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Photos of the dishes can be different from reality


Salted salmon
150 gr.
340 s
200 gr.
320 s
Cheese plate
320 gr. Ingredients: assorted French cheeses, grapes, walnuts.
665 s
Meat platter
350 gr. Ingredients: beef tongue, smoked horsemeat, boiled beef.
700 s
Hot Buffalo wings with Blu-cheese sauce
300 gr.
470 s
Smoked cheese "Chechel"
50 gr.
205 s
300 gr. Ingredients: herring fillet, potatoes, onions.
270 s
80 gr.
320 s
Assorted pickles
350 gr. Ingredients: sauerkraut, patissons, pickled tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, pickled cherry tomatoes.
420 s
Red caviar
50 gr.
435 s
Tiger prawns
100 gr. Welded in beer.
545 s


Tom Yam
The combination of shrimp, champignons, cherry tomato and lemongrass is exquisitely complemented by slices of lime and chili pepper. Served with rice.
510 s
Lentil soup
300 gr.
285 s
Spinach cream soup
300 gr.
285 s
Soup with meatballs
300 ml. Ingredients: egg, croutons.
285 s
Fish soup
300 ml. Ingredients: rainbow trout, zander, salmon.
385 s
Homemade noodle soup with chicken
300 ml.
285 s
Borscht with garlic toast
300 ml.
285 s
300 ml.
285 s
300 ml.
365 s


200 gr. (tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, pine nuts, basil, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil)
560 s
Salad with ruccola and mozzarella
180 gr. Ruccola, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, pine nuts, olive oil, lemon juice.
580 s
250 gr. Ingredients: salmon, pressed cottage cheese, salad, sauce.
430 s
Salad with sea scallops
250 gr. Ingredients: tiger shrimps, scallops, salmon fillet, lettuce, arugula, spinach sauce.
740 s
Mixed salad with quinoa
190 gr. Ingredients: quinoa, cucumbers, carrots, sweet pepper, lollo rosa, arugula, lettuce leaves, spinach, sauce.
380 s
Caesar with shrimp
300 gr. Ingredients: tiger shrimps, salad, garlic crumbs, parmesan.
640 s
Salad "Spicy"
220 gr. Ingredients: beef, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, soy sauce.
360 s
180 gr. Ingredients: beans, beet, carrot, sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, potatoes, olive oil.
285 s
Vitamin salad
180 gr. Ingredients: cabbage, carrot, beet, pumpkin, apple, salad leaves, sunflower seeds, olive oil
285 s
De Fromage
150 gr. Ingredients: eggs, cheese, green onions, sauce, salad leaves.
285 s
Lights of Paris
190 gr. Ingredients: fish julienne, pai potatoes, beet, carrot, cabbage, cucumbers, sauce.
380 s
Herring under the fur coat
260 gr. Ingredients: herring fillet, potatoes, carrot, beet, eggs, sauce.
310 s
200 gr. Ingredients: potatoes, eggs, carrots, pickled cucumbers, green peas, beef, sauce.
310 s
Greek Classic salad
300 gr. Ingredients: tomatoes, feta cheese, cucumbers, olives, salad leaves, lemon juice, basil, olive oil.
360 s
Caesar salad
300 gr. Ingredients: chicken filet, salad leaves, garlic crumbs, parmesan cheese, sauce
495 s


Fettuccini with salmon
350 gr.
820 s
Fettuccini with mushrooms
350 gr.
610 s
Spaghetti "Bolognese"
350 gr.
490 s

Meat dishes

180 gr. Ingredients: beef fillet, butter, pai onions.
675 s
Swan Lake
300 gr. Ingredients: beef chop, walnuts, cheese
625 s
Beef Stroganoff
mashed potato
695 s

Poultry dishes

Chicken breast in Parisian style
220 gr. Ingredients: chicken breast, spinach, Parmesan cheese, green beans.
485 s
Kiev cutlet
250 gr.
470 s
Babylon chop
300 gr. Ingredients: chicken breast, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese.
510 s
Chicken with sauce
1 pcs.
820 s


Trout steak
200 gr.
695 s
Fish "Dorado"
250 gr. Methods of cooking: grilled, steamed.
1090 s
Fish "Seabas"
250 gr. Methods of cooking: grilled, steamed.
1090 s
Norwegian-style zander
250 gr. Ingredients: zander, white sauce.
540 s
Norwegian-style salmon in white sauce
720 s
Salmon steak2
220 gr.
920 s

On the grill

T-bone steak
980 s
Lamb with the rib
995 s
Chicken shashlik
470 s
Kremlin veal cutlets
580 s
Medallions in apricot sauce
720 s
Ribeye steak
1040 s

Side dishes

Steamed rice
155 s
Mashed potatoes
155 s
Cauliflower stewed
180 s
Corn pancakes
205 s
French fries
195 s
Grilled Vegetables
250 s
Fried potatoes with champignons
265 s


Pumpkin manty
290 s
Vareniki with berries
260 s
Vareniki with potatoes
230 s
Vareniki with cottage cheese
240 s


25 s
White bread with flax seeds
30 s
Garlic toast
40 s
Rye Bread
20 s
Ciabatta 1 piece
25 s


Pancakes with mascarpone and berry
405 s
Chocolate "Fondan"
335 s
360 s
Cheese Cake New York
385 s
Napoleon cake
335 s
Apple strudel
335 s
Baked apple
320 s
Dessert "Lakomka"
350 s


170 s
180 s
Cappuccino - large (alternative milk)
200 s
Latte (espresso, milk)
230 s
Iced Coffee
230 s

Fresh Juices

Orange juice
320 s
Grepefruit juice
320 s


Fanta 0.250 ml
80 s
Coca-Cola 0,250 ml
80 s
Sprite 0.250 ml
80 s
Сompote 1l.
350 s
Natural juice in assortment
275 s
Lemonades 0.450ml
280 s
Lemonades 1 l
660 s
Match Tea 1 proportion
180 s
Match Tea Ice 1 proportion
220 s

Breakfast (prepared at any time except during lunch)

Corn flapjacks
205 s
Sausages "Vienna"
250 s
260 s
Omelette with mushrooms
270 s
Vegetable omelette
270 s
Pancakes with meat
325 s
Toast with avocado and a pasta egg
355 s
Yogurt with granola and fresh berries
180 s
Oatmeal without additives
165 s
Rice porridge without additives
165 s
Wheat porridge without additives
165 s
Pearl porridge without additives
165 s