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Myata Lounge

Average bill:
800 som
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Hours of work:
12:30 - 03:30 No days off
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Photos of the dishes can be different from reality


Tuna salad
Tuna and vegetable salad with lettuce leaves and boiled eggs.
499 s
Salad with seafood
Squid, mussels, trout, shrimp, olive oil, arugula, iceberg, lolo rossa, lettuce leaves, spices.
499 s
Black funchosa
Black funchosa, bon fillet, California pepper, mushrooms, garlic, oyster sauce, soy sauce, Chinese vinegar, sesame, herbs, spices.
319 s
Caesar salad with chicken
Crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and classic Caesar sauce combined with tender chicken and crunchy croutons
369 s
Caesar salad with shrimp
Crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and classic Caesar sauce combined with tender shrimp and crunchy croutons
419 s
Warm salad in Chinese
Salad made of meat, eggplant and other vegetables with soy sauce
349 s
Greek salad
Salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, shallots and olives, seasoned with olive oil with salt, black pepper, oregano
279 s
Spicy salad with tongue
Boiled tongue with vegetables, flavored with soy sauce finely chopped garlic
369 s
Meat salad with herbs
Meat salad, tomato and cucumber with greens
389 s
Eggplant salad with sweet chili sauce
Eggplant, tomatoes, basil, mint and sauce.
299 s

Cold appetizers

Assorted pickles
Pickled cherries, gherkins, sauerkraut, squash, greens, pickled pears.
299 s
Cold cuts
Platter of various types of meat and sausages
699 s
Fish platter
Assorted fish meat (salmon, tuna, etc.)
849 s
Cheese platter
Cheese, Parmesan, cheddar and other cheeses
669 s
Herring with vodka
Herring, potatoes, cucumbers are salted, greens.
299 s

Hot snacks

Assorted sausages
Sausages in the assortment, sauerkraut, mustard, sauce, lettuce leaves.
679 s
Wings BBQ
Fragrant wings in a spicy sauce with a light ostrinkoy
319 s
Tender chicken fillet fried in breadcrumbs.
199 s
Beer Set No. 1
Chicken sticks, fish sticks, onion rings, chips, pita bread, Dutch cheese, gouda, sauce, chechel, greens, lettuce leaves.
699 s
Beer set No. 2
Onion rings, croquettes, nuggets, cheese sticks, hunting sausages, chechel, sauce, herbs, lettuce leaves.
679 s


tom yum
Sour-spicy soup based on chicken broth with shrimp, chicken, fish or other seafood.
489 s
Mushroom cream soup
Oyster mushrooms, mushrooms, potatoes, onions, cream, croutons, spices, herbs.
219 s
Beef broth, mushrooms, egg, veal, leek, chili pepper.
299 s
Soup on a steep meat, fish or mushroom broth with spicy seasonings.
259 s
Tom Yam Cream Soup
Salmon fillet, shrimp, mushrooms, special cream.
469 s
Spicy ginger soup
Veal, onion, ginger, sesame oil, celery, transparent noodles, herbs, spices.
299 s
Miso soup
Based on oyster sauce, salmon fillet, shrimp, seaweed, miso paste, leeks, spices. Served with boiled rice.
369 s
Chicken soup noodles at home
Homemade noodles, chicken fillet, vegetables, spices.
199 s
Light vegetable soup, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, red onions.
249 s
Lentil soup
Lentil cream soup, cream and croutons.
219 s

Meat dishes

Medallions of veal
A classic dish of French cuisine, from the most delicate part of the tenderloin
569 s
Drumstick baked with herbs
Drumstick marinated with herbs cooked in the oven
649 s
Beef with black mushrooms
Fried beef with black mushrooms and other vegetables
399 s
Braised Veal Brazatto
Tender veal fillet, fresh mushrooms, California pepper, zucchini, eggplant, rosemary, thyme.
599 s
Ribs with sauce teriyaki
Ribs cooked with teriyaki sauce with potatoes
529 s
Juicy beef tenderloin steak, served with demiglas sauce and steamed vegetables.
579 s
Lamb ribs
Tender ribs, zucchini, carrots, California pepper, red onion, spices, rosemary and thyme.
589 s

Chicken dishes

Udon with chicken
Traditional second dish of Japanese cuisine, wheat flour noodles with chicken
329 s
Chicken with spicy herbs
Fragrant, juicy chicken with lemon sourness and an abundance of fragrant herbs
419 s
Chicken steak
Chicken fillet steak cooked in a frying pan
399 s
Baked quail
Baked quail with salsa sauce, colored rice is served as a side dish.
349 s


Zander with vegetables
Delicious fish with a small amount of bones cooked with vegetables
399 s
Salmon steak
Steak of tender, red salmon fillet
599 s
Dorado in parchment
Incredibly tender and juicy fish fillet, supplemented with fresh vegetables and olive oil.
699 s
Baked dorado
Fresh dorado with lemon and aromatic herbs, served with an assortment of steamed vegetables.
649 s
Grilled trout
One of the most delicious red fish cooked on the grill
389 s
Shrimp with tempura vegetables
Crispy shrimp with fresh vegetables in tempura.
459 s
King Prawns
Fried in olive oil, large shrimp with garlic and herbs.
489 s
Halibut with pakcha
Cabbage, onion, garlic, ginger, leek, cherry tomatoes, lime, herbs, halibut.
599 s
Salmon with caramel tenderness
Salmon, baked carrots, carrot puree, pakos sauce, pesto sauce.
629 s


T-bone steak
A large steak on a t-shaped bone, prepared from selected beef of special grain fattening, that is, from marbled meat
649 s
Rib Eye steak
The most famous steak in the world, consists of one big muscle, an undeniable classic
699 s
Cowboy steak
It is considered one of the most juicy and tender steaks. There is a rich beef flavor and a spicy nutty taste. Served with croquettes and salsa sauce.
699 s
New York Steak
Classic beef steak. Fat during frying saturates the meat with an appetizing aroma and reveals all the taste notes. It is served with grilled vegetables and salsa sauce.
599 s
Tomahawk Steak
Veal steak, served with garlic sauce and salsa sauce.
849 s
Meat set
Tibon, Ribeye, New York, lamb perzola, sausages in assortment, potato wedges, grilled vegetables, salsa and BBQ sauces.
2899 s
Chicken set
Chicken breast, sausages in assortment, quail, potato slices, chicken wings, nuggets, lettuce leaves, thyme, rosemary, spices, garlic, herbs.
1899 s


Mexican Burger
Beef patties, bun, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, sauce, ketchup, spices, French fries, lettuce leaves, red onion, jalapeno, cheddar cheese.
349 s
Burger with tender chicken cutlet
Chicken cutlet, bun, tomatoes, cucumbers, sauce, ketchup, spices, French fries, iceberg, red onion, cheddar cheese.
299 s
Burger with juicy veal cutlet
Beef patties, bun, tomatoes, cucumbers, sauce, ketchup, spices, French fries, lettuce leaves, red onion, cheddar cheese.
349 s
Hot dog
Bun, mustard sauce, ketchup, French fries, Viennese sausage, sauce, cucumbers, tomatoes.
279 s
Lavash, chicken breast, beans, Dutch cheese, herbs, California pepper.
269 s
Club sandwich
Toast bread, cucumbers, tomatoes, French fries, iceberg, ketchup, spices, egg, chicken breast.
269 s
Panini with chicken
Bun, chicken breast, California pepper, onion, French fries, ketchup, sauce, cheddar cheese.
299 s
Panini with veal
Bun, fillet, Dutch cheese, mayonnaise, viola cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers.
349 s
Chicken sandwich
Bun, chicken breast, cheddar cheese, burger sauce, tomatoes, cucumbers.
199 s
Ham sandwich
Bun, ham, tomatoes, cucumbers.
199 s


Salmon, fettuccine, cream, viola cheese, parmesan, cherry tomatoes.
479 s
Alfredo with chicken
Spaghetti granoro, cream, chicken breast, basil, viola cheese, parmesan.
339 s
Linguine with veal
Linguine, bon fillet, tomatoes, basil, herbs, parmesan, cherry tomatoes.
329 s
Fettuccine with chicken and mushrooms
Fettuccine, chicken breast, cream, viola cheese, parmesan, herbs, mushrooms, basil, cherry tomatoes.
389 s


National Team Set No. 1
24 pcs.
899 s
National Team set No. 2
40 pcs.
1799 s
Hokkaido Roll
Eel, rice, cucumbers, egg, breadcrumbs, cremetta cheese, wasabi, kikoman sauce, mitsukan sauce, pickled ginger.
369 s
Taiga roll
Nori, rice, shrimp, cucumbers, tobiko caviar, pickled ginger, kikoman sauce, wasabi, mitsukan sauce.
459 s
Kappa maki with cucumber
Cucumbers, nori, rice, kikoman sauce, pickled ginger, wasabi.
199 s
Tokyo roll
Nori, rice, tuna, cucumbers, cremetta cheese, kikoman sauce, pickled ginger, wasabi sesame.
419 s
Fusion Roll
Salmon, tobiko caviar, rice, nori, parmesan, cremetta cheese, pickled ginger, kikoman sauce, mitsukan sauce, wasabi.
369 s
California roll
Rice, nori, eel, crab sticks, cucumbers, cremetta cheese, tobiko caviar, ginger, kikoman sauce, wasabi.
369 s
Philadelphia roll
Nori, rice, cremetta, salmon, kikoman sauce, pickled ginger.
389 s


Coca-Cola 1 l.
199 s
Fanta 1 l.
199 s
Sprite 1 l.
199 s
Schweppes tonic water 0,25 l.
109 s
Borjomi 0,5 l.
139 s

Energy drinks

Red bull 0,25 l.
229 s