Order by phone
Working hours: 24 hours


How do I order food?
Select a restaurant, store, or pharmacy on the website or mobile app, go to the menu, select a dish or item, go to the cart, and place your order. Then you will see a page with all the details of your order. You will need to confirm your order with our operator. The operator will call you and wait for the arrival of the courier.
What happens after I have placed the order?
Once you have placed your order and confirmed it with our operator, we process the order and send it to the restaurant's kitchen or store. A representative from the establishment confirms to us that the establishment can fulfill the order. After that, the establishment's staff immediately proceeds to prepare the order. By the time the establishment finishes preparing your order, our courier will be there. He picks up the order from the place and drives to you.
How do I know the place has received my order?
If the establishment can not fulfill your order, our operator will contact you to help you reissue the order. If the establishment cannot fulfill any part of your order due to a lack of ingredients or product, our operator will contact you to reissue the order with you. If our operator does not call you back after confirming your order, you have nothing to worry about. Your order is already being prepared by the house staff and you will soon receive it.
How much does it cost?
The delivery fee for most establishments is 160 soms. There are places that charge 200 soms for delivery and other places where delivery is free. You can read about area surcharges at the following link: https://nambafood.kg/delivery. You can read about promotions from our tasty partners at: https://nambafood.kg/bonus. The cost of delivery from stores - from 220 KGS, plus 20 KGS extra charge for each kg over 15 kg.
The waiting time of the courier when delivering orders - not more than 15 (fifteen) minutes, after 15 minutes for each additional minute will be charged a fee of 3 KGS;
Are there any weight restrictions for my order?
We have weight limits for delivery - not more than forty (40) pounds and volume should not exceed luggage compartment of a car, in case order is more than forty (40) pounds, delivery of order is made only to the entrance.
Are there any hidden fees or invoices I will get after ordering?
No, we don't charge any hidden fees or invoices after the order is complete. You only pay the amount you see on the screen when you place your order.
Can I place my order if I don't have internet access?
Of course, you can call us at 0-312-98-66-88 or 2580 and our operator will help you place your order.
How can I pay for my order?
You can pay for your order by cash, or online. You just need to choose one or the other method of payment. If you choose to pay «in cash», then you pay cash to the courier after he delivers your order.
If you wish to pay online, we accept payment via:
- Mbank online (product of KYRGYZSTAN bank)
- Payment by cards (Visa, MasterCart, Maestro and Elcart)
- Balance.kg
- Elsom
- About Money
- Keramet Bank
- NambaPay
- MegaPay
How to pay by Balance.kg?
1. Specify the phone number tied to a Balance.kg mobile wallet.
2. For payment confirmation enter the code from SMS, which you will receive after pressing the «Send code» button.
Note: The code is valid only for 3 minutes
How to pay via О!Dengi?
1. Open «О!Dengi» section in «My О!»
2. Go to «Bills and fines»;
3. Select the NambaFood bill and pay.
The order will be confirmed once the bill is paid.
How to pay via MegaPayi?
1. Enter the phone number linked to your MegaPay account
2. To confirm the payment, enter the code from the SMS you received after pressing the «Send Code»;
Note: The code is only valid for 3 minutes
How do I pay through Elsom?
1. Enter the Elsom EC number;
2. You will receive an sms with a code which is valid for 30 minutes;
3. Enter the received code in the «One-time password» field;
4. Write the pin from your ELSOM EC and press pay.
How to pay via Keremet Bank?
To use this service, the user must be registered in Keremet Bank.
You can make a payment without leaving the app of Keremet Bank by choosing «Payments», then choose Namba Food, create a basket, and make a payment
How to pay with NambaPay?
If you want to place an order using the Namba One app, you need to do the following
1. download the app from App Store/Google Play
2. Sign up for the Namba One app
3. Сhoose «Ordering food» from the home page
3. Choose the desired section and place your order.
Why should I register with you?
Registered users have the following benefits: the ability to participate in promotions from our company, the ability to create corporate pages, use the service «Do Not Call», monitor the status of your order. When ordering through the mobile application NambaFood on Android and iOS platforms, registered users have the option «Near». The cost of delivery under the «Nearby» option is 90 soms. In future we are planning to add to our website a bonus program, which will allow you to get presents for your orders. You will also need to be a registered user to participate in this program.
How can I track the status of my order?
You can track the status of your order only if you are a registered user and your order was placed after registration. After you have placed your order, go to your profile and then to your history.
What is Do Not Call?
«Do Not Call» option allows you to automatically confirm your order and agree on the amount to be paid, without contacting an operator. You save time and do not get distracted from important business.
*The option is available to registered users who have placed at least three completed orders.
Who will deliver my order?
The order will be delivered by a courier from Namba Food courier service. In some cases, the establishment itself delivers. In such cases, we will supervise. If you have problems with delivery of your order, you can call our operator on 0-312-98-66-88. In urgent unsolvable situations, you can contact the director of the company on 0-777-777-429. I own a restaurant.
How do I place my information and menu with you?
You can contact our managers:
0-770-880-205 (Raushan),
0-777-777-606 (Samat),
or with the director of the company 0-777-777-429 (Aziza). They will give you all the information you need.
How can I change or cancel my order?
You can do this the moment an operator calls you to confirm your order. Once your order has been confirmed, processed and delivered to the cafe, you will no longer be able to cancel it. The user accepts that upon cancellation of an order, in accordance with Art. 699 of the Civil Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, the user has the right to refuse to fulfill obligations under a contract of paid services - the public offer only upon condition of full compensation of damages, so the user pays the full cost of the ordered goods or meals, together with the delivery.
What is a corporate order?
If you are placing an order for a group, you can use the corporate order service. A corporate order is the easiest and most efficient way to feed the entire office. It only takes you 10 minutes and makes ordering lunch a simple and enjoyable experience. You can read the instructions «How to create a corporate order» and «How to use the corporate order service» on the website in the «Companies» section.