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250 best cafe & restaurants of the city to suit all tastes

Dishes of the day
Full Samurai 30 pcs.
honicky, samurai, Hayato, cucumber roll
845 s
890 s
T-bone steak
A large steak on a t-shaped bone, prepared from selected beef of special grain fattening, that is, from marbled meat
649 s
Cheese Lovers 24 cm
Pizza sauce, extra cheese
325 s
Beef shish kebab in lavash
250 g. Chop shish durum.
180 s
Fresh bun, juicy beef patty, fresh tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, cheese, tomato sauce, garlic sauce.
120 s
Fried eggs from 3 eggs, tomatoes, toast.
250 s
Basket stripsy original
Basket Stripsy is 16 original Stripsy + standard order of Fries. Stripsy is as good as the wings only without the bones. Whole chicken!
729 s
Best cafes
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Drop dead convenient, fast and reasonably priced! And the cafe choices are great, thanks a lot! Well done)
Catherine Broccoli
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Fedor Lednev
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Promptly. Fast. Thank you for listening to your customers and getting better!
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Thank you. You always got my back, when it`s needed. Everything is very fast and delicious.
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NambaFood well done, you have started to master the corporate sector
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Very organized team! The work was done perfectly! Thank you very much for the help!
Evgeniya Pavlenko
The first time I ordered dinner through @NambaFood, and I was very pleased with it. Simple and fast.
@NambaFood has very convenient functionality for corporate orders, in 10 minutes they made an order for the entire office!
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I've been using NambaFood for a while, and I am satisfied with their services. Various choices, reasonable prices, timely deliveries.
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I've been using Namba Food for a year now and they have always had excellent customer service, quick delivery and superb service from the call center (verifying the order).
Christopher Reintsma