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Working hours: 24 hours


Average bill:
800 som
200 som ?
Hours of work:
08:00 - 21:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of the dishes can be different from reality


Granola Bowl
Crispy honey muesli with banana and berry
350 s
Cheesecakes on meringue
Cottage cheese pancakes with orange zest, burnt meringue, mango puree and berry jam
400 s
Classic omelet
A dish made from a mixture of beaten eggs and milk fried in a pan with salad and parmesan cheese
290 s
Egg Benedict with salmon
Tender salmon on bread with flax with avocado, cream cheese, poached egg with golandez sauce
590 s
Buckwheat porridge with parmesan cheese
Buckwheat with alternative milk, berry, parmesan cheese and buckwheat popcorn
350 s
Oatmeal porridge with caramelized banana
Coconut milk oatmeal with caramelized banana
350 s
Porridge "Leo" mango
Coconut milk rice with juicy mango and coconut foam
410 s
Chia Mango Pudding
Chia, coconut milk, mango puree, mango slices and coconut slices
390 s
Chia berry pudding
Chia, coconut milk, berries, nuts, jam and mango puree
390 s
"Leo" breakfast
Croissant, fried eggs, sausages, beans, cheese, arugula and bacon halal
620 s
Mini pancakes
Mini pancakes, yogurt, crispy honey muesli and maple syrup
350 s
Crepes with mascarpone cheese
French pancakes with tender mascarpone cheese and wild berries
410 s
Breakfast with salmon
Avocado, scramble, lettuce, corn, salmon, olives and cheese.
550 s


Vitello Tonnato
Smoked veal with tuna sauce, capers, wild rice chips
690 s
Cheese slicing
Door blue, parmesan, brie, mozzarella, berry, honey and jam
1200 s
Meat slicing
Smoked veal, turkey, halal bacon, grilled vegetables, BBQ, cheese, bread and chili
990 s


Nicoise with fresh tuna
A mix of fresh herbs, tomatoes, quail eggs, potatoes, tuna, capers, olives and author's sauce
650 s
Caesar with chicken
Iceberg, grilled chicken breast, crispy parmesan, croutons and original caesar sauce
590 s
Leo Mango salad
Arugula, juicy mango, strawberry, avocado and mini mozzarella
610 s
Turkey with a pear
Turkey, caramelized pear, door blue cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and walnuts
540 s
Arugula with shrimp
Grilled shrimp, arugula, parmesan cheese with honey mustard sauce
620 s
Vitamins and quinoa
Quinoa, zucchini, beets, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage.
420 s
Salmon salad
Greens, salmon, orange, cheese, tomatoes.
590 s
Sweet peach
Fetaxa cheese, greens, nuts, peach, tomato.
520 s
Salad with avocado
480 s


Bee green soup
Delicate cream soup of spinach and zucchini, chicken breast and mini mozzarella
420 s
Eggs, nori, chicken breast, mushrooms, coriander and chili
405 s
Cheese soup with salmon
Cheese, salmon, cream and pine nuts
495 s
Meat soup
Spicy veal, tomato and chili soup
520 s
Mushroom soup
Cream of mushroom soup
390 s


Alioli pasta
Garlic, olive oil, chili pepper and parmesan cheese
500 s
Fettuccine with chicken
Fettuccine, cream sauce, chicken breast and parmesan cheese
550 s
Fettuccine with salmon
Fettuccine, cream sauce, salmon and parmesan cheese
670 s
Penne with avocado and basil
Penne, cashews, avocado, parmesan cheese and sun-dried tomatoes
470 s


Chicken Sandwich
With sauce and vegetables
250 s
Tuna Sandwich
With sauce and vegetables
270 s
Salmon Sandwich
With sauce and vegetables
310 s
Veal Sandwich
310 s

Main dishes

Chicken breast with couscous
Grilled chicken breast, spinach, couscous and cream sauce
610 s
Veal with young kortofel
Veal, wine, potatoes and tomatoes
690 s
Tar tar bowl
Salmon, fresh tuna, juicy mango, rice, chuka and author's sauce
880 s
Tender grilled veal with potato slices
980 s
Rib Eye steak
Juicy grilled veal steak
1250 s
Curry salmon
Salmon, curry, rice, coconut milk, tomatoes and spices
690 s
Tender lamb with fettuccine
Saddle of lamb in wine sauce with vegetables, served with fettuccine
950 s
Fish and Chips
Fish in beer batter with tartar sauce and fries
570 s
Filet mignon
Grilled veal with salad
1050 s
Ratatouille chicken breast
Vegetables, cheese, chicken breast, tomatoes, spices.
650 s
Walleye fillet
Grilled walleye fillet served with quinoa and mushrooms.
790 s
Salmon on skewers
Tender salmon with grilled tomatoes with cheese sauce.
1050 s
Meat on skewers
Tender veal and grilled mushrooms.
920 s
Salmon chili mango
1100 s

Side dishes

180 s
Grilled vegetables
240 s
Rice with spinach
240 s
Potato slices
200 s

Desserts (until 17:00)

Tiramisu eclair
Custard dough, with tiramisu cream and savoyard soaked in coffee
210 s
Cube with custard and berry jam
180 s
Chocolate croissant
Puff pastry with the addition of Belgian chocolate
190 s
A creamy croissant
Puff pastry with a rich creamy taste
160 s
Almond croissant
Puff pastry with the addition of nut cream frangipane and sprinkled with almond petals
200 s
Denish berry
Puff pastry base, vanilla cream with the addition of fresh berries
250 s
Strawberry denish
Puff pastry base, vanilla cream with berry jam and fresh strawberries
250 s
Tangerine cheesecake
Sandy base, cream cheese with mint, nuts and lime zest, with the addition of juicy tangerine.
480 s
Shortbread base, cream cheese with condensed milk, nuts, served with peanuts and salted caramel.
520 s
Sandy substrate, cream cheese with pistachios and lychees.
480 s
A delicate sponge cake soaked in buttercream, mango puree and served with fresh mango.
490 s
San Sebastian
300 s


Fresh carrot
120 s
Fresh carrot with cream
150 s
Fresh apple juice
180 s


Passion fruit-raspberry lemonade
230 s
210 s
Spinach-passion fruit lemonade
200 s
Berry lemonade
210 s
230 s
Mango passion fruit
200 s

Coffee drinks

Matcha is green
290 s
Matcha pink
290 s
Matcha lilac
290 s
Matcha is blue
290 s


80 s
Double espresso
120 s
130 s
200 s
Double cappuccino
250 s
200 s
Lavender latte
220 s
250 s
Cappuccino with coconut milk
250 s
Cappuccino with oatmeal milk
250 s
Cappuccino with almond milk
250 s
Latte with coconut milk
250 s
Latte with almond milk
350 s
Latte with oatmeal milk
250 s

Ice coffee

Ice Americano
300 s
Ice Cappuccino
290 s
Ice latte
290 s