured with Jasmine, with a rich strong taste. Added in tea, Jasmine petals gives it a bright flavor and a light astringency of taste
310 s
Jasmine Spiral
Green tea flavored joint drying with Jasmine flowers. Made from selected raw materials in Yunnan province. When brewing the tea reveals a refreshing, spicy flavor and sweet aroma with hints of flowers.
520 s
The Pearl Dragon
the tea when brewed is dissolved in long strands. It has a delicate floral scent of Jasmine, it leaves a very thin and long, as collected in the rainy season.
800 s

Tea Green and White

Loon Tin
Tea LUN tin, dark green leaf, a rare variety
620 s
Peach jade dragon (with chrysanthemum)
Soft, delicate sweet taste can not conquer the tea lover
470 s
Elite green tea produced in the province of Hunan, grows on the slopes of the mountains surrounding lake Taihu. Harvested and prepared by hand. This tea, one of the ten famous teas of China, features a very strong aroma
380 s
Oolong Tiguan Yin
Green loose leaf Chinese tea.
650 s
Ivan-tea green. This drink has a slightly tart taste with sweet floral and herbal aroma and contains up to 20% tannins, bioflavonoids, pectin, and vitamins b and C. caffeine free. Improves the process of hematopoiesis, increases the protective functions of the body. Bright infusion of willow-herb has a delicate notes, leads the body in tone, encourages and adds vitality. Composition: Ivan-tea is unfermented.
400 s
Russian tea green
100 gr. A pleasant combination of a blend of Chinese green leaf tea with berries of blackberries, cranberries, blueberries and raspberry pieces. Leaves of currant and mint will not allow you to ascociate winter day and reminds you of summer!!
280 s
Monastic tea (green )
100g Invigorating blend of green leaf tea with rose hips, green Ivan - tea, berries of the barberry, the leaves of black currant and mint with chamomile. Ivan tea improves the tone of the whole body and gives strength. And in combination with mint and chamomile helps reduce stress and improve sleep.
260 s
Uzbek tea 95
100g Green tea has long been considered a national drink in Uzbekistan. This flavored drink is usually drunk in large companies and enjoy intimate conversations. The perfect complement to the fragrant green tea that will fruits and nuts.
130 s
Tie Guan Yin (Iron goddess of mercy)
Fujian province in Southeast China. The tea is grown, harvested and processed by monks. Tea gives a thick brew of Golden color and leaves a honey aftertaste
650 s
Of match Japanese green tea
1500 s

Tea with additives

Mango Paradise
Large Chinese green gunpowder, pineapple, mango, orange flower, rose petals, scented with natural extracts of mango and passion
310 s
English caramel
Chinese black tea with pieces of caramel and flowers of sunflower, with the true aroma and taste of English toffee
340 s
1001 nights
Chinese black loose leaf tea with Japanese green tea "Sencha", sunflower petals, marigolds and roses and flavored with oils of mango, melon and vanilla; has unsurpassed flavor
340 s
Tea Emperor
The green baikhovi tea, citrus peel, Apple pieces, berries, rosehips, safflower, natural flavors, cherimoya, hammer, cream
300 s
Ginger Orange
The composition is based on green tea and ginger root. Ginger has been famous in the East for its warming and antiproteinase properties. The beverage complemented the colors of the sunflower and rice, as well as citrus notes of orange, lemon, lemon grass and clove
360 s
A mixture of the best varieties of Chinese and Ceylon large-leaved - tea with taste of cream and champagne
300 s
Gunpowder green tea. Aroma: bergamot oil
330 s
Blueberries in Yogurt
A mixture of selected varieties of Chinese and Ceylon large-leaf tea with blueberry, black currant leaves, flowers, cornflower and taste of blueberry with yogurt
320 s
The Smile Of A Geisha
Savory tea collection green & white tea, aromatise - controller natural oils, slices of peach and flower petals. Thin drink with a rich aroma, perfectly invigorates and awakens the senses
410 s
Japanese Linden
A mixture of the best varieties of Chinese sen-Cha green and Assam tea with the taste of lemongrass. Contained in the tea catechin and tannin good for health
340 s
Tea with ginseng coating has a pronounced tonic effect, therefore, it is essential in the workplace.
370 s
Natural herbal blend consisting of green tea, rose hips, licorice, berries of hawthorn, juniper, wild strawberries, complemented by chamomile flowers, nettle leaves and cinnamon. A great tool for weight loss
300 s
The MILK tie Guan Yin (Iron goddess of mercy)
Milk Green tea with the aroma of cream
650 s
Strawberries and cream
Black tea, strawberry leaves, strawberry, berry strawberry, dry-frozen, and safflower
340 s

Tea Fruit

Hawaiian cocktail
Fruit mix flavor Wren – red orange. Ingredients: hibiscus, Apple pieces, rosehip peels, sunflower petals, wild berries, fruits and leaves of BlackBerry
320 s
Fruit mix with strawberry raspberry flavor. Ingredients: hibiscus, Apple pieces, slices of pineapple and papaya, cherries and raspberries
320 s
A fruity-floral blend with peppermint and lavender calms the nervous system and restores emotional balance. Delicious and aromatic drink is perfect for evening tea
320 s
Has a wonderful fruity taste and aroma of the berry field. The abundance of exotic fruits makes this tea a multivitamin and very useful
280 s
300 s

Tea Exotic

Green mate
460 s
Yerba mate – lemon
Green mate, lemon slices
230 s
Rooibos cream caramel
A mixture of leaves and stems of shrubs Rooibos, caramel pieces and caramel cream flavor. Relieves irritability, headaches
400 s
Rooibos Blueberry Polyana
Rooibos blueberry, yogurt, and cornflower petals
390 s
Shen PU-erh.
250 grams
650 s
PU-erh tea.
250 gr.
650 s


Copper Turk
Family 500 ml.
1550 s
Gift set. With the holiday (Tropical Paradise 50g + strainer)
Bright and smart set, which includes a captivating black tea with slices of tropical fruit, as well as the original silicone tea strainer "Tea leaf". It is believed that tropical fruits contribute to a good mood as well, they contain a large supply of antioxidants. Combined with petals of sunflower can be a reliable preventive measure for all infections. The tea has a pleasant taste of pineapple and mango.
570 s
Strainer for brewing tea. Heart.
120 s
Set "Cruise"
Set of: teapot (700 ml) 2 cups (160 ml).
900 s
Tea sets are available in Brigantine.
Kettle and 2 cups with saucers.
1400 s
Strainer for teapot Stronghold
Diameter 5 cm
170 s
Volume 800ml
980 s
600ml capacity
1400 s
A volume of 1,200 ml
3100 s