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Black tea

English Classical Assam
A fragrant blend of large-leaf Indian Assam tea and Ceylon tea, finely chopped for better and faster brewing. Finely chopped, first grade.
580 s
Golden Eyebrows 100 g
The diamond of the Chinese tea tradition – elite Golden Eyebrows tea has several distinctive features, one of which is its appearance – thin curved tea leaves, resembling the eyebrows of Chinese beauties. The color of the tea is golden–black, the delicate tea tips (unopened tea buds) have a golden hue, which give a subtle aroma to tea - from traditional fruit scents to floral ones. The color of the infusion is translucent, golden. The taste of Golden Eyebrows tea is distinctly sweet and juicy, a little tart.
500 s
Assam Himalayas 100 g
High-quality Indian large-leaf tea variety. When brewed, it gives an infusion of red color, has a tart spicy malt taste and a subtle aroma. It is especially delicious when adding milk or cream. Composition: large black tea (leafy) (India).
550 s
Earl Grey 100 g
Black large-leaf tea with bergamot oil 100 g
400 s
Sidhi Tea 100 g
The most common tea in the world is black. Its main producer is India. This well–twisted tipsy North Indian tea TGFOP has a rich, rich, tonic taste.
370 s
Lapsang Souchong 100 g
This famous smoked tea is grown in the Fujian province of China. Its leaves wither under the fire, as a result of which they acquire a special smoked flavor. When brewed, a dark red drink with an unforgettable spicy taste is obtained.
400 s
Pu-erh weight 100 g
A high-grade tea made from the smallest fresh leaves, thanks to which the maximum content of useful substances and high extractivity are achieved. It belongs to the group of aged ("shu") Puer. The taste contains noble notes of dried fruits, nuts, and chocolate. The special properties of puer are antacid action and blood purification. They also lower blood sugar levels and promote weight loss.
510 s
Ivan tea 100 g
Ivan is fermented tea. This drink has a slightly tart taste with a fragrant floral and herbal aroma and contains up to 20% tannins, bioflavonoids, pectin and vitamins B and C. It does not contain caffeine. Improves the process of hematopoiesis, increases the protective functions of the body. Additional fermentation helps ivan tea to serve as an antioxidant, be an antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent, help normalize blood pressure, defeat insomnia and improve digestion. Ingredients: fermented ivan tea.
600 s
THE SOLAR LION (Sabaragamuwa ORA)
100 g Sabaragamuva black leaf tea has a special leaf shape and large granules. When brewed, the tea infusion has a rich ruby color with a pleasant aroma. Due to the climatic features of the growth, the taste of the tea is balanced with light floral notes.
390 s
Count Grenadine
100g Black tea with natural blueberries and blackberries. The noble deep shades of pomegranate, blueberry and blackcurrant aromas will warm you in winter!
440 s
North of India
100 g. Blend of large leaf tea from selected plantations of northern India (grade Orange Pekoe) A characteristic feature is long pointed leaves twisted along their axis. Pronounced tea aroma; traditional aftertaste with a hint of dried fruits. Composition - black leaf loose leaf tea large.
330 s
Puer 2003 year 1 pc.
This Yunnan Shu Puer Xiao To (mini tocha) was produced in 2003 at the China Tea Hunan Co. Ltd tea factory.. It is compressed in the form of bricks weighing about 6 g. It has a harmonious, balanced, mild taste characteristic of aged puer. The longer you keep it on the tea shelf, the tastier and softer it will become. Pu-erh in the form of a mini tochi is convenient to take with you to work or on a trip. 
90 s
Pu-erh in tangerine 1 piece
The name "Pu-erh in Mandarin" should be understood literally, because this is exactly what Pu-erh is in Mandarin. In the manufacture of this tea, it is taken: unpressed young Shu Puer (15 grams)  and a cheerful yellow tangerine (1 piece). Then the hat is cut off from the mandarin. Next, with a special tool similar to a spoon, only with sharp edges, the pulp is removed from the tangerine. And Puer is poured into an empty tangerine uniform. From above, it is covered with a hat and sent to the roasting cupboard for several hours, where it dries and dries.
90 s
Yunnan Pu-erh, (pancake) 100 g Tea is pressed in the form of a pancake weighing 100 grams. The infusion has a brown-red color, has the aroma of dried longan with a rich mild taste. It promotes digestion, warms the body, lowers cholesterol in the blood.
700 s
Gunpowder 100 g
Ganpauder tea means "gunpowder" in Chinese. A classic of Chinese green tea. It got its name "gunpowder" due to its similarity to gunpowder (gunpowder in English means gunpowder). During processing, the leaves are twisted crosswise into balls. This variety has a rich, tart and slightly bitter taste. The aroma is sweet and cloying, smelling of dried fruits and smoke. It is well suited for daily tea drinking.
210 s
Sencha 100 g
Sencha - this drink has conquered the hearts of true connoisseurs with its unique aroma and interesting taste. Sencha is a wonderful antioxidant, it helps us stay young and healthy for as long as possible. Antioxidants protect our body from cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Sencha is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D,E, iodine and amino acids. This tea tones up, gives strength, relieves fatigue. Sencha contains less caffeine and tannin, which makes it considered dietary and has a milder effect on the body.
490 s

Green tea (with Jasmine)

Dragon Pearl 100 g
Tea blooms into long strands when brewed. It has a subtle floral scent of jasmine, its leaves are very thin and long, as they are collected during the rainy season.
990 s
Drops of Jasmine 100 g
Leafy green tea flavored with jasmine, with a bright strong taste. Jasmine petals added to tea give it a bright aroma and a slight astringency of taste
400 s
Jasmine Spirals 100 g
Green tea flavored by co-drying with jasmine flowers. It is made from selected raw materials in Yunnan province. When brewed, the tea exhibits a refreshing spicy taste and sweet aroma with hints of flowers.
680 s

Tea Green and White

Te Guan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy)
100 g . Fujian Province in southeastern China. Tea is grown, harvested and processed by monks. The tea gives a thick infusion of golden color and leaves a honey aftertaste
850 s
Long Tin
100 g . Long Tin tea, dark green leaf, rare variety
650 s
White tea Baihao Yinzhen
100 g . It is the varieties of white tea that are considered drinks of longevity, love, youth, and health. Stunning delicate and refined tea has a clean pronounced aroma, gives a transparent infusion with a fresh taste
800 s
Bi – Lochun
100 g . Elite green tea produced in Hunnan Province grows on the slopes of the mountains surrounding Taihu Lake. It is assembled and prepared exclusively by hand. This tea, one of the ten most famous teas in China, is distinguished by a very strong aroma
480 s
100 g . Ivan-green tea. This drink has a slightly tart taste with a fragrant floral and herbal aroma and contains up to 20% tannins, bioflavonoids, pectin and vitamins B and C. It does not contain caffeine. Improves the process of hematopoiesis, increases the protective functions of the body. The light infusion of ivan tea has delicate notes, tones the body, encourages and adds vitality. Ingredients: unfermented ivan tea.
575 s
Monastery tea (green )
100 g. Invigorating blend of green leaf tea with the addition of rosehip, green ivan tea, barberry berries, black currant leaves and mint with chamomile. Ivan tea improves the tone of the whole body and gives strength. And in combination with mint and chamomile, it helps to reduce tension and improve sleep.
390 s
Matcha Japanese green tea
100 g of Matcha is Japanese green tea, ground into powder. They harvest only once a year. And an important feature is that two weeks before harvest, the leaves are covered to protect them from sunlight. Thus, the tea retains its freshness, and the leaves have a rich dark green color. At the same time, the leaves are saturated with amino acids, and the tea acquires a unique taste. Matcha is a rich source of antioxidants and polyphenols. One cup of matcha tea is equivalent to 10 cups of brewed green tea in terms of its nutritional properties.
2300 s

Tea with additives

100 g . Ginseng-coated tea has a pronounced tonic effect, therefore it is indispensable in a working environment.
450 s
Te Guan Yin milk (Iron Goddess of Mercy)
100 g. Milk Green large-leaf tea with cream flavor
850 s
Strawberries and cream
100 g. Black tea, strawberry leaves, strawberry berry, dry-frozen strawberry berry, safflower
520 s
Cleopatra's Night
100 g . A mixture of black and green tea with pieces of papaya, pineapple, grapes, with petals of exotic plants, with the taste of passion fruit and strawberries
400 s
1001 nights
Chinese black large-leaf tea with the addition of Japanese Sencha green tea, sunflower petals, marigold and rose and flavored with mango, melon and vanilla oils; has an unsurpassed aroma
420 s
Ginger Orange
100 g. Composition based on green tea and ginger root. Ginger has long been famous in the east for its warming and anti-cold properties. The drink is complemented by sunflower flowers and airy rice, as well as citrus notes of orange, lemon, lemon grass and myrtle
480 s
Splashes of Champagne
100 g . A blend of the best varieties of Chinese and Ceylon coarse-leaved tea with a taste of cream and champagne
390 s
Blueberries in yogurt
100 g . A blend of selected varieties of Chinese and Ceylon large-leaf tea with blueberries, black currant leaves, cornflower flowers and blueberry flavor with yogurt
480 s
Geisha's smile
100 g . A spicy tea collection based on green and white tea, flavored with natural oils, peach slices and flower petals. A delicate drink with a bright aroma, perfectly invigorates and awakens the senses
610 s
A shadow
100 g. Natural herbal blend consisting of green tea, rosehip, licorice, hawthorn berries, juniper, strawberry, complemented by chamomile flowers, nettle leaves and cinnamon. An excellent tool for weight loss
580 s
Mango Paradise
100 g. Large Chinese green powder with pieces of pineapple, mango, orange blossoms, rose petals, flavored with natural extracts of mango and passion
470 s
Emperor's Tea
100 g . Large-leaf green tea, citrus crusts, apple slices, rosehip berries, safflower, natural flavors: sherimoya, kuite, cream
390 s
Wild cherry
100 g. Large fragrant pieces of cherry berries with cranberry slices and rose petals, combined with black loose leaf tea - an exquisite pleasure of tea drinking!
480 s

Tea Fruit

The brazen fruit
100 g. Fruit mixture with strawberry raspberry flavor. Ingredients: hibiscus, apple slices, pineapple and papaya pieces, cherry and raspberry berries
450 s
100 g. Fruit and flower mixture with the addition of peppermint and lavender soothes the nervous system and restores emotional balance. A delicious and flavorful drink is ideal for an evening tea party
440 s
100 g .
380 s

Tea Exotic

100 g. Green mate
680 s
Mate – lemon
100 g. Green mate, lemon slices
680 s
Rooibos cream caramel
100 gr. A mixture of leaves and stems of the rooibos shrub plant, with pieces of caramel and caramel-cream flavor. Relieves irritability, headaches
570 s


Cast iron kettle Sigun
Volume 1200 ml
3100 s
Cast Iron Kettle with Oolong Sieve
Volume 1000ml
2860 s
Kentucky Kettle
Volume 600ml
980 s
Changping Cast Iron Kettle
Volume 1100 ml
3299 s
The Indiana Kettle
volume 600ml
1400 s
The Denver Kettle
Volume 600ml
750 s
Cast Iron Kettle Golden Labyrinth
Volume 650ml
2200 s
Cast Iron Kettle Seoul
Volume 650ml
1700 s
Cast iron kettle Fortuna
Volume 800ml
1900 s
Cast iron kettle Osmanthus
Volume 800ml
2700 s
Cast iron kettle with Osmanthus sieve
Volume 800ml
2700 s
Kettle with a sieve "Gongju"
The volume is 850 ml.
3100 s
Cast-iron kettle "Vansan"
Volume 1100 ml with a sieve
3500 s
Ceylon Set
A great gift for any occasion! ! Ceylon Iron Bank plus French press.
1970 s
Turk copper
Family 500 ml.
1550 s
Spectrum Mug (6pcs)
365 ml.
1500 s
A tea strainer. A heart.
120 s
The sieve for the Oplot kettle
Diameter 5 cm
170 s
Brigantine tea sets.
A teapot and 2 cups with saucers.
1400 s
The Cruise Set
Set: teapot (700 ml), 2 bowls (160 ml).
900 s