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Working hours: 24 hours

Caucasian courtyard

Average bill:
500 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
11:00 - 01:30 No days off
Payment methods:

Photos of dishes may not match their type in reality

Cold appetizers

Caucasian snack
( cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell.pepper, radishes, greens) 300 gr.
250 s
( cheese Chechel, Suluguni, walnut ) 300 gr.
150 s
Home cellar
( sauerkraut, pickles, cherry tomatoes, patison) 300 gr.
200 s
European meats
(tongue, beef,duck fillet, chicken roll ) 300 gr.
350 s
Russian appetizer
(herring, potatoes, solen.cucumbers) 300 grams.
200 s
Kyrgyz cuts
450 gr. Chuchuk, map, horse
500 s
Fish platter
400 gr. Escolar. salmon, shrimp.
700 s


Caesar salad with chicken
( CSD.breast, iceberg, egg not, cherry POM, parm cheese, Caesar sauce) 250 gr.
280 s
Caesar salad with shrimp
( shrimps, iceberg, egg not, cherry POM, parm cheese, Caesar sauce) 250 gr.
320 s
Salad "Saamo"
( eggplant, greens, tomato, cheese, mayonnaise ) 250 gr.
170 s
Salad "Choban"
( cucumbers, tomatoes, Bolg.pepper, greens, onion) 250 grams.
150 s
Salad at the Georgian
( cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, bell.pepper, walnut )250 gr.
200 s
( potatoes,beef, carrots .Sol.cucumbers, peas, mayonnaise) 250 gr.
200 s
( CSD.fillet, egg, cucumber, corn , mayonnaise, Pai) 250 gr.
200 s
In Chinese
( cucumber, tomato, beef, onion, garlic, sesame oil) 250 gr.
250 s
Mushroom salad
( champignons, black, beef, spinach, Parmesan,lemon juice) 250 grams.
280 s
Meat salad
250g (beef,pickled cucumbers,fresh cucumbers,cilantro,garlic,balsamic sauce)
220 s
( beef,per CA, onion, tomato, eggplant, egg) 250 gr.
260 s
Greek salad
( POM,cucumbers,cheese fetaksa, olives, salad.sheet, lim.juice, pain. pepper) 250 gr.
220 s
( COP duck. fillet, oyster mushrooms, egg, salad.leaves, Caesar sauce) 250 gr.
250 s
Salad with tongue
( tongue, mushrooms, gherkins, mayonnaise, bell. pepper,dried. onion, butter, soy ) 250 gr.
260 s
Spicy salad
( tomatoes, eggplants, bell.pepper, cilantro, onion,soy ,light) 250 gr.
200 s
Language in soy sauce
250 gr. tongue, tomatoes, bell pepper, garlic, soy sauce.
250 s
Salad "Teschin language"
300 gr. eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, mayonnaise, parsley.
220 s
Rolls of zucchini
250 gr. zucchini, ground beef, eggplant, Bulgarian pepper, mayonnaise.
250 s


Marinade Lamb
1 kg
700 s
Marinade lamb ribs
1 kg
750 s
Marinade Steak
1 kg
1000 s
Marinade Beef
1 kg
900 s
Marinade Chicken Legs
1 kg
420 s

To the kebab

40 s
Pickled onions
20 s
20 s
40 s


Barbecue Lamb
210 s
Lamb on the bone
250 s
Lula kebab
180 s
Lula chicken
160 s
170 s
Barbecue Beef
250 s
Barbecue Trout
260 s
Barbecue whole Trout
600 s
150 s
170 s
Chicken wings
170 s
Chicken fillet
170 s
Barbecue Mushroom
190 s
Beef steak
380 s
( lamb, beef, ribs, shish kebab, chicken leg quarters, chickens. breast, vegetable, tomato, cucumbers, greens)
1800 s


Beef, rice,tomato paste,onion repcet., tomatoes, greens 300 g
250 s
Khashlama in Georgian
( beef, tomatoes, Bolg.pepper, onion, greens, potatoes) 300 gr.
250 s
Boz bash
( lamb, nogut, PEQ onion, tomatoes, tomato paste) 300 gr.
250 s
Mushroom "Racha"
( mushrooms, carrots, onion, potatoes, beef, cream) 300 gr.
250 s
( potatoes, beef, cucumbers,radishes, sour cream) 300 gr.
160 s
( beef, potatoes, carrots) 300 gr.
160 s
300 gr. Beef tongue, sausage, beef, pickles, olives
220 s

Hot meals

( grape leaves, rice, chesney. sauce) 12 PCs
250 s
( lamb, potatoes, onion, 650 gr.
430 s
Soups of lamb
( lamb, potatoes, onion, garlic , tomato, herbs) 300 gr.
300 s
Khinkali with lamb
( the dough, lamb. bow. greens) 400 gr.
250 s
Chashushuli veal
( veal, onion. dried, tomatoes, tomato paste, plums. oil) 300 gr.
340 s
Meat Tbilisi
( beef, mushrooms,eggplant. tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini) 300 gr.
430 s
Saj lamb
( potatoes,mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini ) 2 kg 6 pers.
1600 s
Chicken Tabaka
( chicken, garlic, cucumber, tomatoes , herbs) 800 gr.
400 s
Chicken fillet baked with cheese
( CSD.breast. "branded", bell.pepper, onion.dried ,POM .cream, pork Sol) 350 gr.
300 s
350 gr. chicken, tomatoes, onion, greens
280 s
Salmon with caviar sauce
( salmon, caviar, cream .lemon, cherry POM. ,olives) 300 gr.
600 s
From the chef
( lamb ribs, potatoes, onion, greens, sauce Tkemali) 350 gr.
400 s

European dishes

300 gr. veal, cream, mushrooms, potatoes
400 s
Kazan kebab
250 gr. veal, onion
300 s
The meat on the barbecue
300 gr. beef, eggplant, bell pepper. zucchini, Tabasco sauce, tomato
300 s
Salmon rose with vegetables
300 gr. salmon, bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes
500 s
Spaghetti "Bolognese"
300 gr. spaghetti, ground beef, tomato, Parmesan rash occurs
270 s
200 gr chicken breast, crackers
200 s


Khachapuri Adjaruli
( dough,cheese .Suluguni, Sol. creamy.oil) 500 gr.
280 s
Khachapuri Megruli
(cheese, Sol. Suluguni) 650 gr.
300 s
Khachapuri Imeritinsky
( brsa, chicken, drain. oil) 500 gr.
270 s
Hichina cheese
( dough, cheese, Suluguni, Saul, plums.oil) 270 gr.
120 s
Hichina with cheese and herbs
( dough, cheese, Suluguni, Saul, plums.oil, greens ) 270 gr.
130 s
Hichina with cheese and potatoes
( dough, cheese, Suluguni, Saul, plums.oil, fries ) 270 gr.
130 s
Hichina meat
(the dough, lamb, butter) 270 gr.
200 s

Side dishes

150 gr.
50 s
Rice with vegetables
( rice, bell. pepper )160 gr.
70 s
Rice with mushrooms
( rice,mushrooms) 160 gr.
70 s
200 gr.
90 s
Home fried potatoes
( potatoes,onion, greens ) 200 gr.
60 s
Grilled vegetables
( Bulgarian. pepper, eggplant .zucchini , mushrooms ,cherry POM ) 200 gr.
200 s


Sauce "Tartar"
100 gr.
70 s
Sauce "Caesar"
60 gr.
70 s
Sauce "Tkemali"
50 gr.
90 s
50 gr.
20 s

Soft drinks

Natakhtari Georgian lemonade
0.5 l
100 s
Orange soda
( orange, mint, Monin. soda) 1 liter
200 s
Berry lemonade
(strawberries, currants,raspberries, grenadine,lime, soda) 1 liter
200 s
Cucumber lemonade
( cucumber, lime, orange,club soda) 1 liter
200 s
Tropical lemonade
( banana, coconut, pineapple, soda) 1 liter
200 s

Soft Drinks

Juice (in assortment)
1 l
150 s
Compote 1l
100 s
Mineral water
1 liter
100 s
1 l
100 s
1 l
150 s


Creamy crab
6 PC Creamy crab, cream cheese, tobiko.
125 s
Creamy salmon
6 pieces salmon, cream cheese, tobiko
145 s
Eel cream
6 PCs Eel, cream cheese, tobiko.
159 s
8 pieces Sweet pepper, Peking salad, sesame and pickled seaweed Chuka.
175 s
Vegetable roll
8 pieces Sweet pepper, Peking salad, avocado, cucumber, tomato, avocado sauce.
185 s
8 pieces Fillet of salmon, crispy onions, cream cheese, cucumber, tobiko, unagi sauce.
195 s
IKA roll
8 pieces smoked eel, chicken, Slivochny cheese, tobiko and sesame.
210 s
8 pieces smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, tuna.
205 s
Kani Phil
8 pieces Snow crab, cream cheese, cucumber, tobiko.
189 s
8 pieces salmon Fillet, spice sauce, tamago, tobiko
179 s
8 pieces. tempura salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, tobiko, sesame seeds.
240 s
8 pieces Snow crab, Mayo, cucumber, sesame seeds
179 s
8 pieces Fillet of salmon, cream cheese
185 s
Unagi cheese
8 pieces smoked Eel, cream cheese, unagi sauce, sesame seeds.
190 s
Caesar roll
8 PCs chicken, cucumber,mozzarella, Beijing lettuce, mayonnaise, unagi sauce.
205 s
8 PCs. Cream cheese, cucumber, tender salmon fillet.
240 s
Royal Philadelphia
8 pieces Fillet of salmon, cream cheese, snow crab, cucumber.
260 s
8 pieces smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, salmon ROE.
255 s
Yuki roll
8 pieces smoked salmon, crispy onions, cream cheese, cucumber, tobiko, unagi sauce and sesame.
245 s
8 PCs grilled salmon, smoked eel, Mayo, cucumber, cream cheese, Peking salad
225 s
California (snow crab)
8 pieces snow crab, avocado, cucumber, Mayo, tobiko
285 s
California (salmon)
8 PCs salmon, avocado, cucumber, Mayo, tobiko
285 s
California (smoked eel)
8 pieces smoked eel, avocado, cucumber, mayonnaise, tobiko.
295 s
California (prawn)
8 PCs shrimp, avocado, cucumber, Mayo, tobiko
295 s
California (smoked salmon)
8 pieces smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, Mayo, tobiko
275 s
Tobiko Philadelphia
8 PCs. cream cheese, salmon, cucumber, tobiko
255 s
Unagi Philadelphia
8 PCs. cream cheese, copony eel cucumber, tobiko
269 s
8 pieces snow crab, cream cheese, tobiko, grilled salmon, avocado.
265 s
8 pieces smoked eel, cream cheese, cucumber, unagi sauce, sesame
310 s
Philadelphia Original
8 PCs. cream cheese, salmon.
325 s
6 PCs shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber, eel, salmon, unagi sauce, sesame
295 s
Edda rohru
6 pieces salmon fillet, smoked eel, cream cheese, unagi sauce, sesame
284 s
6 PCs mussels, tiger shrimp, cream cheese, chefs sauce, green onion, batter, breadcrumbs Panko
289 s
Eby Furai
8 pieces tiger shrimp tempura, spicy sauce, Peking salad, sesame, tobiko.
255 s
Tataki Phil
8 pieces salmon fillet opalene open flame, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber.
255 s
8 pieces smoked eel, chicken fillet, cream cheese, avocado, salmon opalene open flame, mayonnaise, unagi sauce, sesame seeds, tobiko.
295 s
Chefs roll
8 pieces salmon fillet opalene open fire, snow crab, avocado sauce, tobiko
315 s
6 pieces smoked eel seared open fire, snow crab, avocado, mayonnaise, smoked salmon, tobiko, unagi sauce and sesame.
298 s
Abi batter
8 pieces tiger shrimp tempura and Panko breadcrumbs, cream cheese, salmon.
315 s
Mega Salmon
6pcs Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber
385 s
Mega Eel
6pcs Smoked eel, cream cheese, cucumber, unagi sauce, sesame
385 s
8 pieces fillet of salmon, scallops, snow crab, chefs sauce, tobiko, unagi sauce, sesame
289 s
8 pieces snow crab, Japanese omelet, cream cheese, chefs sauce, tobiko
260 s
6 PCs cream cheese, redfish fillet, salmon fillet, mayonnaise, wasabi, unagi sauce, tempura, Panko crumbs
255 s
American 5 PCs
5 pieces salmon fillet, smoked eel, snow crab, avocado, cream cheese, tobiko, tempura, Panko crumbs.
249 s
Us 8 PCs.
8 pieces fillet of salmon, smoked eel, snow crab, avocado, cream cheese, tobiko, tempura, Panko crumbs.
299 s
Sake tempura 5 PCs
5 pieces salmon fillet, cream cheese, tobiko, green onion, batter, breadcrumbs Panko
249 s
Tempura sake roll 8 PCs
8 pieces fillet of salmon, cream cheese, tobiko, green onion, batter, breadcrumbs Panko
299 s
Tempura roll
8 pieces fillet of salmon, scallop, Mayo, tobiko, wasabi, tempura, Panko breadcrumbs
289 s
Kani tempura
8 PCs. cream cheese, tobiko, snow crab, Avoca, batter, breadcrumbs Panko
240 s

Thin rolls

Syake roll
6 pieces fillet of salmon, rice, nori
105 s
Sake Koons
6 pieces smoked salmon, rice, nori
115 s
Cheese Kappa roll
6 PCs cream cheese, cucumber
90 s
Unagi roll
6 PCs eel, cucumber, sesame seeds
130 s
Avocado roll
6 PCs avocado
95 s
Kappa roll
6 PCs. cucumber, sesame
89 s
Unagi spicy roll
6 pieces smoked eel, cucumber, spicy sauce
135 s
Spicy EBI roll
6 pieces prawn, cucumber, spicy sauce.
130 s
Spicy Kani roll
6 PCs snow crab, cucumber, spicy sauce
120 s
Syake spicy roll
6 pieces. salmon, cucumber, spicy sauce
145 s


Sake sushi
salmon fillet
65 s
Tamago sushi
Japanese omelet, unagi sauce, sesame
60 s
EBI sushi
85 s
Sake sushi Koons
smoked salmon
70 s
Unagi sushi
smoked eel, unagi sauce, sesame
89 s


Syake spicy gunkan
salmon, spicy sauce
70 s
EBI spicy gunkan
smoked eel, unagi sauce, sesame
85 s
Spicy hotate gunkan
scallop, tobiko, spicy sauce
70 s
Kani spicy gunkan
snow crab, spicy sauce
65 s
Unagi spicy gunkan
smoked eel, spicy sauce
85 s
Unagi spicy gunkan
smoked eel, spicy sauce
85 s
Ikura gunkan
salmon caviar, cream cheese
70 s
Sake avocado gunkan
salmon, avocado, mayonnaise
70 s
Tobiko gunkan
flying fish ROE
45 s
Chuka gunkan
marinated seaweed Chuka, peanut sauce
45 s
Tori unagi gunkan
chicken fillet, smoked eel, tobiko, mayonnaise
65 s


Royal set 42 PCs
California with crab, Dragon, Royal California Tempura Syake tempura, American
1460 s
Premium set 38 PCs
California with crab, Juso, Tataki Philadelphia, Canada, Oshi
1315 s
Mix set 54 pieces
Philadelphia tobiko, Kani, FILA, Vegetable, Kappa,Chito, Philadelphia, Sake dry, Tamago sushi, tori unagi gunkan, Tobiko gunkan.
1480 s
Filmania set 40 PCs
Philadelphia, Tobiko Philadelphia, California with crab, salmon California
1090 s
Dub set 41 PCs
Chito, Kani, FILA, FILA, Unagi cheese, Creamy crab, Chuka gunkan,
970 s
Koons set 24 PCs
Dragon, Tokyo, California with crab
750 s
Hot set 15 PCs
American, Sake, tempura, Cheese Koons
640 s
Shock set 22 PCs
Syake roll, Unagi roll, Kappa roll, Avocado roll, spicy Kani roll
699 s
New York set 22 PCs
Kani tempura, Yumi, Philadelphia
680 s
Nippon set 16 PCs
Philadelphia, Dragon, crab California, salmon California
499 s
Super set 24 PCs
Khalifa, Phil, Unagi cheese
458 s
Classic set 30 PCs
Syake roll, Unagi roll, Kappa roll, Avocado roll, spicy Kani roll
450 s
Boom set 24 PCs
Chito, Caliph, Caesar
520 s
Mini set 16 PCs
Kani, FILA, Kappa roll, Tamago roll
320 s
Tanoshimi set. 24 PCs
Philadelphia, California, Vegetable. 620гр.
630 s