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500 som
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Photos of the dishes can be different from reality

Salads and snacks

Bruschetta with tomato and cheese
200 gr. tender chicken fillet with mixed salad and a tart berry sauce
135 s
Bruschetta with marinated semigall
200 gr.
250 s
Bruschetta with roasted peppers
200 gr.
120 s
Wings in a spicy Oriental sauce
300 gr.
310 s
A classic appetizer - herring, pickles, pickled tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, sauerkraut
420 s
265 gr. popular Italian appetizer unchanged in composition for centuries - tomatoes, young mozzarella and Basil
410 s
Carpaccio of salmon with iceberg lettuce
220 gr. Thinly sliced bits of freshly marinated summer salmon, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice
500 s
Formaggio-assorted cheeses with berries and dried fruit
500 gr. cheeses for every taste with local dried fruit and mountain honey
655 s
Mini pancakes
Served with four kinds of toppings and Oriental spices
250 s
Salad with Pears
Tender salad with Arugula, blue cheese, grapes and Pear 255гр
325 s
Warm salad with Fish sauce and Ginger
Fish fillet steamed with vegetable mix, drizzled in a ginger sauce 255гр
260 s
Greek salad
220 gr. a favourite salad of fresh vegetables with olives and soft cheese
220 s
Warm salad with veal
280 gr. a combination beloved by the Europeans green with tender veal and sauce with Oriental notes
410 s
Grill Salad
Vegetables grilled and dressed with olive oil and herbs 200g
340 s
Caesar salad with chicken
Chicken breast salad with croutons, zapravleny a classic sauce "Caesar"
310 s
Caesar salad with shrimp
Fresh lettuce with croutons and shrimps, dressed with a classic sauce "Caesar"
580 s
Salad from Aizhan Chynybaeva
Salad with grilled eggplants seasoned with the Asian sauce 325гр
370 s
Arugula salad
110 gr. Arugula leaves with cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese
310 s
Carpaccio pepper
150 gr. Carpaccio pepper on a bed of arugula and spinach
200 s
180 gr. Baked eggplant with tomatoes and mozzarella
310 s
Biryani - Guaramacal
250 gr. The basmati rice with vegetables and aromatic spices
195 s
Colegio zucchini
180 gr. Hot appetizer from the baked slices of zucchini, with a young "Mozzarella" and tomato sauce
285 s
Sun-dried tomatoes with arugula and soft cheese
125 gr. Arugula leaves with sun-dried tomatoes, dressed with olive oil and balsamic syrup, with a delicate cheese "Fetaki"
335 s
Salad Yasai Teriyaki"
200 gr. Salad with fresh vegetables with teriyaki sauce
385 s
Chicken breast sous-vide with herbs and berry sauce
200 gr. tender chicken fillet with mixed salad and a tart berry sauce
365 s
Salad with Peach
Salad with spinach and blanshirovat peach, drizzled in a mustard sauce 205гр
345 s
Mixed greens with grapefruit and cheese DorBlu
230 gr. a mix of lush fillet with citrus and aromatic cheese
370 s
Warm salad with spinach and Oriental spices
250 gr. steamed fresh vegetables with garlic and Oriental spices
210 s
Salad with radishes and celery
Light salad with radish, celery and tender cheese "Fetaki"
210 s
200 gr. Mix of finely-cut fresh vegatables with Apple, dressed with lemon-olive sauce
210 s
Arugula with shrimps
170 gr. rocket salad with shrimps fried with ginger and fruit salsa
655 s


Cream of mushroom soup
Mushroom soup with truffle paste
260 s
Soup Of The Genoese
Fasolevy soup with smoked sausage and greens 320гр
230 s
Soup with seafood
Mediterranean seafood with tomatoes and fresh herbs
480 s
Meat Solyanka
Prepared on meat broth with addition of meat and smoked sausage. The structure of the soups included olives, pickles and lemon
240 s
Spicy mushroom soup
Soup saturated with spices, meat, fresh vegetables and herbs
210 s
Minestrone with croutons
A light soup with seasonal vegetables and herbs with Parmesan cheese
160 s
Prepared yogurt, vegetables and herbs
170 s
Soup puree of Spinach
Easy vegetarische soup puree of spinach and broccoli 300g
200 s
Tomato soup with croutons
250 grams
200 s
Seafood soup
Soup with wakame seaweed, soy cheese Tofu and Rice noodles 300g
305 s
Pumpkin-ginger cream soup
300 gr. Delicate cream soup of pumpkin and ginger
115 s
Classic lentil soup
110 s
Tom Yam
Spicy Thai soup with seafood, mushrooms, ginger and lemongrass
605 s

Pasta - Pasta

Green pasta with medallions
430 gr. The dough, mixed with spinach , our chefs turned into green noodles and profusely sauce, blue cheese. Serve with a delicate modulename
560 s
Spaghetti with seafood in creamy sauce
410 gr. It is very Tasty! Seafood in a densely creamy sauce with fragrant pepper rose
600 s
Spaghetti with seafood in tomato sauce
490 gr.
600 s
Spaghetti with Salmon and Mushrooms in a pink sauce
300 gr.
380 s
Fettuccine with mushrooms and Salmon
460 s
Linguini with creamy pesto and grilled squid
340 gr. Tart, aromatic pesto sauce ,with cream, in combination with the rings of squid
450 s
Penne a La shrimp Arrabiatta
355 gr. Spicy tomato sauce with shrimp in this sauce for regular pasta is a masterpiece of cooking
480 s
Spaghetti Ali-Oli
280 gr. Spaghetti in a sauce of olive oil with spicy pepper and garlic
250 s
Green pasta with Salmon
400 gr
585 s
Papardelle with mushrooms and chicken fillet
440 gr. Pasta with mushrooms in a spicy creamy sauce with tender chicken breast
410 s
Alfredo with salmon fillet
310 grams. Salmon fillet in a mild sauce of two kinds of cheese and cream
450 s
Ravioli with spinach and broccoli
300 gr. ravioli with spinach, dressed with cream sauce under cheese "Parmesan"
365 s
Ravioli with filei salmon in a creamy sauce with red caviar
320 gr.
450 s
240 gr. Pasta with mushrooms in a cream sauce
350 s
Spaghetti with Tofu in Thai soya sauce
Spaghetti buckwheat, tofu, semi-sweet pepper, ginger, soy sauce 300g
200 s
Spaghetti Tuscany
Spaghetti in tomato sauce with fresh herbs and cheese "mozzarella"
320 s
Spaghetti Cheko
Spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, fragrant Basil, garlic and olive oil
325 s
Spaghetti with Eggplant in a tomato sauce
Tomato spaghetti, eggplant,cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, greens 300g
240 s


Pizza Grill
550 gr. Grilled vegetables, slices of beef, cheese
490 s
Pizza Chicken spinach
500 gr. Chicken breast, blanched spinach, cheese
425 s
Meat pizza
460 gr. Beef, salami, sausage, cheese
490 s
Chicken pizza
500 gr. Chicken fillet, smoked chicken, fresh mushrooms, cheese
455 s
Pizza with Pesto sauce
Chicken fillet, sauce, pesto, cheese 480гр
470 s
Cheese, egg, Basil 250gr
180 s
Mixed greens, spinach, Basil, mint 200g
200 s
Pizza Gazelli
The filling of fresh green mix, fueled by the strength of the olive oil, cheese "Ricotta"
340 s
Pizza 4 Cheese
420 gr. traditional Italian cheeses: "Cheese", "Dor blue", "mozzarella", "Emental".the slices of fresh pear and green
480 s
Pizza Bombino
450 gr. Pizza with sausages and French fries in a creamy sauce
365 s
Pizza Veggie
550 gr. Vegetable pizza with tomato sauce and cheese
345 s
Pepperoni Pizza
440 gr. Salami, red pepper, garlic, cheese
310 s
Pizza Margherita
440 gr. Tomato, cheese, olives
290 s

Vegetarian menu

Quesadillas vegetarian
Tortilla stuffed vegetables ( In season ), cheese 300g
180 s
Steak with Tofu in Thai sauce
Tofu, cilantro, Thai sauce, sesame seeds 350g
210 s
Hummus with grilled vegetables
280 gr. Mashed chickpeas, seasoned with olive oil and sesame (shahinovoy pasta pairs perfectly with grilled vegetables
255 s
Veggie "Pad-Thai"
350 gr. Stewed vegetables with rice noodles
405 s
Vegetable patties
370 gr. Vegetable cutlets with a side dish of basmati rice and hot, spicy Apple Chutney"
225 s
Lasagna with pumpkin
350 gr. The lasagna with the fillings of pumpkin in a ginger-saffron sauce with added spinach and cabbage Broccoli
315 s
Hummus with pita bread
Chickpeas pasta, pita bread , coriander 250g
160 s

Main dishes

Cowboy with potato slices and pomegranate sauce
470 gr. a big juicy steak on the edge –it seems nothing tastes better there! Yes, even crispy potato wedges and spicy pomegranate sauce
620 s
Mini Ti bone Steak of Lamb
710 s
T - bone with cherry tomatoes and grilled garlic
450 gr. The most delicious part of the veal t-bone. Served with roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic
710 s
Ribeye with baby carrots and cherry tomatoes with spicy-soy sauce
360 gr. It is called the King of steaks and for good reason! Juicy beef ,sauteed with herbs ,serve with vegetables and Thai sauce
780 s
Sea bass with green sauce
300 gr. Fillet of seabass grilled to perfection combined with ginger sauce. Served with mashed potatoes with mustard wasabi
860 s
Pepper steak with mix cushion
220 gr. Beef fillet in pepper breaded with flavorful sour-milk sauce and crispy greens
550 s
Chicken sous vide with potato and tomato sauce salsa
450 gr. Marinated chicken cooked in its own juices and baked until Golden brown . With fried slices of zucchini
320 s
Pepper steak with mixed pillow king size
340 gr. Beef fillet in pepper breaded with flavorful sour-milk sauce and crispy greens
810 s
Dorado with mixed rice
Delicious, portioned fish –baked with lemon. Served with rice and pomegranate sauce
690 s
White fish fillet steamed spinach
300 gr. This dish is the very soft! Steamed white fish fillet, juicy spinach stewed in a creamy cheese sauce
350 s
Steak fillet of salmon with quinoa and spaghetti from zucchini kingsize
370 gr. Original presentation and the combination beloved by many salmon You have never seen
850 s
Steak fillet of salmon with quinoa and spaghetti from zucchini
265 gr. Original presentation and the combination beloved by many salmon You have never seen
520 s
Salmon fillet in Thai sauce
510 s

Side dishes

Home fried potatoes
160 gr.
190 s
150 gr.
120 s
100 gr.
135 s
Grilled vegetables
150 gr.
150 s
Potato croquettes
150 gr.
140 s
Cherry tomatoes sauteed with garlic
100 gr.
165 s
Spinach in olive oil with garlic
180 gr.
175 s
The country potatoes with rosemary
180 gr.
130 s


Bread basket with butter
0.5 portion.
70 s
Bread basket with butter
1 portion.
120 s
Bread basket from cooks without oil
0.5 portion
50 s
Bread basket, no butter
1 portion.
90 s


Pistachio roll
150 s
Cake tenderness
150 s
Berry Cheesecake
180 s
Fruit salad
Fresh salad and juicy fruits with vanilla ice-cream
200 s
Profiteroles with creamy ice cream
160 s
Profiteroles with butter cream
150 s
Napoleon Cake
150 s


Natural juice J7 in assortment
1 l
260 s
Coca-Cola 1 l
1 l
160 s
Sprite 1 l
1 l
160 s
Fanta 1 liter.
1 l
160 s