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Working hours: 24 hours

Steakhouse Red Cow

Average bill:
700 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
10:00 - 23:30 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of the dishes can be different from reality

The season of snails and midii

Ispanskie mussels
4-5 pieces Marinated with Provencal herbs
549 s
Spanish snails
6 PCs Seasoned with fragrant oil with Provencal herbs
680 s
4 pieces Seasoned with herbs and sea salt, baked in the oven, with Japanese unagi sauce.
549 s
Sea scallops fried
4 pieces Fried in aromatic oil, with a spicy sauce.
549 s

Cold appetizers

Traditional homemade pickles
with wild mushrooms
399 s
Traditional Russian appetizer
baked potatoes, herring, crunchy cucumbers, pickled onions
379 s
Assorted fresh vegetables
with herbs and homemade cheese
499 s
Cheese plate
with fresh fruit
799 s
Fish platter
With the addition of salted salmon, smoked salmon, smoked Escolar and white toast
799 s
Cold cuts
With the addition of Valenii veal, chicken roll, smoked duck, salami.
599 s


Greek salad
homemade cheese and citrus dressing
349 s
Salad Fattoush/Fattush Salad
tender rolls of eggplant stuffed with soft cheese and tomatoes/Delicate eggplant rolls, stuffed with soft cheese and tomatoes
369 s
Salad with smoked salmon
salmon in oyster sauce with a pillow of mixed lettuce and fresh vegetables
399 s
Duck salad
roast duck with mixed salad and balsamic sauce
359 s
Salad "Caprese"
traditional Italian salad with mozzarella, tomatoes and Pesto sauce
429 s
Salad with mozzarella and arugula
salad with arugula, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and balsamic dressing
499 s
Bavarian Salad
warm salad of smoked sausages and boiled potatoes, served with mixed salad, dressed with balsamic dressing
349 s
Caesar salad with chicken
389 s
Veal salad
Fried fillet with wood mushrooms, dressed with coriander dressing. Served with mixed salad
429 s
Caesar salad with shrimp
499 s
Caesar salad with salmon
499 s

Burgers with Marble cutlet

White Burger
Chicken Beef fries
349 s
Дабл чизбургер
429 s
359 s

Hot appetizers

Beef steak
with egg and fries
480 s
Mini pasties with duck
10 pieces
199 s
Mini pasties with lamb
10 pieces
219 s
Quesadilla with chicken
tradezone-Mexican tortilla stuffed with chicken, melted cheese, peppers, onions, tomatoes and beans.
349 s
Quesadillas with beef
traditional Mexican tortilla stuffed with beef, melted cheese, peppers, onions, tomatoes and beans.
399 s
Wings Josper
chicken wings, baked in Josper with Salsa
319 s
Shrimp on the stove "Josper"/"Hosper" grilled Shrimps
stuffed tomatoes/stuffed with tomatoes
799 s
Assorted sausages
chicken, beef, lamb
599 s

Soups / Soups

Broccoli cream soup
219 s
Soup pasta with chicken
169 s
Meksikanski spicy soup with beef
249 s
Cream lentil soup
with smoked duck
199 s
Delicate cream soup of salmon
249 s
Broth with meat of horse meat and potatoes
229 s
Cream soup of mushrooms
with cream
249 s

New items from Chef

Spring salad
Juicy mix of salads: broccoli, cauliflower, radico, arugula, radish, mint, and slices of carrots. Dressed with onion dressing
310 s
Salad Santa Fe
Crispy mix salad with the addition of zucchini, arugula, slices of tomato, avocado, corn and beans, served with chicken breast sous vide. Dressed with special sauce "Hunts"
320 s
Soup Andalusian
Rich broth from beef vertebrae, with the addition of aromatic vegetables, a leek, mushrooms and chickpeas
249 s

Premium Menu

Beef ribs in BBQ sauce
Beef ribs baked in BBQ sauce , served with broccoli
750 s
Steak "Machete"
Steak soft parts of the peritoneum, served with mashed potatoes, cherry tomatoes and demi glace
850 s
Denver steak
Steak of neck cuts of beef. With high marbling
1100 s
Tomahawk steak (Price for 1kg)
Steak thick rib part
1799 s
Ribeye Prime
A steak cut from the thick rib portion. The rank of "Prime" indicates the maximum marbling of the steak
2300 s
New Zealand rack of lamb
Lamb ribs served with mixed salad, baked potatoes and bruschetta of black bread
1100 s

Dishes from "Josper"/Art of "Josper"

Duck breast
Served with baked potatoes and tomato Confit
399 s
Grilled chicken fillet
Served with truffle sauce, mushrooms and pasta
429 s
Chicken in a crispy crust
Served with a light salad and a sauce of Your choice
549 s
Steak of pork
Served with potato pancakes
699 s
Steak T-Bon veal
Served with a light salad and a sauce of Your choice
829 s
Ribeye steak with potatoes and mushrooms in cheese sauce
829 s
Mushroom steak
filet Mignon, grilled with aromatic herbs, served with potatoes and tomato confit
829 s
Chateau Brion whim
Fillet of veal served with mixed salad, tomato confit and cheese
829 s
Beef entrecote
Served with baked potatoes and a sauce of Your choice
829 s
Classic pepper steak
with creamy potatoes
829 s
Tender rack of lamb with Rizzoto
Served with a sauce of Your choice
699 s
Saddle of lamb with vegetables
769 s
Cowboy Big Steak
959 s
Horse steak
Steak, served with grilled vegetables
779 s
Medallions from veal
829 s

Fish on a "Josper"/Fish on "Josper"

Trout with grilled zucchini
650 s
Salmon steak grilled
served with greens and mushrooms VOK
749 s
Koktal trout
trout baked in "Josper" under the vegetables
799 s

Josper-Cuts on the company/Josper-Assorted Company

Cuts of meat for a company of 4-6 people
horse steak, sirloin steak beef, Chuck hosper, lamb, vegetables Josper, French fries, salsa
3299 s
Mix Jolly Roger for 4-6 people
Baked in Josper perch fillet, salmon fillet, tiger shrimps, whole trout, served with roasted champignons, rice with sauce "Bechamel" and "Dutch" sauce
2999 s
Fish Josper mix for 3-4 people
Baked in Josper fillet of pike-perch, shrimp, baked trout, salmon steak.
1999 s

Garnishes/Side Dishes

Brand garlici
49 s
White rice
90 s
Potato Flemish
120 s
Baked potatoes
120 s
French fries
120 s
180 s
Fried champignons
250 s
Vegetables Josper
190 s
Bread basket 70
70 s


Mushroom sauce
99 s
Pepper sauce
89 s
Saporito sauce
89 s
Salsa hot
89 s
Sauce with orange and Basil in the oil/Sauce with orange and basil oil
89 s
BBQ Sauce
89 s
Yogurt sauce
89 s
89 s
Teriyaki sauce
89 s


Pizza Margherita
30 see the classic Italian pizza with tomatoes
369 s
Pizza chicken with onion
30 cm.
499 s
Pepperoni Pizza
30 cm.
499 s
Pizza meat
30 see juicy Bon fillet, chicken breast, salami, spices
559 s
Pizza with salmon and soft cheese
30 cm.
529 s


150 gr.
220 s
150 gr
250 s
Super man
280 s
Tiramisu classic
200 gr.
350 s
Angel coffee
290 s
Pancake chocolate
320 s
New York Cheesecake/New York Cheesecake
1 PC.
250 s

Beer snacks

Fish Craft for Beer
799 s
Meat craft
799 s


0.33 L.
120 s
Selection of juices/juice
1 l
200 s
1 l
180 s
1 l
180 s
Coca Cola/Coca Cola
1 l
180 s

Alcoholic cocktails

Long Island Ice Tea
350 ml.
280 s
Blue Lagoone
350 ml.
180 s
Tokyo Ice Tea
350 ml.
320 s
350 ml.
300 s
White Russian
150 ml.
160 s
350 ml.
250 s
Jager Bomb
250 ml.
290 s