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Steakhouse Red Cow

Average bill:
1,200 som
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Hours of work:
10:00 - 23:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of the dishes can be different from reality

Snail and mussel season

Scallops with unagi sauce
4 pcs. Seasoned with herbs and sea salt, baked in the oven, with Japanese unagi sauce.
729 s
Scallops with spicy sauce
4 pcs. Fried in aromatic oil, with spicy sauce.
689 s
Spanish snails
6 pcs. Seasoned with aromatic oil with Provencal herbs.
689 s
Spanish mussels
4-5 pcs. Marinated with Provencal herbs.
599 s

Cold snacks

Meat Plateau
With the addition of salted veal, chicken roll, smoked duck, salami.
1199 s
Cheese Plateau
With fresh fruit.
1149 s
Traditional homemade pickles
With wild mushrooms.
449 s
Assorted fresh vegetables
With herbs and homemade cheese.
499 s
Traditional Russian snack
Baked potatoes, herring, crispy cucumbers, pickled onions.
449 s
Fish Plateau
With the addition of salted salmon, smoked salmon, smoked escolar and white toast.
1199 s


Теплый салат с курицей гриль
449 s
Salad «Santa Fe»
Crispy salad mix with zucchini, arugula, tomato slice, avocado, corn and beans, served with chicken breast Sous-vide. It is dressed with a special sauce "Hunts".
429 s
Spring salad
Juicy salad mix: broccoli, cauliflower, radish, arugula, radish, mint, and carrot slices. Refueled with onion dressing.
319 s
Salmon salad
Salmon in oyster sauce with a pillow of mixed salad and fresh vegetables.
499 s
Salad «Caprese»
Traditional Italian salad with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and pesto sauce.
469 s
Horse meat salad
With quail eggs, cherry tomatoes and ginger sauce.
469 s
Salad with mozzarella and arugula
Salad with arugula, mozzarella, dried tomatoes and balsamic dressing.
529 s
Salad «Bavarian»
A warm salad of smoked sausages and boiled potatoes, served with a mixed salad, seasoned with balsamic dressing.
369 s
Caesar with chicken
449 s
Caesar with salmon
599 s
Caesar with prawns
619 s
Salad «Fattoush»
The most delicate eggplant rolls stuffed with soft cheese and tomatoes.
379 s
Veal salad
Roasted fillet with wood mushrooms, seasoned with coriander dressing. Served with a mixed salad.
479 s
Greek salad
With homemade cheese and citrus dressing.
369 s

Hot snacks

Quesadilla with chicken
Traditional Mexican tortilla with a filling of chicken, melted cheese, pepper, onion, tomato and beans.
359 s
Quesadilla with beef
Traditionally-a Mexican tortilla with a filling of beef, melted cheese, pepper, onion, tomato and beans.
399 s
Mini chebureks with duck
10 pcs.
249 s
Mini chebureks with lamb
10 pcs.
269 s
Shrimp on the oven "Hosper»
With stuffed tomatoes.
1129 s
Bone delicacy
499 s
Hosper wings»
Chicken wings baked in josper with salsa sauce.
379 s


Chicken Beef fries
399 s
419 s
Double cheeseburger
529 s


Andalusian soup
Rich broth of beef vertebrae, with the addition of aromatic vegetables, leeks, mushrooms and chickpeas.
339 s
Homemade noodle soup with chicken
179 s
Mexican spicy beef soup
249 s
Lentil cream soup
With smoked duck.
199 s
Cream-soup of champignons
With cream.
349 s
Broth with horse meat and potatoes
229 s
Tender cream-salmon soup
329 s

Premium Menu

Steak "Machete"
Steak soft parts of the peritoneum, served with mashed potatoes, cherry tomatoes and demi glace
949 s
Tomahawk steak
Steak thick rib part
2599 s
Ribeye Prime
A steak cut from the thick rib portion. The rank of "Prime" indicates the maximum marbling of the steak
2399 s

Dishes on Josper

Classic Pepper Steak
With cream potatoes.
1199 s
Grilled chicken fillet
Served with truffle sauce, mushrooms and pasta
529 s
Chicken in a crispy crust
Served with a light salad and a sauce of your choice.
799 s
Mashrum steak
Filet mignon, grilled with sweet herbs, served with potatoes and confit tomatoes.
1199 s
Beef entrecote
Served with baked potatoes and a sauce of your choice.
1149 s
Veal Medallions
1299 s
Rib Eye steak with potatoes
And mushrooms in cheese sauce.
1129 s
Cowboy big Steak
1449 s
Horse Meat Steak
Steak served with grilled vegetables.
1129 s
Tender lamb quiche
Served with risotto and sauce of your choice.
1049 s
Chateau Brion Caprice
Tender veal fillet served with mixed salad, confit tomatoes and cheese.
1349 s
Lamb roll
1299 s
Saddle of lamb with vegetables
949 s
Veal T-Bon Steak
Served with a light salad and a sauce of your choice.
1199 s
Beef Steak
With egg and fries.
549 s
Trout baked on zucchini
749 s
Trout koktal
Trout baked on "Hosper" under vegetables.
799 s
Assorted sausages
From chicken, beef, lamb.
849 s
Yak sausages
679 s

Dishes for the company

Fish Josper mix for 3-4 people
Zander fillet baked in Josper, shrimp, baked trout, salmon steak.
2299 s
Mix «Jolly Roger» for 4-6 people
Zander fillet, salmon fillet, tiger prawns, whole trout baked in Josper, served with fried mushrooms, rice with Bechamel sauce and Hollandaise sauce.
3199 s
Meat Josper mix for a company of 4-6 people
Horse meat steak, veal entrecote, chicken hosper, lamb quiche, vegetables hosper, fries, salsa sauce.
3699 s

Side dishes

Branded garlics
59 s
White rice
99 s
Flemish potatoes
129 s
French fries
129 s
Baked potatoes
129 s
Potatoes " Ethiopian»
129 s
Mixed salad
129 s
Bread basket - large
149 s
Broccoli for garnish
189 s
Fried mushrooms
259 s
Hosper vegetables
249 s
Potatoes with mushrooms
259 s


Mushroom sauce
89 s
Pepper sauce
89 s
Saporito sauce
89 s
Salsa hot
89 s
Sauce with orange and Basil in the oil/Sauce with orange and basil oil
89 s
Yogurt sauce
89 s
89 s
Teriyaki sauce
89 s
79 s


Pizza Margarita 30 cm
Classic Italian pizza with tomatoes.
369 s
Chicken pizza 30 cm
549 s
Pepperoni pizza 30 cm
529 s
Meat pizza 30 cm
Juicy bon filet, chicken breast, salami, spices.
629 s
Pizza with salmon and soft cheese 30 cm
629 s


150 gr.
259 s
Cake Blue Berry
359 s
150 gr
289 s
Pancake brownies
240 gr.
399 s
Cheesecake New York
1 pc.
289 s

Beer snacks

Meat craft
959 s
Fish Craft for Beer
1299 s


0.33 l.
219 s
Juices in the assortment
1 l.
299 s
Coca cola 1 l
1 l
249 s
Fanta 1 l
1 l
249 s
Sprite 1 l
1 l
249 s