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Working hours: 24 hours

Munchen Pub

Average bill:
600 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
18:00 - 05:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of the dishes can be different from reality


Wings on all
Wings BBQ, Buffalo wings breaded crispy wings, grilled wings, ranch dressing and celery.
799 s
Wings BBQ
Classic BBQ wings.
299 s
Chicken nuggets
Crispy chicken nuggets with garlic Parmesan fries.
299 s
Chicken flatbread with BBQ sauce
Chicken, cheese, bell pepper, BBQ sauce.
329 s
Meat tortillas with jalapeno pepper
Cheese, Jalapeno pepper, bell pepper, onion, beef, salsa.
329 s
Shrimps for beer
Fried tiger prawns with chili sauce.
799 s
Smoked beef.
299 s
Cheese sticks
Made from selected types of cheese, served with ranch dressing.
299 s


Caesar salad with chicken
Grilled chicken, croutons, cherry tomatoes, mixed lettuce and special sauce TS
359 s
Fresh salad with red onion
Potatoes, pickles, tomatoes, mustard sauce, smoked sausage.
299 s
Greek Salad
Mix lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, olives, cheese fitaki.
290 s
Grilled salad with spices
Beef tongue, fresh zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and chili.
299 s
German salad with sausages
Red beans, corn, pickles, greens, croutons.
299 s


Assorted vegetables
The California pepper, fresh cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, onions and greens.
299 s
Assorted pickles
Pickled gherkins, pickled oyster mushrooms, pickled cherry tomatoes, Pickled patison, potatoes and herring.
299 s
Assorted meat
Beef, chicken, smoked duck breast, beef tongue.
399 s
Assorted fruit
Orange, kiwi, grapes, banana, Apple.
299 s

Meals for friends

Chicken meter
1.5 kg
1199 s
Meat meter
1.5 kg
1699 s
Sausage meter
1.5 kg
1499 s
Dresden cuts
2 kg
1599 s
Steak cuts (Men's Caprice)
Ribeye steak, pepper steak, lamb chops, grilled chicken, sauerkraut, pickles, potatoes, greens and gravy, three ranch, Salsa, demi-glace.
1999 s
Munich cuts
Assorted grilled sausages: beef, lamb, pork, mustard sauce and grilled vegetables.
1299 s

Pasta - Pasta

Chicken pasta with shrimp
Fettuccine pasta, chicken fillet, tiger shrimps, bell pepper, herbs, cream, Parmesan cheese.
399 s
Pasta Bolognese
Tomatoes, beef, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, parsley.
299 s
Chicken pasta in tomato sauce
Fettuccine pasta, tomatoes, bell pepper, chicken, Parmesan cheese, parsley.
299 s
Спагетти со шпинатом и грибами
Феттучини, шпинат, шампиньоны, сливочный соус, сыр пармезан, орегано
299 s


Cream of mushroom soup
White mushrooms, onion, garlic. cream, spices, croutons.
179 s
Chicken noodle soup
Chicken broth, chicken, green peas, corn, tomatoes, greens.
179 s
Meat soup
Meat broth, beef, chicken, potatoes, garlic, bell pepper.
179 s
Мясной бульон, говядина, курица, картофель, чеснок, болгарский перец, специи
179 s


Burger Blue Cheese
Burger with fried mushrooms, grated cheese, fried onions and garlic sauce.
389 s
American Burger
American Burger with melted cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion and garlic sauce.
389 s
Мега Чиз-Бургер
Котлета из отборной говядины, огуречный салат, салат айсберг, плавленный сыр чеддер.
389 s

Grill menu

T-bone steak
Steak two types of steak meat, sirloin on one side and new York steak on the other, served with grilled vegetables.
699 s
Pepper steak
Juicy sirloin steak of beef in pepper shell, with grilled vegetables.
699 s
Ribeye steak
Steak strip loin of beef with delicate layers of fat that give flavor to the steak. Served with grilled vegetables and demi-glace.
699 s
Medallions of veal
Bon fillet, cream sauce, grilled vegetables.
569 s
Filet grilled shrimp
Sirloin, tenderloin, tiger shrimp, Jack Daniel's sauce.
699 s
Munich sausages from beef
With grilled vegetables.
349 s
Munich sausages of lamb
With grilled vegetables.
349 s

Meat and Poultry

Slow-cooked lamb with grilled vegetables
Lamb fillet, grilled vegetables, meat sauce, greens.
389 s
Fillet of lamb with potatoes and onions
Fillet of lamb, potatoes, demi glace, parsley.
389 s
Chicken with shrimp Jack Daniel's
Chicken fillet, tiger shrimps, Jack Daniel's sauce.
389 s
Chicken in cheese sauce
Chicken fillet with cheese and cream sauce.
329 s
Chicken spinach
Chicken, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, zucchini, bell pepper, spinach, garlic, parsley.
329 s
BBQ chicken fillet with crispy chips
Grilled chicken fillet, chips, BBQ sauce.
299 s


Grilled salmon
Salmon fillet, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, olives, lemon, olive oil, spices.
659 s


Bavarian meats
Sausages lamb, beef Lula kebab, sauerkraut, potato, Salsa sauce, mustard sauce
1399 s
Skewers of lamb
Lamb fillet. Salsa sauce, pickled onions.
349 s
Skewers of beef
Beef, Salsa sauce, pickled onions.
349 s

Пивные сеты

Сет №1
450 гр. Фасолевые стручки, кольца кальмаров, сырные палочки, чесночные гренки, луковые кольца, соус сальса, соус ранч.
559 s
Сет №2
550 гр. Картофельные клинья, мойва в панировке, чечел, бастурма, гренки, креветочные чипсы, соус чесночный пармезан.
559 s
Сет №3
550 гр. Куриные крылья, луковые кольца, сырные палочки, крокеты, чечел ржаные гренки и сырный соус.
559 s
Сет №4
550 гр. Фасолевые стручки, спринг ролл, жареные деликатесные сардельки, жареный чечел, картошка фри и соус Ранч.
559 s

Beer snacks

Chechil fried
100 gr.
169 s


Garlic Parmesan
59 s
South West
59 s
Blue cheese
59 s
59 s
59 s
59 s
59 s
Barbie Kyu
59 s
59 s

Side dishes

French fries
89 s
89 s
89 s
Potato wedges
89 s
Grilled vegetables
129 s