Order by phone
Working hours: 24 hours


How to order food?
Choose a restaurant on the website, go to menu, choose any dish, go to cart and make an order. After these actions are completed, you will see a page with all details regarding your order. Lastly, you will just confirm an order. Worker of call center will confirm your order. Then, just expect the delivery person.
What happens after I make an order?
After you made an order and confirmed it by our call center, we process it and send it to the kitchen of the chosen restaurant. Restaurant's representative confirms us that the order is available. After that, the Chef will start immediately cooking your meal. As soon as restaurant is done with preparation of your food, our delivery boy will be at the place to pick it up.
How do I know that restaurant got my order?
If a restaurant can not fulfill your order, our operator will make sure to contact you to re-register your order. If a restaurant cannot perform any part of your order due to lack of ingredients, our operator will contact re-register your order. If our operator will not call you back after your confirmed an order, it means you do not have to worry about. Your order is already being prepared by chefs and soon you will get it.
How about the cost?
For most places, we do not charge a service fee. Services fee is included in the price of food. For some places, we charge a fee for service in the amount of 10% of the cost of food. This information is available for users in the check, which they see in their own basket during the checkout process. You can always see it in your cart, if there is service fee in your order of service and how much it is, or specify this information from our operator.
Are there any hidden payments that I will receive afterwards?
No, we never post any additional fees after the order is complete. You only pay the amount that you see on your screen while making an order.
Can I make an order without internet access?
Of course, you can call us by number 0-312-98-66-88 or 2580 and our workers will help you with the order.
How can I pay for my order?
You can pay for your order either by cash or online. You only need to choose which payment method you prefer. If you chose "cash" method, than you will pay in cash to the delivery men after he delivered your order. If you chose to pay "online", we have the following options available: - Mobile Banking from Bank of Kyrgyzstan - Mobile money - Payment by Visa and Mastercard
Why am I suggested to register at your website?
Registered users have following benefits: an opportunity to participate in various events and bonuses from our company, an opportunity to create corporate pages and orders, you can use service "don't call me", and others. We plan to add bonus program on our website to give out bonuses and prizes to customers, so you got to be registered user.
Who will deliver my order?
Our worker from the personal delivery service of Namba Food. In rare cases, a cafe will deliver food itself. In this cases, we monitor delivery. If you have any issues with delivery, then contact our call center by 0-312-98-66-88.
I have my restaurant business. How do I play information about it?
You can contact our Sales Manager by 0-770-880-250 (Denis), or Head of the Company 0-777-777-429 (Aziza). They will provide all needed information.
How can I change or cancel my order?
You may do it, when the worker of call center calls you to confirm the order. After the order is confirmed, you may not cancel it anymore.
What is a corporate order?
If your office wants to order food for colleagues, then you can make a corporate order. Corporate order is the most easy and comfortable way to feed everyone. It will take only 10 minutes. The instruction how to create and use the service of "Corporate order" is on the page "For businesses" on the website.