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Black Tea

Ceylon large-leaf tea is a low-growing, stable color, delicate flavor.
370 s
SOLAR LION (Sabaragamuwa ORA)
100g black Tea varieties of Sabaragamuwa has a special shape of the leaves and large granules. When brewed, the infusion has a rich ruby color with a pleasant aroma. Due to the climatic features growing, the taste of the tea is balanced with light floral notes.
220 s
Fragrant, attained the highest degree of ripening tea from mountainous areas of Assam. Loose leaf, top grade, Golden Flowry orange Pekoe(GFOP). Composition: tea black major (sheet) (India).
350 s
UVA region – mountains in the Eastern part of the island of Sri Lanka, where it grows very high quality tea (FBOP). Dry and cold winds from the ocean pass between the mountains, creating a microclimate that makes this tea unique. Sturdy and thick the drink has a rich taste and strong aroma. Composition: black tea loose leaf large.
250 s
Ceylon black leaf tea. In the southern part of Sri Lanka, where the region Ruhuna, dominated by soil rich in minerals.The peculiarity of soil affects the color of tea leaves, making it more saturated. Tea Pekoe Ruhuna ideal for hard, highly mineralized water. If he brewed this water infusion is strong and intense, and the taste and the aroma is particularly spicy. Composition: black tea loose leaf large.
240 s
Adam's peak
A rich aroma of Ceylon highlands you will remember this tea. A blend of high-mountain tea (BOP1) several regions - UVA, Dimbula, Nuwara Eliya "Adam's Peak mountain" gives a strong fragrant infusion. Composition: black tea loose leaf large.
230 s
Paradise Island
100g Black large leaf tea harvested at the most famous plantations Ruhuna eternally green island of Ceylon. Is one of the most sturdy varieties. It has long been believed that this kind of tea has a tonic and invigorating effect. Tea infusion has a rich and flavorful sound.
220 s
English Breakfast
This variety of tea has special taste, interesting complex aroma and a pleasant aftertaste. English Breakfast is a perfect start to your day! !
120 s
Tender Prunes!
100g black Tea loose leaf large with additives. Chernoslivovymi pleasant aroma of Indian tea tinted with a note of sweet figs, which makes the tea elusive attractive.
240 s
Count The Grenadines
100g Black tea with organic blueberries and blackberries. Noble deep shades of aromas of pomegranate, blueberry and black currant will warm You in the winter!
300 s
Earl Grey.
100g Ceylon black big leaf tea with classic flavour and aroma of bergamot. It is known that bergamot helps to improve mood, relieve fatigue, normalizes sleep.
190 s
Ceylon black tea.
Gorgeous Ceylon tea from the province Dimbula. Long, delicately twisted leaves give when brewing perfect tasting drink Golden copper color with a very strong aroma
570 s
ASSAM Tea in filter bags.
Tea black baikhovi. Top grade.
230 s
Blooming green hills surround the ancient capital of Ceylon - Kandy. To create Pekoe tea here selected the young leaves of the tea plant. This particular variety produces well painted, thick, strong tea, the perfect drink with or without milk. Composition: black tea loose leaf large.
230 s
Ivan-tea is fermented. This drink has a slightly tart taste with sweet floral and herbal aroma and contains up to 20% tannins, bioflavonoids, pectin, and vitamins b and C. caffeine free. Improves the process of hematopoiesis, increases the protective functions of the body. Additional fermentation helps Ivan-tea serve as an antioxidant, to be antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent, to help normalize blood pressure, fight insomnia and to improve digestion. Ingredients: fireweed peremontirovan.
370 s
Pearl Of Ceylon
Full-leaf black tea.
300 s
Gold Kenya
Kenyan tea has a delicate, subtle flavour, wonderful richness and fulness of a special bright infusion, the taste is impossible to forget.
300 s
Earl Grey
Black tea with bergamot oil
300 s
Darjeeling (first flush)
Indian leaf tea three seasons, the harvest, respectively in spring, summer, and autumn, strong.
420 s
Very carefully twisted Ceylon tea from the capital of the southern province – Galle. Many of the kidneys, present in it, give this tea a delicate aroma and a delicious taste. Loose leaf, top grade.
500 s
Nuwara Eliya
Fragrant Pekoe tea produced in Ceylon only the mid-19th century, but during that time managed to gain considerable popularity around the world. Drink temnorozovogo color, is produced from selected large leaves from the mountain plantations of the island
300 s
Tea Sidhu
The most common tea in the world is black. Its main producer is India. This well-twisted tipsovy North Indian tea TGFOP is rich, full-bodied, invigorating taste.
300 s
Black Pekoe large leaf tea from Anhui province. Keemun has long been produced exclusively for Europeans, according to their tastes and habits. This Chinese tea is perfect for the feast. Possessing a neutral flavor, it perfectly accentuates the taste of other ingredients.
400 s
Dimbula valley located at an altitude of 1500m above sea level. Tea picking is done early in the year, when dry and cool, and the tea leaf has a very special aroma (Pekoe). Tea Dimbula will give You unforgettable taste. Special notes disclosed when added to milk tea. Composition: black tea loose leaf large.
250 s
Of dakhunpao
Tea is one of the most famous varieties of tea kitajsko. It does not taste like not one other Chinese teas. Full-bodied, tart but it is incredibly soft with hints of caramel and fruits
400 s
Golden monkey
Gorgeous black Chinese tea. Grown and manufactured the tea amid the beautiful scenery of the area Wu Uch. When brewed, it turns a brownish-red brew with a honey aroma and a tart taste
390 s
A kind of black Chinese tea, fermented tea called, with a solid herbal aroma
350 s
Golden Eyebrows
Diamond Chinese tea tradition – luxury Golden eyebrow tea has several distinctive features, one of which is its appearance – a thin curved stripes that look like eyebrows of Chinese beauties. Tea color – Golden black, Golden color nail tips have a delicate tea (unblown tea buds), which imparts a subtle flavor to tea, from traditional fruity scents to floral. The colour is translucent and Golden. The taste of the tea Golden eyebrow – distinctly sweet and juicy, a little tart.
350 s

Green tea (with Jasmine)

Leafy green tea flavoured with Jasmine, with a rich strong taste. Added in tea, Jasmine petals gives it a bright flavor and a light astringency of taste
250 s
Jasmine Spiral
Green tea flavored joint drying with Jasmine flowers. Made from selected raw materials in Yunnan province. When brewing the tea reveals a refreshing, spicy flavor and sweet aroma with hints of flowers.
400 s
Eye Of The Phoenix
Kupno leaf tea lush green. Grown on the mountainous slopes, which allow only a manual build tea
380 s
The Pearl Dragon
the tea when brewed is dissolved in long strands. It has a delicate floral scent of Jasmine, it leaves a very thin and long, as collected in the rainy season.
590 s

Tea Green and White

Monastic tea (green )
100g Invigorating blend of green leaf tea with rose hips, green Ivan - tea, berries of the barberry, the leaves of black currant and mint with chamomile. Ivan tea improves the tone of the whole body and gives strength. And in combination with mint and chamomile helps reduce stress and improve sleep.
230 s
Russian tea green
100 gr. A pleasant combination of a blend of Chinese green leaf tea with berries of blackberries, cranberries, blueberries and raspberry pieces. Leaves of currant and mint will not allow you to ascociate winter day and reminds you of summer!!
260 s
Tropical flower
This drink combines subtle , delicate fragrance of white tea a light astringency classical Chinese Sencha with the taste of tropical fruits and plants. The drink is a light cleansing, anti-inflammatory and strengthens the immune system means. Goes well with honey and dried fruits.It is recommended that either hot or cold.
400 s
Uzbek tea 95
100g Green tea has long been considered a national drink in Uzbekistan. This flavored drink is usually drunk in large companies and enjoy intimate conversations. The perfect complement to the fragrant green tea that will fruits and nuts.
120 s
100g green loose leaf Tea with Linden flowers and chamomile with lemon and lime blossom. The delicate taste of fine green tea perfectly complements the delicate fragrance of natural chamomile and Linden. This tea helps relieve stress, stimulates digestion and has a tonic effect on the body!
290 s
Green Velvet
Chinese twisted green tea. Good for digestion, and goes well with a meal, neutralizes the acidity. Contained in the tea catechin and tannin good for health!
120 s
YUNNAN. Fine green tea large (leaf)China.
Top grade. Flexible, strong tea leaves, twisted in the form of the cilia, which grows in Yunnan province. Light Golden brew is fresh and invigorating fruity taste. Numerous scientific studies have proven that regular consumption of green tea reduces cholesterol and helps in maintaining health and longevity.
570 s
Gentle piquant flavor of cream and sweetness makes this tea unique among the many varieties of green tea. This tea is very useful as any green tea, the presence of the nut improves the blood, increases its coagulability.
400 s
Moroccan mint
Chinese green tea "gunpowder" with natural mint leaves and cornflower petals. The combination of green tea and mint refreshing and great on taste. It has long been noticed that the mint tea relieves tension, helps to relax and forget about problems! Composition: green tea loose leaf large, mint leaves, cornflower petals.
210 s
White tea, Baihao Injen
What grade of white tea is considered a drink of longevity, love, youth, health. Stunning delicate and exquisite tea has a clean pronounced aroma gives a clear brew with a fresh taste
380 s
White Fluff
Luxury Chinese white tea. This is a wonderful Chinese tea made by hand from fibers coated with seriestime buds barely blooming leaves. When brewing gives a delicate color and sweet taste
400 s
Loon Tin
Tea LUN tin, dark green leaf, a rare variety
400 s
Peach jade dragon (with chrysanthemum)
Soft, delicate sweet taste can not conquer the tea lover
380 s
Elite green tea produced in the province of Hunan, grows on the slopes of the mountains surrounding lake Taihu. Harvested and prepared by hand. This tea, one of the ten famous teas of China, features a very strong aroma
320 s
Ivan-tea green. This drink has a slightly tart taste with sweet floral and herbal aroma and contains up to 20% tannins, bioflavonoids, pectin, and vitamins b and C. caffeine free. Improves the process of hematopoiesis, increases the protective functions of the body. Bright infusion of willow-herb has a delicate notes, leads the body in tone, encourages and adds vitality. Composition: Ivan-tea is unfermented.
370 s
Oolong Tiguan Yin
Green loose leaf Chinese tea.
220 s
Tie Guan Yin (Iron goddess of mercy)
Fujian province in Southeast China. The tea is grown, harvested and processed by monks. Tea gives a thick brew of Golden color and leaves a honey aftertaste
520 s

Tea with additives

The Smile Of A Geisha
Savory tea collection green & white tea, aromatise - controller natural oils, slices of peach and flower petals. Thin drink with a rich aroma, perfectly invigorates and awakens the senses
390 s
Japanese Linden
A mixture of the best varieties of Chinese sen-Cha green and Assam tea with the taste of lemongrass. Contained in the tea catechin and tannin good for health
300 s
Japanese Sakura
The taste of fresh cherries. Japanese sen Cha with cherry and natural cherry flavor. Contained in the tea catechin and tannin good for health
370 s
Blueberries in Yogurt
A mixture of selected varieties of Chinese and Ceylon large-leaf tea with blueberry, black currant leaves, flowers, cornflower and taste of blueberry with yogurt
300 s
Count Cagliostro
A mixture of selected varieties of Chinese and Ceylon large-leaf tea with raspberries, red currants, sunflower petals and safflower, scented with natural extract of raspberry and cream
250 s
Ginger Orange
The composition is based on green tea and ginger root. Ginger has been famous in the East for its warming and antiproteinase properties. The beverage complemented the colors of the sunflower and rice, as well as citrus notes of orange, lemon, lemon grass and clove
300 s
Large Chinese green powder with blueberries, black currant leaves, cornflower petals and flavor of blueberries with yogurt
300 s
A mixture of the best varieties of Chinese and Ceylon large-leaved - tea with taste of cream and champagne
300 s
Tea mix green tea sen-Cha and the famous Oolong with aroma of red currant. A rich palette of tea flavors with a slight hint of sourness. Tea is very invigorating and helps to focus thinking
200 s
Natural herbal blend consisting of green tea, rose hips, licorice, berries of hawthorn, juniper, wild strawberries, complemented by chamomile flowers, nettle leaves and cinnamon. A great tool for weight loss
300 s
Lemon Fresh
Lemon juice tea and amazing lemon flavor – a great helper in the treatment of colds. Tea contains Apple pieces, orange peel, chamomile, sunflower petals
150 s
Green with Jasmine and lemon
Chinese green large leaf tea with Jasmine flowers and a slight scent of lemon
170 s
100 gr. Big luscious pieces of cherries with slices of cranberry and rose petals, blending with loose leaf black tea - a delicious fun tea party!
300 s
Treasures Of The Sheikh
Large Chinese green powder with pieces of pineapple, citrus peel and rose petals, with a taste of cherimoya and cream
300 s
Tea Emperor
The green baikhovi tea, citrus peel, Apple pieces, berries, rosehips, safflower, natural flavors, cherimoya, hammer, cream
300 s
Tea Masala
Black baikhovi tea with the fruits of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger root, cloves, complemented by nutmeg and black pepper. It is recommended to drink with milk. Famous not only for its taste and useful properties
280 s
Mango Paradise
Large Chinese green gunpowder, pineapple, mango, orange flower, rose petals, scented with natural extracts of mango and passion
300 s
Night Cleopatra green
Large Chinese green gunpowder, pineapple, papaya, grapes, flowers of mallow and marigold, rose petals, with flavors of passion fruit and raspberry
300 s
Black Pekoe large leaf tea with berries of barberry, hibiscus petals and cornflower. The drink has a bright taste of barberry. The composition is distinguished by a rich aroma and a pleasantly tart taste
300 s
English caramel
Chinese black tea with pieces of caramel and flowers of sunflower, with the true aroma and taste of English toffee
300 s
1002 NIGHT
The mixture of tea black and green Chinese Gunpowder with raisins, pieces of papaya, petals of calendula, mallow, petals of a tea rose with aromas of strawberry and passion fruit
200 s
2001 night
A mixture of black and green teas with an incredible amount of flower and berry supplements
200 s
Indian Summer
A mixture of green and white loose leaf tea with Apple pieces, rose hips, pineapple, mango, red currant, hibiscus, BlackBerry leaf, rose petals and acai fruit powder. Tea with the taste and aroma of tropical fruits
200 s
1001 nights
Chinese black loose leaf tea with Japanese green tea "Sencha", sunflower petals, marigolds and roses and flavored with oils of mango, melon and vanilla; has unsurpassed flavor
320 s
Night Of Cleopatra
A mixture of black and green tea with pieces of papaya, pineapple, grapes, with petals of exotic plants, with a taste of passion fruit and strawberry
320 s
The MILK tie Guan Yin (Iron goddess of mercy)
Milk Green tea with the aroma of cream
500 s
Strawberries and cream
Black tea, strawberry leaves, strawberry, berry strawberry, dry-frozen, and safflower
300 s
Green tea oil, Siberian mint. Tea dark green color when brewed, with a strong taste of menthol. Is a soothing
300 s
Amazing black tea with sea-buckthorn berries, BlackBerry leaves and calendula petals. The berries of sea buckthorn contain a lot of vitamins, carotene, folic acid
320 s
Gunpowder green tea. Aroma: bergamot oil
310 s
Green with cream
Chinese green tea with red saffron. Scented oils, cream and milk caramel
100 s
Tales Of Scheherazade
A mixture of black and Jasmine green tea (Jasmine) with raspberry flavor and plants rubab
300 s
For the soul
Black large leaf tea with pieces of strawberries, blackberries and mint leaves
300 s
A mixture of green and white baikhovi tea with Apple pieces and sugar with pieces of cranberry. The drink has a nice cranberry taste. Ingredients: green tea baikhovi and white, Apple pieces, cranberries (cranberries, sugar, rice flour, vegetable oil), natural flavouring "Cranberry".
300 s
Japanese Magnolia
Japanese Sencha green tea with lemon peel
300 s
Lamp Of Aladdin
Black large leaf tea with the addition of Chinese green tea "Sencha", pieces of raspberries and strawberries, red currant berries and flavored with oils of plum and strawberry and extracts of caramel and butter cream
300 s
Japanese green tea “Sencha” with the addition of lavender flowers, Heather, mallow and red saffron, with a pleasant taste and aroma of lavender
290 s
A mixture of selected varieties of Chinese and Ceylon black tea with added pieces of strawberry, orange peel and safflower petals, with tropical fruit and berry flavor
200 s
Tea with ginseng coating has a pronounced tonic effect, therefore, it is essential in the workplace.
250 s

Tea Fruit

210 s
Has a wonderful fruity taste and aroma of the berry field. The abundance of exotic fruits makes this tea a multivitamin and very useful
280 s
A fruity-floral blend with peppermint and lavender calms the nervous system and restores emotional balance. Delicious and aromatic drink is perfect for evening tea
300 s
Fruit mix with strawberry raspberry flavor. Ingredients: hibiscus, Apple pieces, slices of pineapple and papaya, cherries and raspberries
300 s
Hawaiian cocktail
Fruit mix flavor Wren – red orange. Ingredients: hibiscus, Apple pieces, rosehip peels, sunflower petals, wild berries, fruits and leaves of BlackBerry
300 s

Tea Exotic

Shen PU-erh.
250 grams
650 s
Puer Yunnan
100 gr.
400 s
PU-erh tea.
250 gr.
650 s
Lapacho strawberry
290 s
Rooibos Blueberry Polyana
Rooibos blueberry, yogurt, and cornflower petals
300 s
Yerba mate – lemon
Green mate, lemon slices
270 s
Mate - mint
270 s
Rooibos cream caramel
A mixture of leaves and stems of shrubs Rooibos, caramel pieces and caramel cream flavor. Relieves irritability, headaches
300 s
Green mate
460 s


Brazil Santos
280 s
290 s
Blue Mountain
300 s


Gift set. With the holiday (Tropical Paradise 50g + strainer)
Bright and smart set, which includes a captivating black tea with slices of tropical fruit, as well as the original silicone tea strainer "Tea leaf". It is believed that tropical fruits contribute to a good mood as well, they contain a large supply of antioxidants. Combined with petals of sunflower can be a reliable preventive measure for all infections. The tea has a pleasant taste of pineapple and mango.
570 s
A Set Of "Ceylon "
A great gift for any occasion! ! The iron Bank of Ceylon plus the French press.
1970 s
Cast iron kettle "Vansan"
A volume of 1100 ml with sieve
3500 s
Kettle with strainer "GONCZY"
The volume of 850 ml.
3100 s
Copper Turk
Family 500 ml.
1550 s
Strainer for brewing tea. Heart.
120 s
Set "Cruise"
Set of: teapot (700 ml) 2 cups (160 ml).
900 s
Tea sets are available in Brigantine.
Kettle and 2 cups with saucers.
1400 s
Strainer for teapot Stronghold
Diameter 5 cm
170 s
Cast-iron teapot with strainer OSMANTHUS
Volume 800ml
2700 s
Cast-iron tea OSMANTHUS
Volume 800ml
2700 s
A volume of 1100 ml
3299 s
Weight 0.450 kg a Jewel in the sugar bowl! Natural candies with no additives . GOOD TO TEA TO COFFEE AND JUST!
390 s
Volume 800ml
980 s
Cast-iron teapot with strainer, OOLONG
Volume 1000ml
2860 s
600ml capacity
1400 s
Volume 600ml
750 s
Cast iron kettle FORTUNA
Volume 800ml
1900 s
Cast iron kettle SEOUL
The volume 650ml
1700 s
Cast-iron teapot GOLDEN MAZE
The volume 650ml
2200 s
A volume of 1,200 ml
3100 s