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AOC Ermitage Le Pavillon(AOC Hermitage Le Pavillon)
Red wine. Aroma: with hints of tar and smoke, raspberry, BlackBerry, walnut and liquorice Taste: powerful yet velvety and balanced attack, and a long finish with hints of licorice, tobacco and cocoa
40000 s
AOC Ermitage De l'orée(AOC Hermitage De l'or)
A dry white. Aroma: rich, Mature bouquet of warm stones, caramel, lemon, acacia and hawthorn. Taste: oily, body is complex, with notes of ripe fruit, spices and grill.
36400 s
AOC Hermitage Monier de la Sizeranne (AOC Hermitage Monier de La Sisera)
Red dry. Aroma: red berries (raspberry, blackcurrant) and hints of licorice. Taste: the beginning rounded and refined, concentrated and soft tannins final notes of black currant, raspberry, spice (pepper)
13000 s
AOC Côte-Rotie Les Bécasses (AOC côte rôtie Le Snipe)
Red dry. Aroma: notes of raspberry, slightly feels the fragrance of violets, spicy notes dominating with the presence of aromas of black olives, tapenade and rosemary. Taste: deep and rich, the ending felt notes of wood, spices and vanilla
9000 s
AOC Hermitage Chante-Alouette(Hermitage AOC Shant-Alouette)
A dry white. Aroma: delicate bouquet of quince, walnut, honey, ginger, acacia with a hint of lime. Taste: the beginning of a fresh, light, felt the final notes of almond
8400 s
Bila Haut V. I. T (Beat About V. I. T)
Red dry. Aroma: Open, rich bouquet of ripe black fruits, elderberry and blackberries with spices :pepper and Garrigue. Taste:Strong, dense structure of the wine is from the warm and savage soils of the Roussillon valley
8360 s
Crozes-Ermitage Les Varonniers(Thunderstorms Hermitage Le Baronie)
Red dry. Aroma: ripe red fruits, blackcurrant and raspberry, turning into a flavor of licorice. Taste: Rich and robust , with hints of vanilla, a nice spicy finish
6250 s
Invitare Condrieu AOC (AOC Kondriye Invitare)
A dry white. Aroma: exotic fruits, pineapple, acacia flowers, lychee, peach and apricot. Taste: rounded, full, quite long with vanilla notes in the final
6250 s
AOC Châteauneuf-du-Pape La Bernardine (AOC Chateauneuf-du-Pape La Bernardine)
Red dry. Aroma: complex and delicate; black currant, plum, roasted coffee, cinnamon, cherry and cherry. Taste: spicy licorice with a fruity aroma
5200 s
AOC Alsace Lieu-Dit Buehl (AOC Alsace pour Di BUEL)
A dry white. Aroma: open, with notes of exotic fruits such as pineapple and Mang - Guo entrusted Sunny character of the South hills. You can also find mineral expression of white flowers. Taste: Strong, quick drop-down, with fruity notes, the nature of the Ter - roar is expressed in acidity and taste of iodine in the final
4950 s
AOC Saint-Joseph Deschants (AOC San Joseph Dechant)
Red dry. Aroma: floral (violets), which goes in the aroma of licorice and spices • Taste: soft, dominated by red fruits; the finale is long, with hints of spice
2800 s
Riesling Alsace AOC (AOC Alsace Riesling)
A dry white. Aroma: different varieties of grapes, citrus, spices and pineapple. Taste: pronounced acidity, in the final notes of the salty-STI; very fragrant
2500 s
Schieferkopf Gewürztraminer (Gewurztraminer Supercop)
White semi-dry. Aroma: subtle citrus aroma (lemon and grapefruit). Taste: sharp, good balance of acidity with notes of lychee and citrus.
2500 s
Rivesaltes - 1999 (Rivesaltes)
Red sweet. Aroma: ripe red berries: raspberry jam and notes of the hedgehog - wiki. Taste: Viscous with plenty of berries, blackberries, with a soft tannic finish. This wine is well balanced with great aging potential
2190 s
AOC Crozes-Hermitage Les Meysonniers (AOC Crozes Hermitage Les Mesagne)
Red dry. Aroma: red berries, black currant, raspberry and violet. Taste: rounded, with flavors of baked fruit and vanilla in the final
2200 s
AOC Muscat de Beaumes de Venise (Muscat de beaumes de Venise)
0.375 l. White sweet. Aroma: intense and elegant aroma of candied fruits and flowers. Taste: balanced with good length without excessive sweetness
2000 s
AOC Banyuls (Banyuls)
0.5 l. Red sweet. Aroma: has a rich aroma of black berries and baked fruit with subtle notes of cocoa. Taste: combines the sun's energy and finesse of tannins
1900 s
The Wine Pays de l'ardèche Domaine des Granges de Mirabel (Wine valley de Lurdes Estate De Grunge de Mirabel)
A dry white. Aroma: apricot, pear and orange marmalade. Taste: the harmony of roundness and freshness characteristic of the grape variety Viognier is grown on volcanic soils
1800 s
Bila Haut Occultum Lapidem (Beat On Occultum Lapidem)
Red dry. Aroma: fairly quiet, pronounced notes of graphite,leather,intense aromas of pepper,black fruits and scrubs in the finals. Taste: the richness and density of flavor are balanced with the Sunny and refreshing flavor Tatina also has a refreshing taste
1625 s
AOC Alsace Sylvaner (Alsace Sylvaner)
A dry white. Aroma: citrus, licorice and eucalyptus, with floral notes. Taste: refreshing, tart, light minerality and oiliness with a hint of licorice in the final
1400 s
Côtes-du-Rhône Belleruche (côtes-du-rhône Bulrush red)
Red dry. • Aroma: red berries, cherry, with spicy notes of licorice and black pepper • Taste: pleasant, with a light viscosity
1300 s
Côtes-du-Rhône Belleruche (côtes-du-rhône Bulrush white)
A dry white. Aroma: green Apple, hawthorn, white flowers, citrus and exotic fruits. Taste: fresh, smooth, very buttery and long
1300 s
Côtes-du-Rhône Belleruche (côtes-du-rhône Bulrush pink)
A rose wine. Aroma: red berries (red currants, raspberries, cherries), grapefruit, gra - NAT, with a slight hint of mint • Taste: open, clean, smooth, rounded
1300 s
Pays d'oc Marius Grenache(the pays d OK Marius Grenache)
Red dry. Aroma: strong aroma of red berries (cherry, raspberry) accompanied by cocoa and sweet notes of spice. Taste: delicious and juicy on entry, the taste of red fruit, with velvety tannins. A lovely example of the grape varieties Grenache Noir
990 s
Côtes-du-Roussillon Village des vignes de Bila-Hau ( côtes du Roussillon Les Vignes de Bila-Haut)
Red dry. Aroma: black cherries. Taste: the taste is tight, Mature, transmitting warmth and pristine soils of Roussillon
990 s
Marius Pays d'oc Viognier (Wine valley d OK Marius Viognier)
White semi-dry. Aroma: white fruits (juicy pear) and flowers. Taste: delicate, well-balanced, fresh and long
990 s
Côtes-du-Roussillon Les vignes de Bila-Haut (côtes du Roussillon Les Vignes de Bila-Haut)
A dry white. Aroma: very pronounced citrus (lemon and grapefruit) with notes of smoke. Taste natural and fragrant, with a pleasant acidity, which is associated with the origin (granite high-rise soil), with a fresh finish with saline notes, which indicate minerality
990 s
Pays d'oc Marius (Valley d OK Marius)
Red dry. Color: red-purple, dense, clear with deep purple re - Livs. Aroma: intense, complex, spicy; red berries, delicate floral touch. Taste: bright, rich and structured, with a tinge of silky tannins and aromas of red fruits
830 s
The Wine Pays d OS Marius (Wine valley d OK Marius)
A dry white. Scent: outdoor; with white fruit and peach • Taste: full and fruity on entry, with aroma of ripe fruit and fine acidity
830 s
Pays d'oc Marius (Valley d OK Marius pink)
Pink dry. Aroma: floral. Taste: clean on entry,nice acid balance, full, with hints of white fruit
830 s
Chablis Beauroy Premier Cru (Chablis Premier CRU)
A dry white. Aroma: aroma is mainly of citrus and white flowers • Taste: If the primary contact is not immediately reveals its full flavor, need - Dima little aeration.Further,the taste is accompanied by the open and colorful with a touch of minerality
2500 s
Baujolais bio 2014 (Beaujolais Bio 2014)
Red dry. Aroma: Intense aroma of ripe fruit. Taste: Clay soil terroir gives it a deep flavor, smooth tannins, the bouquet opens up fully in your mouth
1400 s
Coteaux Bourguignons (Kato Bourguignon)
Red dry. • Aroma: black and red berries and cherries . • Taste: Rounded with a fresh taste , bright ,easy to drink
830 s
AOC Haut-Médoc Les Douves de la Tour Carnet (AOC Haut-médoc Le douve de La Tour Carnet)
Red dry. Aroma: expressive. Taste: slightly woody, edgy, with texture, with a pronounced maturity, balanced, lightweight, long lasting
3530 s
AOC Saint-Emilion, Le Cadran de Fombrauge (AOC Saint-Emilion Le Cadran de Fombrauge)
Dry red: Aroma: intense, expressive, ripe. Taste: soft, rounded, attractive, delicate and light.
3600 s
AOC Sauternes Château Haut Bommes (Sauternes AOC Chateau O BOM)
0,375 White sweet: Aroma: expressive, with hints of candied fruit and acacia honey. Taste: Creamy, mouth-watering, with aromas of citrus and exotic fruits.
2385 s
Drillon AOC Bordeaux (AOC Bordeaux Drion)
Red dry. Aroma: red and dark berries with hints of vanilla and mocha. Taste: crisp, accompanied by a sensation of silky tannins with a delicate finish.
1200 s
Rose d'anjou AOC Vintage: 2013 (rose d'anjou AOC Vintage 2013)
Pink semi-dry: Aroma: fruity. Taste: soft, rich, fruit. The wine is consumed young. Perfect as an aperitif.
1500 s
Philippe Goulley Petit Chablis (Petit Chablis Philippe Goulet)
0,375 dry White: Aroma: citrus (grapefruit, lemon). Taste: bright, rich and mineral
1650 s

Portuguese wines

Pinteivera DOC Douro (Douro of Pentamera)
Red dry.• Aroma: dark berries, spices, cherry, plum, c mineral notes which bring a lot of freshness • Taste: the taste is full, with impressive velvety structure, long in the finals, then reappear flavors of black fruit, supported by mineral saturation
2800 s
Eleivera Douro (Douro Aliviara)
Red dry. Aroma: intense with floral aromas of exotic fruits and berries. Present elegant mineral notes. Taste: soft, with a beautiful texture. Balanced and fresh. Long finish with a floral presence that accompanies us to the end.
1600 s
Ribera Del Duero (Ribera del Duero)
Red dry. Aroma: intense aroma of ripe fruit and wood. Taste: Fruity, thick, with a beautiful texture
1590 s

Australian wine

Domaine Tournon Mathilda (Domaine Tournon Mathilda)
A dry white. Aroma: peach and apricot. Taste: soft, enveloping first, with a nice minerality that pairs perfectly with fruit flavors
2100 s
Domaine Tournon Shiraz Mathilda (Domaine Tournon Shiraz Mathilda)
Red dry. Aroma: dark berries and pepper. Taste: soft, full-bodied, with silky and refined tannins
2100 s
Domaine Tournon Mathilda (Domaine Tournon Mathilda)
A rose wine. Aroma: strawberry, raspberry and grenadine. Taste: open and clear, with good acidity that provides a pleasant freshness, with light notes of red fruits and pleasant refreshing finish
2100 s

Mathilde Chapoutier, Selection

Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire (Cotes de Provence Sainte-Victoire)
Pink dry. Flavor: rich complex of strawberry with floral notes. Taste: rich, long, velvety, fresh, airy, sophisticated
1620 s
Côtes de Provence (Cotes de Provence)
Pink dry. Aroma: complex aroma with scents of peach, citrus and exotic fruits. Taste: full and tasty in the beginning, proceeds from the taste of white fruit pulp in a thin delicate freshness
1336 s
Duché d'uzès (Uzès Duchamp d)
Red dry. Aroma: full-bodied, fruity and spicy, with hints of pepper. Taste: full taste, is characterized by aromas of violets and licorice, nicely complemented by notes of roasting. The tannins are supple and velvety.
1250 s
Duché d'uzès (Uzès Duchamp d white)
White wine. Aroma: rich aroma of apricot, subtle notes of exotic fruits. Taste: well-balanced, the primary flavor is full of ripe fruit notes. Lubricity (roundness) taste goes well with the freshness (acidity), giving the sky a feeling of harmony faintly of iodine in the aftertaste
1250 s
Duché d'uzès (Uzès d Duchamp pink)
Pink dry. Aroma: strawberry and citrus, lively floral notes. Taste: elegant, enveloping floral scent of violets, fruit, acidity prolongs the fun
1250 s
Mathilde Chapoutier Selection Bordeaux (Bordeaux Mathilde Chapoutier, Selection)
Red dry. Aroma: expressive blend of notes of fresh berries (blackcurrant, blackberries) and ripe fruit on a background of vanilla. Taste: balanced, soft, with fine tannins, diluted with smooth hints of roast
1235 s
Languedoc (Languedoc)
Red dry. Aroma: full-bodied on the background of ripe fruit aromas (blackcurrant and raspberry) Taste: crisp and strong, ripe fruit, gentle spice, subtle tannins, and walked cavestie
1170 s

Spirits and liqueurs

Fine Eau de Vie des Cotes du Rhone (fine Ode vie de Cotes du Rhone)
Aroma: Spice and tobacco notes give a sophisticated scent, floral bouquet. • Taste: it becomes richer and more complex, with long lasting scents and zapomi - nausem aroma on the palate.
12900 s
Marc Eau de Vie des Cotes du Rhone (mark Ode vie de Cotes du Rhone)
Aroma: Spices and hints of undergrowth for elegance of taste, fruity bouquet • Taste: Fiery burning gradually gives softness
5900 s
Trenel - Eau-de-Vie de Poire Williams (Trenel About de vie de Poir Williams)
Eau de vie is French for "Water of life" is a mighty demon - color drink, which is produced by fermentation and double distillation. Has the aroma of fruit.
4900 s
Crème de Cassis de Bourgogne des Hautes Côtes de Nuits. (Creme de Kasis de Bourgogne côte de Nuits. Currant cream liqueur)
Aroma: very elegant and generous fruity flavor of black currant present. • Taste: a perfect harmony between sweetness and acidity. Leaves smorti us give the authentic flavour and provide a fruity full-bodied taste.
1690 s
Crème de Framboise (Creme de Frambois. Raspberry cream)
Aroma: clean aroma of ripe raspberry • Taste: the emphasis is on the refinement and richness of the flavor of the fruit without excessive sweetness. Well balanced and has a long finish.
1690 s
Crème de Mûre Sauvage (Creme de Mure Suva. Cream of wild BlackBerry)
Aroma: BlackBerry jam, with hints of fruity resins and undergrowth characteristic of their terroir. Taste: wild blackberries from our childhood
1690 s
Crème de Grillotte (Creme de Griot. Cherry cream)
Aroma: wonderful aroma of cherries, bitter almonds and Kirsch* (cherry vodka) with smoky notes. • Taste: dense structure, elegant and complex taste. Well-balanced, the taste of fresh Morello cherries.
1690 s

Champagne Tattinger

Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2005 (Comte de champagne 2005 Blanc de Blanc)
White champagne: Smell: full-bodied, rich, reminiscent of the flavors of pastry cream on the tip of the nose you can feel the subtle calming notes of jakovo. Taste: the attack is open, with wonderful intensity, structure,reminiscent of touch of fruit in the forest. Average taste – delicious, sweet, ripe fruit flavor of pink grapefruit. The finish is long, rich, complex, accompanied by good freshness
17909 s
Taittinger Nocturne Rosé (Taittinger Nocturne Rose)
Semi-dry champagne pink: Fragrance: a delicious, dense, with notes of flavor to baked goods. Taste: candid, generous, with freshness, there are light tannins, the wine is well structured and voluptuous, supporting a nice balance of sour-sweet-tart taste
5630 s
Taittinger Nocturne (Nocturne Tattinger)
Aroma: delicate, fresh, reminiscent of white flowers and ripe fruit, with notes of yellow peaches and dried apricot • Taste: soft, fresh, mixed with delicate floral notes and flavors of ripe fruit. The finish is long and soft, with a subtle sweetness. In General, rounded, rich, well-balanced, smooth and creamy
5630 s
Taittinger Brut Réserve (Taittinger Brut Reserve) 0,375
Champagne white: Fragrance: light, delicate, with hints of fruit and brioche. Taste: fine, deep and elegant with a long fresh finish
2895 s
Taittinger Brut Réserve (Taittinger Brut Reserve) 0,75
Region: champagne grape Variety: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier. • Color: Golden yellow • Flavour: light, delicate, with hints of fruit and brioche • Flavour: fine, deep and elegant with a long fresh finish.
5085 s
Taittinger Brut Réserve( Taittinger Brut Reserve) 1.5 l
Color: Golden yellow • Flavour: light, delicate, with hints of fruit and brioche • Flavour: fine, deep and elegant with a long fresh finish
8900 s
Taittinger Brut Prestige Rosé (Tattinger Brut Prestige rose) 0.375 l
0,375 l Champagne dry rosé: Aroma: fresh, strawberry, with a hint of spices • Taste: lively, fruity, fresh and elegant, balanced and smooth, with good length and persistent flavor peppermint wild raspberry, cherry and black currant
3390 s
Taittinger Brut Prestige Rosé (Tattinger Brut Prestige Rose) 0,75
0,75 l Champagne pink dry. • Color: refined rose • Aroma: fresh, strawberry, with a hint of spices • Taste: lively, fruity, fresh and elegant, balanced and smooth, with good length and persistent flavor peppermint wild raspberry, cherry and black currant
5630 s
Taittinger Brut Prestige Rosé (Tattinger Brut Prestige rose) 1.5 l
1.5 l Champagne pink dry. • Color: refined rose • Aroma: fresh, strawberry, with a hint of spices • Taste: lively, fruity, fresh and elegant, balanced and smooth, with good length and persistent flavor peppermint wild raspberry, cherry and black currant
9830 s