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Working hours: 24 hours


Average bill:
320 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
10:00 - 23:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of dishes may differ from their actual appearance.

Authentic Burgers

Giant monster MAD-burger
1.5 kg
995 s
Double cheeseburger under truffle sauce XXL
500 grams of pure meat
355 s
Burger Texas Salsa with Jalapenos XL
275 s
California Burger BBQ XL
265 s
Powerful North American Cheeseburger XL
255 s
Burger Romanian Mushroom XL
260 s
Kozu Burger XL
245 s
Chicken Burger Chicken XL
220 s
Fish Burger XL
235 s

Authentic Burgers L

Burger Texas Salsa with Jalapeno L
150 s
Burger Mushroom Romanian L
160 s
Powerful North American Cheeseburger L
140 s
Chicken Burger Chicken L
110 s
Fish Burger L
130 s
Kozu Burger L
140 s
California Burger BBQ L
160 s
Veggie Burger Falafel L
170 s


Tomato Pho with cilantro from Chef
190 s
Fantastic rich Vietnamese beef soup "PHO"
160 s
Delicious Thai soup "Tom Yam" with shrimps
275 s
Indian lentil soup
100 s
The ancient Chinese chicken soup "WAN tan"
120 s


Hot salad with crispy Eggplant
130 s
Salad of Juicy cucumber with Chinese mushrooms
125 s
Malaysian Warm chicken salad
160 s
Sea salad of Tender Squid with Tiger Prawns
220 s
Caesar Asian
150 s
Vegetable salad
95 s

WOK on an open fire

Mouth-watering pan-Asian wok Udon noodles with chicken
190 s
Pacific wok noodles with prawns
245 s
Aristocratic wok egg noodle with steam beef
230 s
Delicious noodles with chicken
205 s
Buckwheat noodles with tender beef tenderloin
220 s
Vegetarianska rice noodles in vegetable-based
190 s

Main dishes

Beef Singapore pepper in medium spicy sauce
260 s
Medieval Asian recipe "'re making Sizzling kung PAO Chicken"
210 s
Trout in Lewanski
260 s
Crispy succulent pike-perch in sweet and sour sauce
240 s
Beef Cantonese
315 s
Chicken in sweet and sour sauce
235 s

Side dishes

Wegetarianskie vegetables stir fry
120 s
The boiled rice of the Central Asian
40 s
Hot fries
80 s
Golden potato wedges
70 s
The Bread Merchant
20 s
Cheese sauce
25 s
BBQ sauce
25 s
25 s

MAD rice card

Pic Asian
55 s
Basmati Rice Indian
65 s

Fillers for rice

60 s
90 s
Tiger prawns
120 s
Oyster mushrooms
25 s
50 s
20 s
20 s

Sauces for rice

Sauce pan-Asian
30 s
Soy sauce
20 s
Sweet and sour sauce
30 s
The spicy peppery sauce
25 s

Soft drinks

Chilled Natural drink Strawberry-Currant-based fruit. (0.5 l)
50 s
Chilled Natural drink lime raspberry based on Berries and Fruits. (0.5 l)
50 s
Chilled Natural drink Apple-cherry Fruit based. (0.5 l)
50 s
Fanta 0,25
40 s
Cola 0,25
40 s
Sprite 0,25
40 s
Water Bonaqua without gas (0.5 l)
50 s
Water Bonaqua with gas (0.5 l)
50 s