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OBLAKO 53 Bishkek

Average bill:
1,000 som
200 som ?
Hours of work:
11:00 - 01:20 No days off
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Photos of dishes may not match their appearance in reality


Quesadilla with chicken
Mexican appetizer with chicken, mushrooms and cheese. Served with hot jalapeno peppers
580 s
Assorted vegetables
Cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, suluguni cheese, lettuce and garlic sauce
470 s
Herring with potatoes
Classic herring fillet appetizer with boiled potatoes and red onions
480 s
Chicken nuggets
Chicken nuggets in crispy breading, served with cheese sauce
330 s
Assorted pickles
Pickled cucumbers, mushrooms, cabbage and cherry, kimchi salad, squash and lettuce leaves
520 s
Tomatoes and mozzarella cheese sliced with pesto sauce
590 s
Shrimp with wasabi
Crispy breaded shrimp with wasabi sauce
780 s
Barbecue Wings
Marinated chicken wings in barbecue sauce. Sprinkled with sesame seeds and herbs
570 s


Poke is vegan
Japanese rice, diced fresh avocado, canned corn, grilled pak choi, iceberg lettuce leaves, cherry, fresh cucumbers and ko sho sauce
330 s
Poke with salmon
Japanese mayonnaise, diced red fish fillet, edamame beans, cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach, grilled iceberg lettuce leaves, marinated in ponzu sauce
460 s
Poke with chicken
Lazy roll rice, baked chicken thigh, edamame beans, cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach, iceberg in ponzu sauce (lime-based sauce, soy sauce, mitsukan and rice vinegar)
420 s


Cheese platter
920 s
Sausage set
Sausages with potatoes
2300 s
Cold cuts
Pasturma, chicken roll, duck roll and beef bacon
1100 s
Beer Set
Corn chips, French fries, nuggets, onion rings, sausages and chechel
1700 s
Meat set
Rib eye steak, bon fillet, chicken breast, chicken thigh, homemade potatoes, fried oyster mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, beef sausages and juicy fried zucchini
3900 s
Set No. 1
Philadelphia, California, hot roll and tempura roll
1700 s
Set No. 2
Philadelphia, California and hot roll
1500 s

Side dishes

170 s
Buckwheat with mushrooms
170 s
Grilled vegetables
220 s
French fries
170 s
Rustic potatoes
170 s
170 s
Rice with egg
220 s


Bread basket
140 s


Crispy beef in hot sauce
560 s
Beef kebab with rice
Turkish juicy kebab served with rice and signature kebab sauce
480 s
Celery Medallions
780 s
Manti with beef
Handmade homemade manta rays
460 s
Medallions with asparagus in cherry bbq sauce
870 s
Medallions with grilled vegetables and pesto sauce
Delicate medallions with steamed broccoli and cherry tomatoes
990 s
Pepperoni sausage with potatoes
760 s
Medallions with green beans
960 s
T-bone steak
Tender, fragrant steak served with rustic potatoes and cherry tomatoes with demiglas sauce
1100 s
Medallions in mushroom sauce
Delicate medallions in creamy mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes
990 s
Tomahawk Steak
Fragrant steak on bones with a distinctive taste
1900 s
Grilled lamb rack
Juicy lamb roast on the grill served on pita bread with fresh vegetables
920 s
Rib Eye steak
Rib eye is a tender and juicy beef meat served with rustic potatoes, tomatoes and demiglas sauce
1150 s


Gherkin chicken
Marinated grilled chicken with broccoli and baked potatoes in the oven
560 s
Chicken breast with cheese and mashed potatoes
Baked chicken breast in cream sauce with mashed potatoes
620 s
Chicken PP with vegetables
520 s
Chicken breast in teriyaki
Chicken breast in sweet-sour-spicy sauce with vegetables on a pillow of boiled rice
490 s


Trout on a spinach pillow
Trout fillet is grilled, laid out on a pillow of spinach in tom yam sauce
790 s
Sea bass in Greek
1550 s
Sea bass in tom yam sauce
1200 s
Pike perch in cream sauce with steamed broccoli
770 s
Grilled trout with vegetables
Trout, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and lemon
860 s
Salmon steak
Tender grilled salmon fillet with vegetables
1200 s
Sea bass
1400 s
Salmon with corn sauce
Salmon steak with delicious corn sauce. served with rice and vegetables
1200 s
Salmon teriyaki
990 s


Fettuccine with chicken in truffle sauce
Tender fettuccine with chicken and mushrooms in cream sauce
520 s
Linguine with shrimp
Tiger prawns fried in olive oil with garlic, chili, parsley, fish broth and butter
580 s
Chicken pasta with pesto sauce
610 s
Spaghetti in the style of ceviche
670 s
Carbonara with beef bacon
Italian classic aromatic pasta with beef bacon
520 s
Pasta with shrimp and squid
Spaghetti, shrimp, squid, zucchini, pepper and polpa sauce
580 s
Tortillons with stewed beef
470 s


Mumpar soup
330 s
Ear of 3 types of fish
420 s
Chicken Ramen
With chicken breast, cheddar cheese and chicken egg, decorated with nori and pak choi
460 s
Beef Ramen
With beef, cheddar cheese and chicken egg, decorated with nori and pak cho
490 s
Chicken soup
Fragrant soup with thin homemade noodles and chicken breast served with chicken egg
320 s
Premium Solyanka
Based on meat broth with the addition of smoked meats (chicken pasturma, beef bacon and hunting sausages), pickles (pickled cucumbers, olives and olives)
390 s
Borscht with beef
Beef broth, beef, vegetables (beetroot, cabbage, carrots)
370 s
Homemade dumplings
Homemade hand-made dumplings, served with sour cream
390 s
Mushroom cream soup
Light soup, delicate, creamy, with a rich taste and aroma of truffle oil
320 s
Lentil cream soup
Red lentil cream soup served with gressini and lemon
320 s
Tom yam with seafood
Thai shrimp soup based on chicken broth with added coke milk
620 s
Filipino Beef Soup
380 s


Roll in tempura
Nori, rice, curd cheese, cucumbers, shrimp, batter, panka crackers, pickled ginger and wasabi
480 s
Philadelphia roll with honey sauce
490 s
Kappa Maki Rolls
240 s
Saki Maki Roll
240 s
Nori, rice, crab filling, cucumbers, massago caviar, pickled ginger and wasabi
420 s
Hot roll
Nori, rice, cottage cheese. cucumbers, salmon, masago caviar, batter, panka crackers, pickled ginger, wasabi
550 s
Nori, rice, cottage cheese, cucumbers, salmon, pickled ginger and wasabi
520 s
Roll Branded Cloud
Japanese rice (seasoned with mitsukan) inside avocado, crab, cremetto, served with two mini sushi (salmon, avocado) and two sauces spicy and nutty
520 s


Classic dessert with puff pastry and custard
360 s
Classic cheesecake
380 s
Honey cake
Classic soft honey cake with fragrant cakes
340 s
Ice cream in the assortment
160 s
Lemon Asset
320 s
San Sebastian
360 s
Chocolate fondue
380 s
Fruit plate
Assorted fresh seasonal fruits
980 s


Cheesecakes with jam
Cottage cheese cheese cake is a traditional dish made from cottage cheese. the cheesecake is round in shape, 1.5-2 cm high, golden in color, with a pleasant taste and delicate curd aroma
220 s

Street food

Burger New York
480 s
Branded Cloud Burger
480 s
Chicken Burger
Burger from the most tender part of chicken fried in breadcrumbs with vegetables
480 s
Burger cheese
540 s


Tataki salmon
Salmon fillet is sliced, sawn with a burner, sliced. It is laid out on a plate with mango teri sauce. decorated with slices of daikon and guacamole
620 s
Broccoli salad with nut sauce
420 s
Olivier with beef
Classic olivier salad with beef, with fresh vegetables and pickled cucumbers, seasoned with mayonnaise
420 s
Salad with eggplant and salsa
Fresh eggplant is cut into slices, marinated in salt and water, cooked in corn starch, fried in a hot frying pan. Served with cherry tomatoes and cremetto cheese and sweet and sour chili sauce
410 s
Greek salad
Lettuce leaves, cucumbers, tomatoes, fetaxa cheese, olives, red onion and citrus sauce
490 s
Caesar with chicken
Classic Caesar salad with sauce based on homemade mayonnaise. Its highlight is that the chicken thigh is marinated in kefir, breaded in corn starch and fried in hot vegetable oil creating an airy effect
520 s
Not a simple salad with avocado
This is a light, fresh salad based on a mix of lettuce, fresh avocado and cucumbers, Seasoned with nut sauce
490 s
Spicy salad with beef
Beef tongue, cucumbers, tomato, California pepper, garlic, capsicum, red onion and coriander
490 s
Warm salad with roast beef
Warm salad with roast beef, feta cheese seasoned with sweet chili sauce, string beans and cherry tomatoes
570 s


Wok noodles with chicken
Udon noodles with chicken and vegetables
430 s
Wok noodles in cream sauce
450 s
Wok noodles with beef
Udon noodles with beef and vegetables
460 s


Borjomi 0.5 l
240 s
Pepsi 0.25 l.
120 s
Mirinda 0.25 l
120 s
7 Up 0.25 l.
120 s
Asu 0.25 l.
90 s
Shweppes 0.25 l.
130 s