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Working hours: 24 hours


Average bill:
600 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
12:00 - 23:30 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of dishes may not match their type in reality

Cold appetizers

Caucasian assortment
300 gr. Tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, sweet pepper, bryndza cheese
248 s
Cheese assortment
300 gr. Brynza, suluguni, chechel
198 s
Range of home pickles
300 gr. Gherkins, cherry tomatoes, pickled chips, patissons, sauerkraut, potatoes
218 s
Russian Snack
300 gr. Herring fillet, potatoes, gherkins
198 s
European style mix
300 gr. Beef tongue, duck loin, smoked chicken roll
348 s

Hot appetizers

Veal sausages
Sausages, sauerkraut, potatoes, branded sauce
268 s
Sausages of lamb
Sausages, sauerkraut, potatoes, firm.sauce.
268 s
Chicken sausages
Sausages, sauerkraut, potatoes, branded sauce
268 s
Sausages "BRATWURST"
Sausages, sauerkraut, potatoes, branded sauce
298 s


300 gr. Bon filet, pickled gherkins, cherry tomatoes, red onions, green beans, cheese cheese, soy sauce, tabasco sauce
228 s
Caesar with chicken
300 gr. Salad leaf, iceberg, chicken filet, original sauce, Parmesan cheese, cherry, quail egg
298 s
Caesar with shrimp
300 gr. Salad leaf, iceberg, tiger shrimps, original sauce, Parmesan cheese, cherry, quail egg
348 s
Greek salad
300 gr. Salad leaf, cucumbers, tomatoes, fetax cheese, olives, branded dressing
218 s
300 gr. Bon filet, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper, garlic, coriander, soy sauce
248 s
Chicken salad with prunes
300 gr. Baked hen, prunes, cucumbers, eggs, mustard, yogurt
198 s
300 gr. Pickled champignons, duck fillet, cauliflower, tomatoes, egg, mayonnaise
198 s
Meat salad
300 gr. Beef, pickles, fresh cucumbers, cilantro, garlic, balsamic sauce
218 s
Fresh salad
300 gr. Cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, onions
148 s
Chinese salad
300 gr. Cucumbers, tomatoes, beef, onions, garlic, sesame oil
248 s
Tongue salad
300 gr. Tongue, champignon, gherkins, sweet pepper, green onions, onions, soybean, butter
258 s
Spicy salad
300 gr. Tomatoes, eggplant, sweet pepper, cilantro, onion, soya, light
198 s
Salad with mayonnaise
300 gr. Cabbage, fresh cucumbers, egg, chicken filet, mustard sauce, pai potatoes
198 s
Dietary salad
300 gr. Brocoli, carrots, cherry, moslin, cucumber, cauliflower, quail, egg, lettuce leaves, butter, olives, balsamic vinegar
218 s
Salad with eggplant
300 gr. Eggplant, onions, tomatoes, corner pepper, grilled chicken fillet, lettuce leaves
248 s
Light salad
300 gr. Grilled chicken filet, grilled cheese, mixed salad, bread crumbs, olive oil
238 s


300 gr. Broth, ribs, potatoes, carrots, greens
188 s
Cream and mushroom soup
300 gr. Champignons, carrots, potatoes, onions, cream
258 s
Harcho with beef
300 gr. Ribs, rice, Georgian spices, herbs
258 s
Lentil cream soup with smoked meats
300 gr. Lentils, tomato sauce, mint
168 s
Tom Yam
300 gr. Tiger shrimps, champignons, cherry tomatoes, nori, coconut milk, paste, wild rice
368 s
300 gr. Beef, sausage, pickles, olives
228 s
Hashlam soup
300 gr. Beef, tomatoes, sweet pepper, herbs, potatoes
258 s
Boz bash
300 gr. Lamb, leg, tomatoes, tomato paste, onions
248 s
Homemade dumplings
300 gr. Minced beef, dough, broth
178 s

Main dishes

Medallions from the chief
Bon filet, marinated sauce, signature cream sauce
428 s
Tender veal on the roaster
Bon filet, vegetables
308 s
Tender lamb on the roaster
Bon filet, vegetables
288 s
Chicken filet with champignons and cheese
Chicken breast, champignons, bell pepper, onions, tomatoes, cream, Suluguni cheese
298 s
Dough, lamb, onions, greens
258 s
Grape leaves, minced meat, rice, garlic sauce
258 s
Tobacco chicken
Chickens, garlic, adzhika
418 s

BBQ and steak

Ribeye steak with tomatoes
618 s
Tibon steak with baked potatoes and cheese
588 s
Mini Tibone Steaks with Grilled Vegetables
508 s
Salmon steak
658 s
Trout Steak
448 s


Meat Potatotamium Assortment
Caucasian-style lamb, beef, entrecote, mutton ribs, mutton pulp, chicken wings, trout, kebab cherry, vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes on a brazier.
2800 s
Lamb kebab
258 s
Antrecott of lamb
308 s
Caucasian-style lamb
348 s
Lamb on a bone
268 s
Lulia kebab
178 s
Shish kebab from the liver
168 s
Beef shish kebab
278 s
Antrecote of beef
398 s
Trout Shish kebab
258 s
Vegetable shashlik
148 s
Chicken filet
168 s
168 s
Chicken wings
168 s
Mushroom kebab
198 s
Lavash on a barbecue
158 s

Steak sauces

Shish kebab sauce
38 s
78 s
BBQ sauce
78 s
Cream and pepper sauce
58 s
Mustard sauce
58 s
Pickled onions
18 s


Hachapuri in Mergelsk
318 s
Hachapuri with spinach
328 s
Hachapuri in Imeritin
308 s
Hickory and cheese
118 s
Hickory with cheese and herbs
128 s
Hychyny with cheese and potatoes
128 s
Bread mix
98 s
48 s

Side dishes

98 s
Idaho potatoes
88 s
48 s
Rice with mushrooms
68 s
Grilled vegetables
188 s
Mashed potatoes with spinach
138 s
198 s
Cheese sticks
198 s


Coka Cola 1 l.
98 s
Fanta 1 l.
98 s
Sprite 1 l.
98 s