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Working hours: 24 hours

Lagman center As-kazan

Average bill:
400 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
10:00 - 21:30 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of the dishes can be different from reality
During the month of Ramadan from 19:00 to 04:00 each order will be accompanied by a portion of finik and water BonAqua 0.5l .


Fried eggs
100 s
Scrambled eggs with sausage
150 s
Scrambled eggs with vegetables
120 s
Scrambled eggs with sausages
150 s
Scrambled eggs with sausage
150 s
Pancakes with cottage cheese
2 PCs
120 s
Pancakes with meat
2 PCs
150 s
Delicious pancakes
3 piece jam,sour cream,honey.
90 s


Salad with meat and vegetables medium spicy
200 s
Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, meat, seasoned with vegetable oil.
200 s
With greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, radishes, bell pepper, in butter.
150 s
Funcheza meat
Beef with funezou seasoned with Chinese spices.
170 s
Burning rose
Spicy salad with meat, potatoes and vegetables, seasoned with oil.
170 s
Salad Spinach
Fresh spinach with garlic and spices
200 s
Chicken, tomatoes, greens, vegetable oil
220 s


Tender pieces of beef ribs, boiled with vegetables and herbs.
180 s
Beef Shorpo
200 s
Traditional Korean soup served cold/ hot.
240 s
150 s

Oriental cuisine

Beshbarmak AC Kazan
Signature national dish with beef, sun-dried horsemeat and kazy.
400 s
Chicken home
Real homemade patties of beef with rice/ mashed potatoes.
250 s
Steak with egg
A classic dish made of ground beef with a fried egg with rice / mashed potatoes
280 s
Pancake of minced beef, fried with egg, stuffing, and fresh lettuce with rice / mashed potatoes
280 s
National dish recipe from Sunny Uzbekistan.
250 s
Lazaro lagman
Gravy from polovikova pepper with meat and vegetables.
230 s
Lagman chicken
Gravy with chicken, vegetables and spices.
210 s
Special lagman
Lagman with double portion beef, spinach, peppers, Chinese cabbage.
350 s
Fried lagman with vegetables and beef, soy sauce and garlic.
260 s
Guiro lagman
Gravy with beef and fried vegetables with spices.
240 s
Suirou lagman
1 portion. Gravy with pieces of beef and vegetables.
240 s
Lagman with mushrooms
1 portion. Gravy with black mushrooms, beef and peppers.
230 s
Celery lagman
1 portion. Gravy with fried celery with beef and spices.
250 s
Lagman vegetable
1 portion. Vegetable gravy without meat, with various spices and sauces.
200 s
Special roman
400 s
How-Ho Coman
1 portion. Fried lagman with vegetables, served with fried egg pancake.
280 s
How-Ho lagman
1 portion. Fried vegetables with meat, spices and sauces, served with egg pancake.
260 s
Uyghur lamian
1 portion. Delicious traditional lagman is prepared with the addition of celery and Django.
230 s
Boso lagman
Gravy with beef and roasted vegetables with spices in soy sauce
290 s
1 portion. Finely chopped vegetables with beef and dough, fried with spices and sauce.
270 s
Atos lagman
Lamb, semi-sweet pepper, Keith. cabbage, funcheza, cincy, spices.
315 s
240 s
Hoshana fried
260 s

Dishes to order (cooking time 1 hour)

Japan MS
Classic dish of chicken with potatoes and ginger for 4 persons
1000 s
Depan Yan Ru
A classic dish of lamb ribs with vegetables and ginger for 4 persons
1700 s


Guiro gapan
1 portion. Guiro gravy served with steamed rice.
250 s
Suirou Gan-fan
1 portion. Suirou gravy served with steamed rice.
250 s
Lazaro Gan-fan
1 portion .Lazaro gravy served with steamed rice.
240 s
Maguro Gan-fan
1 portion. Maguro gravy served with steamed rice.
260 s

Lamb dishes

Honcho, Ian Pai
1 portion. Lamb ribs fried with onions in sauce.
500 s
Lamb chops
1 portion. Braised short ribs with potatoes and onions.
450 s


Basis Foon Chau-<url>
1 portion. Beef funezou and Chinese cabbage.
300 s
Khun Shaw Tofu
A dish of beef, green onions, tofu and pepper
350 s
Kazan kebab
1 portion. Marinated grilled beef with onions and Chinese spices.
400 s
Guiro SAI
1 portion. Fried beef with Chinese cabbage and vegetables, and spices.
300 s
Broccoli with meat
1 portion. Beef fried with broccoli, pepper and Chinese spices.
350 s
Lazaro SAI
1 portion. Beef and roasted bell pepper and spices.
350 s
Suan La Rue Dean
1 portion. Marinated chopped beef with spices and hot sauce.
400 s

Meals in the Dutch oven

Teban MS
Chicken fillet fried with vegetables and sesame oil.
350 s
Teban The Nura
Strips of beef fried with vegetables and sesame oil.
450 s

Poultry dishes

Hansa JI
1 portion. Pieces of chicken fillet, deep fried in liquid test in oil.
350 s
1 portion. Pieces of chicken fillet fried with pologeorgis pepper and spices.
350 s

Side dishes

Fried rice with egg
1 portion.
150 s
Jusay with egg
150 s