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Happy Cake

Average bill:
1,000 som
50 som ?
Hours of work:
09:00 - 20:00 No days off
Payment methods:


2.2 kg. Chocolate biscuit, meringue, fried peanuts with caramel cream, chocolate glaze on top
1500 s
Snickers cake
100 s
1.3 kg. Chocolate cake with hazelnut and chocolate glaze on top
750 s
Honey MAX
1.8 kg. Fragrant thin honey cakes soaked in gentle custard
350 s
1.1 kg. Fragrant, thin cakes based on natural honey, soaked in delicate sour cream
750 s
Honey with walnuts
1.8 kg. Classic honey cake, abundantly sprinkled with walnuts in the layer
1150 s
Dairy girl MAX
1.3 kg. Air porous cakes with light cream
950 s
Dairy girl
1 kg. Air, porous cakes with light, delicate cream
750 s
Chocolate banana MAX
1.8 kg. Air chocolate cakes with light cream and banana cream
1200 s
Chocolate banana
1 kg. Air, chocolate cakes with light creamy - banana cream
800 s
Napoleon MAX
1.5 kg. Homemade puffed cakes with custard
950 s
1.1 kg. Homemade puffed cakes soaked in aromatic custard
750 s
Red velvet MAX
1.8 kg. Wet red velvet sponge cake with cheese-based cream
1000 s
Red velvet
1.1 kg. Wet velvet biscuit red, with cheese and curd cream
750 s
Carrot MAX
2 kg. Fragrant spicy biscuit with carrot, orange, walnuts and cinnamon. Cream - cheese and curd
1100 s
1.3 kg. Biscuit with carrot, orange peel, walnuts and cinnamon, soaked in cottage cheese cream
900 s
1.3 kg. Sand dough and classic cream with the addition of boiled condensed milk
750 s
1.4 kg. Chocolate biscuit soaked in saturated dark chocolate truffle cream
1100 s
Whoopi pie
1.3 kg Legendary American chocolate cake with cream cheese cream.
1100 s