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Working hours: 24 hours

Live Bar

Average bill:
800 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
Round the clock No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of dishes may not match their appearance in reality


Home style Greek salad
A mix of fresh vegetables with a Greek feta and olive-oil mustard dressing.
320 s
Grilled salmon, mushrooms, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, lettuce, olives.
390 s
Signature salad
Tender grilled chicken, fresh iceberg lettuce, parmesan slices, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, crispy carrots, toasted croutons, light Caesar sauce.
490 s
Caesar salad with chicken
Mixed salad, grilled chicken, croutons dressed with Caesar sauce and parmesan cheese.
390 s
Caesar salad with shrimp
Mixed salad, grilled tiger prawns, croutons dressed with Caesar sauce and parmesan cheese.
550 s
Spicy salad with beef
Bon filet, eggplant, arugula, vegetables, seasoned with a spicy sauce of Cayenne chili pepper.
380 s


Vietnamese soup with beef, rice noodles, bean sprouts.
350 s
Classic Tom-yam
Thai sour and spicy soup, shrimp, mushrooms, chicken fillet, tom yam paste, coconut milk, fish sauce, oriental spices.
460 s
Korean soup with noodles, meat and vegetables.
200 s
Classic soup based on smoked meat, served with sour cream.
260 s

Burgers and sandwiches

Live Burger
Signature burger with potato bun, juicy marbled beef patty, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and sauce, served with French fries.
350 s
Double cheeseburger
Burger with a potato bun, with two cutlets, cheddar cheese, mustard sauce, tomatoes and salad, served with French fries.
380 s
Sandwich with cream cheese, salmon and avocado
Sandwich with low-salt salmon, tender cream cheese and avocado slices, served with French fries.
320 s

Cold appetizers

Herring with potatoes
Herring fillet with boiled potatoes, pickled onion and butter.
280 s
Assorted farm meat delicacies
Galantine of chicken, smoked beef, beef tongue, smoked duck breast, herbs, homemade cheese sauce.
690 s
Assorted fresh vegetables
Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, fresh basil, parsley, dill.
290 s
Crispy cheese balls
From three varieties of cheese.
240 s

Hot snacks

Blue shell mussels with homemade ciabatta
With cream sauce / wine sauce
470 s
Ebi tempura
Tiger prawns in crispy breadcrumbs with spicy sauce.
650 s
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Juicy wings with a crisp crust, home-made adjika.
380 s

Second courses

Chicken toriniku with rice
Chicken fillet in teriyaki sauce.
390 s
Teriyaki Chicken
Chicken fillet in teriyaki sauce, served with rice and coleslaw.
390 s
Portuguese Chicken Steak
With curry rice and spicy chicken sauce.
390 s
Salmon with caviar sauce
Tender grilled salmon with creamy caviar sauce.
790 s
Rice with chicken and seafood
Rice, mixed vegetables, chicken fillet, corn, tiger prawns, salmon, green peas.
440 s
Fried trout
Trout fillet served with mixed salad.
420 s
Veal cheeks
In demiglas sauce, with dried cherry tomatoes and cream puree.
420 s
Medallions with Ratatouille
Juicy grilled bon filet, a signature marinade from the chef, served with vegetables.
720 s


Pasta bolognese
Spaghetti with meat sauce "Bolognese", stewed for several hours.
340 s
Fusilli with veal cheeks
In a creamy sauce with sun-dried tomatoes and capers.
360 s
Fusilli with salmon
Lightly salted salmon and broccoli in a creamy sauce.
380 s


Chicken fillet, mushrooms, cheese, sauce.
450 s
Chicken fillet, bell pepper, cheese, chili sauce.
450 s
Veal, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, cheese, sauce.
490 s
Salami, cheese, sauce.
450 s
Chicken fillet, lettuce, Caesar sauce
490 s


California roll
Crab sticks, cucumber, tobiko.
330 s
Philadelphia roll
Salmon, Philadelphia cheese.
390 s
Canadian roll
Salmon, spicy sauce, cucumber, tobiko.
350 s
Syake maki
The salmon roll.
270 s
Alaska maki
Smoked salmon, cucumber, Philadelphia cheese.
380 s
Syake Maki with kunza
Roll with smoked salmon.
290 s

Baked Rolls

Yaki sakura
Japanese omelet, philadelphia cheese, tiger prawns, perch, spicy sauce.
370 s
Yaki Tokyo
Salmon, tobiko, perch, tiger prawns, philadelphia cheese, spicy sauce.
490 s
Assorted baked goods
Salmon 2 pcs., Eel 2 pcs., perch 2 pcs., Tiger prawns 2 pcs.
660 s

Sushi sets

Livebar set
Sake nigiri 2 then., Spicy sake nigiri 2 then., Kunzei sake nigiri 2 then., 2 por., EBI nigiri 2 then., Spicy EBI nigiri 2 then., Unagi nigiri 2 then., Spicy unagi nigiri 2 then., Spicy toriniku the 2 long., Spicy Kani 2 then., Sake Maki, Unagi tori Maki, California Maki.
2700 s
Tsuno set
Philadelphia, California roll tobiko, kunzei Sake Maki, Unagi Maki.
1200 s
Nikko set
Shake nigiri, Tobiko nigiri, Ebi nigiri, Shake kuntsei nigiri, Unagi nigiri, Izumitai nigiri, Ikura nigiri, Chizu ikura nigiri, Ebi maki, Philadelphia.
1600 s
Niji set
Hot shake maki, avocado maki, kazumi maki, spicy abi maki.
1500 s

Side dishes

80 s
Spicy rice
140 s
80 s
French fries
140 s
Potato slices
Potato wedges in garlic butter
150 s
Mashed potatoes
120 s
Grilled vegetables
Eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, tomatoes, onions.
170 s


50 s
60 s
Sweet chili
50 s
Creamy mushroom
50 s
50 s
50 s
60 s
90 s
60 s