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Doyobi San

Average bill:
700 som
200 som ?
Hours of work:
10:00 – 00:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of dishes may differ from their actual appearance


Japanese breakfast
Fried eggs from two eggs, poached mushrooms, champignons with potatoes, beef sausages, beans in tomato, served with toast
290 s
Hunter's Breakfast
Japanese rice in a proprietary dressing, chuka salad, fried wood mushrooms with bon fillet, bean sprouts, tomago
320 s


Japanese rice balls with fried nori and unagi shavings. It is served with a special sauce.
330 s
Monks in hot and sour sauce
Inoki mushrooms, octopus, sour and spicy dressing.
390 s
Branded set "DoEbi"
Tempura of tiger shrimp and squid, onigiri, nori chips, invisible snack. Served with unagi sauce and hot sauce.
1100 s
Royal mussels
350 s


Caesar with chicken
Iceberg, chicken fillet, parmesan cheese, croutons, cherry tomatoes, caesar sauce.
485 s
Caesar with shrimp
Iceberg, tiger prawns, parmesan cheese, croutons, cherry tomatoes, caesar sauce.
550 s
Tofu salad
Grilled tofu with a proprietary soy paste dressing with fresh cilantro.
250 s
Chuka salad
Chuka with nut sauce and sesame seeds.
330 s
Warm Wakame salad
Bon fillet of beef, wakame seaweed, wood mushrooms are a signature dressing.
350 s
Eggplant salad with shitake mushrooms
Bon fillet, eggplant cubes, bell pepper, hot pepper, shitake, coriander, garlic.
350 s
Tuscan salad
Arugula, dried cherry tomatoes, tiger shrimp shavings, balsamic dressing.
550 s
Beetroot salad with arugula and mozzarella
Steamed beetroot, mozzarella cheese is served on a pillow of arugula with citrus and beet dressing.
385 s
Salad with lightly salted salmon and potato croquettes
Smoked salmon fillets, croquettes, dried cherry tomatoes on a pillow of spinach. It is refueled with balsamic dressing.
450 s
Greek salad
Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce leaves, cheese, olives, olives. Dressing based on olive oil and lemon.
360 s

Noodle WOK

Udon with chicken
350 s
Udon with beef
370 s
Soba is vegan
280 s
Soba with chicken topping
370 s
Funchosa with bon fillet
Bon fillet beef, funchosa, carrots, radish.
320 s


300 s
Tom Yam
Sour and spicy soup with tiger prawns and mussels. Served with rice.
350 s
Miso soup
Fish broth with miso paste, wakame tofu and salmon slices.
550 s
Chicken Ramen
Homemade noodles, chicken fillet, sprouts, nori and tomago slices.
420 s
Kimchi Soup
Spicy kimchi soup with beef. It is served in boiling form.
300 s
Cantin Jiru
Vegetable soup with miso paste.
290 s
Doebi soup
650 s
Naruto ramen
450 s
Miso soup with seafood
550 s


Philadelphia - Sakura
Cream cheese, salmon, eel, tobiko.
450 s
Philadelphia Grill
Cream cheese, salmon, grilled.
370 s
Philadelphia is My Favorite
Cream cheese, apple, smoked salmon.
400 s
Philadelphia is a Hit
Cream cheese, salmon.
340 s
Philadelphia - Gentle
Cream cheese, tobiko, salmon.
360 s
Philadelphia - Tobiko
Cream cheese, salmon, tobiko.
370 s
Philadelphia - Unagi
Cream cheese, eel, cucumber, salmon.
390 s
Philadelphia - Shrimp
Cream cheese, salmon, shrimp.
450 s
Philadelphia Classic
Cream cheese, smoked salmon.
350 s
Philadelphia - Chuka
Cream cheese, salmon, chuka.
360 s
California - Smoked Salmon
Tobiko, snow crab, smoked salmon.
370 s
California - Unagi
Avocado, eel, snow crab, tobiko.
390 s
California Shrimp
Tobiko, snow crab, shrimp.
380 s
California is a Classic
Snow crab, tobiko, avocado.
300 s
California - Chuka
Tobiko, snow crab, chuka.
310 s
Canada Grill
Salmon, eel, snow crab, grilled.
440 s
Canada - Chuka
Snow crab, eel, chuka.
410 s
Canada - Tobiko
Eel, snow crab, tobiko.
430 s
Canada - Creamy
Eel, snow crab, cream cheese.
400 s
Canada - Smoked Salmon
Eel, snow crab, smoked salmon.
450 s
Canada - Shrimp
Eel, snow crab, shrimp.
450 s

Fried rolls

Tuna, eel, salmon
400 s
Cream cheese, salmon
300 s

Baked Rolls

Baked cheese roll
Crab and hot sauce
320 s
Baked roll with eel
Eel, cucumber, hot sauce and unagi sauce
400 s
Baked roll with omelet
Cheese, omelette, hot sauce
320 s
Baked salmon roll
Salmon, cucumber, hot sauce
370 s
Baked roll with chicken
Chicken, cucumber and hot sauce
320 s

Mini rolls

Mini Cucumber Rolls
190 s
Mini rolls - Chuka
190 s
Mini Salmon Rolls
190 s
Mini Eel Rolls
239 s


Set "I am a Mini" 26 pieces
Canada with tiger shrimp 4 pcs., California 4 pcs., Baked salmon roll 5 pcs., Fried salmon roll with cream cheese 5 pcs., Philadelphia 8 pcs.
1690 s
Set "I" 46 pieces
Canada with tiger shrimp 8 pcs., - California 8 pcs., Baked salmon roll 8 pcs., Fried salmon roll with cream cheese 10 pcs., Philadelphia 8 pcs.
2290 s
Set "Vulgar fila" 40 pieces
5 types of Philadelphia roll: Classic 8 pcs., Eel 8 pcs., Crab 8 pcs., Shrimp 8 pcs., Grill 8 pcs.
2490 s
Set "70"
Philadelphia classic 10 pcs., california classic 10 pcs., toko roll 10 pcs., caesar roll 10 pcs., tanuka roll 10 pcs., mini chuka roll 10 pcs., mini cucumber roll 10 pcs.
1715 s
Set "80"
Philadelphia classic 10 pcs., California classic 10 pcs., caesar roll 10 pcs., omelet roll 10 pcs., baked with chicken 10 pcs., baked with salmon 5 pcs., baked with crab 5 pcs., fried pongasius 5 pcs., fried tanuki 5 pcs., drop 10 pcs., yin yang roll 10 pcs.
1915 s
Set 90
2072 s
Set "100"
2286 s
Set "190"
3712 s
The Maguro Set
2293 s

Side dishes

90 s
French fries
150 s
Grilled vegetables
180 s
Potato croquettes
150 s


Mochi with mascarpone cheese and fruit topping
An incredibly delicate dessert based on rice flour.
380 s
Sweet Rainbow Roll
300 s


Lemonade Mojito
1 l .
420 s
Lemonade Tarragon
1 l .
420 s
Lemonade - Wild berries
1 l .
420 s
Lemonade - Mango & Passion Fruit
1 l .
420 s
Lemonade - Kiwi & Cucumber
1 l .
420 s


Coca-Cola 1 liter
125 s
Fanta 1 l
125 s
Sprite 1 l
125 s
Mineral water 1 l
90 s
Juice in the assortment of 1 liter
230 s