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Working hours: 24 hours

Three samurai

Average bill:
500 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
10:00 - 00:30 No days off
Payment methods:


Sushi shake
33 g. Salmon
130 s
Sushi ebi
30 g. Shrimp
130 s
Sushi unagi
33 g. Eel, sesame.
110 s
Sushi chukka
33 g. Seaweed.
100 s
Sushi spicy abi
33 g. Shrimp
110 s
Sushi spicy shake
33 g. Salmon
110 s
Sushi spicy mussels
33 g. Mussels
100 s
Sushi spicy unagi
33 g. Eel
110 s
Sushi spicy crab
33 g. Snow crab.
100 s
Sushi baked salmon
35 g
110 s
Sushi baked eel
35 g
110 s
Sushi baked shrimp
35 g
120 s
Sushi baked mussels
35 g
100 s


Pizza Philadelphia
Salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes
550 s
Rustic Pizza
Bell pepper, red onion, minced meat, tomato
470 s
Pizza Margarita
Sauce, cheddar cheese, tomato
380 s
Bavarian Pizza
Salami, Bavarian sausage, mushrooms, tomato
490 s
Mexican Pizza
Chicken, mayonnaise, salami, Tobasco to choose from
480 s
Caesar Pizza
Chicken, Caesar sauce, lettuce, Parmesan cheese
470 s
The Pizza Is Festive
Chicken, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes
480 s
Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni sausage, cheddar cheese
480 s
Salami Pizza
Salami, pepperoni, mushrooms, tomato
480 s
Hawaiian Pizza
mozzarella cheese, smoked chicken, pineapple, Caesar sauce,dill
480 s


Panini with salmon
Tartilla cake, fried salmon, Peking cabbage, viola cheese, tomato, cheese sauce
250 s
Meat Panini
Tartilla tortilla, viola cheese, Peking cabbage, spicy sauce, beef, tomato
220 s
Panini with chicken
Tartilla tortilla, tomato, smoked chicken, Caesar sauce, Peking cabbage
200 s


Kappa maki
8 pieces 130 g Cucumber
110 s
Chukka roll
8 pcs. 130 g. Seaweed.
150 s
Yasay roll
8 pieces 200 g. Vegetable mix.
150 s
Shinobi roru
135 g. Snow crab, mayonnaise.
170 s
Yummy food
200 g. Salmon, cream cheese, vegetables.
240 s
Roll abi
130 g. Shrimp, mayonnaise.
270 s
Unagi maki
130 g. Eel, sesame.
230 s
230 g. Eel, salmon, cream cheese, masago.
450 s
240 g. Salmon, cream cheese.
420 s
Philadelphia with crab
210 g. Snow crab, salmon, cream cheese.
390 s
Philadelphia Light
210 g. Salmon, cucumber, cream cheese.
390 s
Philadelphia Green
220 g. Salmon, cream cheese, seaweed, sesame.
390 s
8 pcs. 200 g. Chicken, cream cheese, mayonnaise, cucumber, sesame.
190 s
Philadelphia with cucumber
8 pcs. Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber.
420 s
Philadelphia with avocado
Salmon, cream cheese, avocado. 230 gr. 8 pcs.
390 s
Creamy salmon in sesame seeds
Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, sesame. 220 gr. 8 pcs
330 s
Mini Maguro
Tuna, takuan, cream cheese, salad, Unagi sauce, sesame. 220 gr. 8 pcs.
270 s
Сяке маки
180 s
Сякэ фила
220 s
Шинобу рору
170 s

Rolls and baked rolls

Dragon with cheese
240 g. Salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, eel, sesame.
460 s
Dynamite with salmon
215 g. Salmon, cucumber, spicy sauce, sesame, cheese sauce.
350 s
Masago kunsei
220 g. Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, masago.
300 s
Phila Hoth
225 g. Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, cheese sauce.
410 s
250 g. Shrimp, masago, cream cheese, salad, cheese sauce.
380 s
California with eel
225 g. Eel, mayonnaise, cucumber, masago.
350 s
Dynamite with eel
240 g. Eel, cucumber, cream cheese, sesame, cheese sauce.
360 s
California with shrimp
220 g. Shrimp, mayonnaise, cucumber, masago.
360 s
Yasai hoth
225 g. Vegetable mix, cheese sauce.
260 s
California with crab
220 g. Snow crab, mayonnaise, cucumber, masago.
320 s
California hot
230 g. Masago, snow crab, cucumber, mayonnaise, cheese sauce.
400 s
California with salmon
225 g. Salmon, mayonnaise, cucumber, masago.
350 s
245 g. Cream cheese, masago, smoked salmon, cucumber.
320 s
250 g. Salmon, cream cheese, masago, unagi sauce, cheese sauce.
450 s
Geisha's Kiss
260 g. Cream cheese, cucumber, salmon, unagi sauce, sesame, cheese sauce.
450 s

Rolls and fried rolls

Shake tempura
8 pcs. 230 g. fried salmon, vegetable mix, spicy sauce, breadcrumbs, batter.
350 s
Chicken tempura
8 pcs. 240 g. chicken, cream cheese, masago, cucumber, breadcrumbs, batter.
310 s
High Tech
8 pcs. 235 g. Salmon, eel, spicy sauce, cucumber, breadcrumbs, batter.
390 s
8 pcs. 240 g. Salmon, shrimp, spicy sauce, cucumber, breadcrumbs, batter.
360 s
Shake unagi furai
8 pcs. 245 g. Salmon, eel, cream cheese, cucumber, breadcrumbs, batter.
410 s
Philadelphia Tempura
8 pcs. 235 g. Cream cheese, cucumber, salmon, breadcrumbs, batter.
380 s
California Tempura
8 pcs. 230 g. Snow crab, masago, cucumber, mayonnaise, breadcrumbs, batter.
375 s


Set 3
32 pcs. Salmon, eel, Shinobi roru, chukka.
640 s
Set 4
12 pcs. 1/2 rolls: philadelphia light, Philadelphia with crab, spicy sushi: salmon 2 pcs., sushi: salmon 2 pcs.
850 s
Set 7
16 pcs. Dynamite with eel, 1/2 rolls: Philadelphia, California.
700 s
Hara-kiri set
32 pcs. Shake maki, Unagi maki, Kappa maki, Shinobi roru, California with crab, Philadelphia green, Philadelphia, Alaska.
1020 s
Hot set
27 pcs. Baked rolls: Dynamite with eel, Dynamite with salmon, Samurai; Baked sushi: Salmon, Eel, Shrimp.
1310 s
Philadelphia set
32 pcs. Philadelphia, Philadelphia with crab, Philadelphia light, Philadelphia green.
1570 s
Vegetarian set
24 pcs. Cucumber, vegetable, chukka.
380 s
Tempura set
24 pcs. 1/2 rolls: Hi-tech, Aiko, Shake unagi furai, Shake tempura, Philadelphia tempura, California tempura.
1110 s
Gluttony seth
56 pcs. Masago kunsei, Alaska, Unagi maki, Kappa maki, Shinobi roru, Shake maki, Chukka roll.
1410 s
Fujiyama seth
40 pcs. California hot, Volcano, Yasay hot, Mexican, Dynamite with eel.
1480 s
Three Samurai set
27 pcs. California with crab, Philadelphia, Phila light; Sushi: Salmon, Eel, Shrimp.
1480 s
Seth is just the thing
32 pcs. Geisha Kiss, Dynamite with eel, Philadelphia; 1/2 rolls: Unagi maki, Shake maki.
1450 s
Paradise Set
24 pcs. Geisha's kiss, Philadelphia, Philadelphia tempura.
1230 s
Holiday set
48 pcs. Black samurai, Masago kunsei, Tartilia roru, California with salmon, Philadelphia with crab, Sumo.
1540 s
Vegas set
80 pcs. California with crab, Philadelphia, Norwegian, Yume, Nira maki, Shake maki, Unagi maki, Tartilia roru, Samurai, Black Samurai.
2860 s
Rainbow set 48 pcs.
Philadelphia, midori, mini maguro, okinawa, shake maki, unagi maki
1570 s
Sudoku set 80 pcs.
Midori, Norwegian, Philadelphia with cucumber, creamy sesame salmon, Boston, California with shrimp, California with crab, tori, orenji maki, shake avocado
2850 s


Wheat noodles with vegetables
Vegetables, wheat noodles, specialty sauce, sesame seeds
200 s
Wheat noodles with chicken
Chicken, vegetables, wheat noodles, specialty sauce, sesame seeds
270 s
Wheat noodles with shrimp
Shrimp, vegetables, wheat noodles, specialty sauce, sesame seeds.
370 s


Combo #1
1350 s
Combo #2
1350 s


French fries
150 g
130 s
Rustic potatoes
150 g
130 s
Креветки в кляре
360 s
Наггетсы 8 шт.
С соусом
250 s


Суп лапша с курицей
150 s
Мисо суп с лососем
350 г. лосось, мисо паста, ваккаме, тофу, лук порей/
270 s
Мисо суп с тофу
Мисо паста, тофу, лук порей
150 s


40 s


Coca cola 1 l
100 s