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Mannam Rest-Bar

Average bill:
450 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
11:00 - 23:00 No days off
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Photos of dishes may not match their type in reality


Chuka salad
Marinov.algae. Served with peanut sauce.
180 s
Greek salad
Cucumbers,tomatoes,peppers,feta cheese,olives, olive oil.200 gr.
280 s
Vegetable cutting
Cucumbers,tomatoes, peppers. 250 gr.
250 s


Kimchi John
Korean kimchi pizza in thin crust. 450 gr
350 s
Carpal nance
Pork knuckle with vegetables in special.sauce 450 gr.
900 s
Keran Mari (kimchi)
Scrambled eggs with kimchi. 350 gr.
320 s
Many thongtip
Chicken gizzards, fried with vegetables. 450 gr.
580 s
Tuba puck
Fried tofu. Served with soy sauce. 550 gr.
200 s


Spicy beef soup (egg,mushrooms, sprouted beans and fern) Served with rice. 650 gr.
400 s
Kampong Tang
Spicy soup with seafood with special seasoning. Served with rice. 500 gr.
400 s
Hemul sundubu Tige
Spicy soup made of bean mass with seafood. kimchi. eggs. Served with rice. 450 gr.
350 s
Kimchi Tige
Soup with kimchi, starch noodles, pork, tofu. Served with rice. 450 gr.
350 s
Tendan Tige
Soup of soybean paste, beef. tofu. zucchini. potatoes. mushrooms. Served with rice. 450 gr.
350 s
Tukey bulgogi
Soup of marinated beef, mushrooms with starch noodles. Served with rice. 450 gr.
400 s
Solong Tang
Beef soup (noodles, zel.onion) Served with onions. 450 gr.
350 s
Kalbi Tang
Soup of beef ribs (green.onion, egg,starch noodles). Served with rice. 500 gr.
400 s
Sunde kokab
Soup of blood sausage (pork), liver, hearts and sprouted beans. 450 gr.
400 s
Dogani Tang
Soup cartilage with zel.onions. Served with rice. 450 gr.
350 s
Quano mean Tang
Spicy soup of halibut (toaru, youy sprouted, radishes,zucchini, green.onions) Served with Rome. 600 gr.
600 s
Tog Mandu Kuk
Soup with rice dumplings and dumplings, egg, green.onions. Not sharp. 600 gr.
450 s
Camda Tang
Soup of the vertebral bones, potatoes, zel.onion, Keith.cabbage. Served with rice. 900 gr.
450 s
Sumedang Tang
Soup of beef innards (tripe,liver,heart), sprouted beans.Served with rice. 600 gr.
450 s
The SSU Tang
Soup chicken stuffed with glutinous rice with ginseng. 850гр.
600 s

Main dishes

Sokagi the sushi
Korean rolls (rice, Marin.beef, Marinov.daikon, carrots,sausage,crab.sticks,scrambled eggs, cucumbers). 170 gr.
250 s
Cheese kimbap
Korean rolls (rice,cheese, Marin.daikon, carrot, sausage.crab.sticks, scrambled eggs. cucumbers). 170 gr.
250 s
Dolsot bibimbap
Rice with Marin.beef, vegetables and egg. with spicy sauce in pot. 450 gr.
350 s
The bulgogi Toppa
Fried marinated beef with vegetables with starch noodles and rice. Served with soup, 450 grams.
350 s
Sokagi Toppa
Stir-fried beef with vegetables with special.sauce. with rice. Served with broth. 450 gr.
350 s
One Toppa
Fried squid with vegetables in a spicy sauce, with rice.Served with broth. 450 gr.
370 s
Sagipsul kokudan Toppa
Fried pork belly with vegetables, seasoned with hot pasta. with rice . Served with broth. 450 gr.
350 s
He Toppa
Rice with raw fish (salmon) with vegetables, with the addition of caviar of flying fish. Served with miso soup and sweet and spicy sauce.
550 s
Hemul Toppa
Fried seafood with vegetables, with rice. Served with miso soup 350 gr.
450 s
Cheuk Toppa
Roasted spicy marinated pork with vegetables with rice. Served with broth. 450 gr.
360 s
Kimchi pocampal
Fried kimchi rice with pork. egg. 400 gr.
320 s
Bass fillet in batter with salad and rice. Served with broth, 400 gr.
380 s
Seu pocampal
Fried shrimp with rice, with vegetables, with egg. Served with broth, 400 gr.
360 s
Pork chop with salad and rice. Served with broth and sauce. 450 gr.
360 s

Set menu

Kimchi Tige + Codino kui
660 s
Tige kimchi + Bulgogi
660 s
Kimchi Tige + Samhail
660 s
Kimchi Tige + Kasym,pocum
660 s
Tige kimchi + galbi TEDI
660 s
Kimchi Tige + Cheuk pokam
660 s
Solong Tang + Kaduna kui
660 s
Solong Tang + Bulgogi
660 s
Solong Tang + Samhail
660 s
Solong Tang + Kasym.pokum
660 s
Solong Tang + Teddy kalbi
660 s
Solong Tang + Cheuk pokam
660 s
Sundubu t + Kasym.pokum
660 s
Sundubu T. + Codino kui
660 s
Sundubu Tige + Bulgogi
660 s
Sundubu Tige + Samhail
660 s


Kun Mandu
Fried Korean dumplings of pork, kimchi, tofu, starch noodle. 350 gr.
350 s
Teen pussy
Korean steamed dumplings of pork, kimchi, tofu. starch noodles. 350 gr.
350 s
Hemul champong (Udon)
Spicy seafood soup and noodles with specials.seasonings.
450 s
Chiang Meng
Korean noodles with sauce (black soy.pasta,pork,potatoes)
450 s
Hagan ramen
Korean spicy noodles with seafood and sprouted beans.
300 s
Korean spicy noodles with egg 450 gr.
250 s
Mul Neng Myung
Korean buckwheat noodles with boiled beef, egg, and pickled radish in cold broth. 600 gr.
450 s
Bibim Neng Myung
Cold Korean buckwheat noodles with Barney beef, egg and Marin. radish in a spicy sauce. 450 gr.
450 s
Kimchi bibim kuksu
Noodles with kimchi. vegetables,boiled egg in special.sauce.
350 s
Ramen sushi
Korean noodles with egg rolls and Korean, 550 gr.
400 s
Fried noodles with meat , vegetables, mushrooms, 600 grams.
530 s
Udon tohpati
Rice stick noodles,egg in spicy sauce. 950 gr.
680 s
The bulgogi Udon pokam
Noodles with marinated beef and vegetables. 600 gr.
580 s
Hemul pokum Udon
Noodles with seafood and vegetables.600 gr.
620 s
Kanban Chiang
Korean noodles with sauce chunggang . pork, potatoes. bow. Is made with cucumber. 800 gr.
700 s
The chromosomal kolbergi
Snails with vegetables. seasoned with hot pasta and noodles (Somen) 950 gr.
1000 s
Отварной рис
50 s

Serves a large portion

Andong Tim so
Chicken sauteed with vegetables and starch noodles in special.sauce 1400 gr.
1150 s
Dogani congol
Soup made from beef cartilage. 1400 gr.
1200 s
Tang, tandori
Spicy roast chicken and starch noodles. 1900 gr.
1100 s
Kalbi Tim
Beef ribs stewed with vegetables in a spicy sauce
1150 s
Camda tan congol
Soup of pig's vertebral bones, potatoes, zel.Luke and Keith.cabbage. 1900 gr.
1000 s
The PUD Tige
Spicy soup with sausage,ham,kimchi. pork with starch noodles and vegetables. 1900 gr.
1200 s
Bullets.post congol
Soup of Marin.beef with mushrooms with vegetables and starch noodles
1400 s
Tag hemul Tim
Seafood with sprouted beans. 1500 gr.
1550 s
Quano mean Tang congol
Spicy soup of paltusa with sprouted beans,tofu. 1800 gr.
1350 s
Modum hemul Tang
Spicy seafood soup with vegetables,tofu,sprouted beans. 1800 gr.
1680 s
Sagipsul kimchi jongol
Soup with kimchi,pork. tofu,green. Luke. 1800 gr.
1100 s


Bulgogi 300 gr.
Fried marinated beef with vegetables, starch noodles. Served with lettuce, vegetables and bean paste.
580 s
Bulgogi 500 gr.
Fried marinated beef with vegetables, starch noodles. Served with lettuce, vegetables and bean paste.
710 s
Sagipsul 300 gr.
pork brisket.Served with lettuce,vegetables and sauce.
540 s
Sagipsul 500 gr.
Pork brisket.Served with lettuce,vegetables and sauce
680 s
TEDI kalbi 300 gr.
Marinov.pork. Served with lettuce,vegetables and sauce
510 s
TEDI kalbi 500 gr.
Marinov.pork. Served with lettuce,vegetables and sauce
700 s
Zadolbali, 300 gr.
Beef brisket.Served with lettuce and sauce.
680 s
Zadolbali, 500 gr.
Beef brisket.Served with lettuce and sauce.
820 s
Cheuk pokam
Roast pork with vegetables in spicy sauce
600 s
pork knuckle,boiled in special.sauce. Served with vegetables and sauce.
900 s
Cooked in special.sauce pork. Served with sauce and salad leaves.
1000 s


Fried chicken
1200 g
1050 s
Seu pokam
450 gr.
800 s
CUSUM pokam
650 gr.
880 s
So kasimali pokam
650 gr.
680 s
Kimchi John
350 gr.
350 s
Hemul pajon
550 s

Fish menu

Quano tangsu
Halibut in batter with vegetables in special.sauce.
580 s
Smoked eel with scrambled eggs and ginger. 500 gr.
1150 s
Domi Jorim
Steamed bream with vegetables in sauce.
480 s
Eno kun
Grilled salmon
520 s
Kaduna corim
Braised mackerel with vegetables in sauce
480 s
Codino kun
Mackerel on the grill.Served with soy sauce.
320 s
Domi kun
Grilled Dorado.Served with soy sauce.
350 s


Coca-Cola 1l
80 s
Fanta 1l
80 s
Sprite 1l
80 s
Maxi tea 1l
65 s
Birch juice 1l
65 s