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475 s
Family Box (original)
Basket: 8 wings, 12 strips, 12 nuggets, 4 sauces to choose from,4 drinks to choose from Coca-Cola/Fanta/Sprite 0.5 liters and basket fries
1999 s
2112 s
Gyuro Lagman
Meat, onion, red bell pepper, Peking cabbage, celery, string beans, tomatoes, soy sauce, tomato paste.
295 s
Eel, salmon, cheese, chuka, tobiko
780 s
Croissant with ham
Ham, tomato, lettuce, garlic sauce.
280 s
Combo set 3
Pepperoni 30 cm, Pizza 4 cheeses 30 cm, Volcano 10 pcs, Sumo 12 pcs, KFS roll 8 pcs, Philadelphia Russia 8 pcs, wings 14 pcs, Fries 2 servings.
2800 s
Chicken breast with potatoes
200 g, potatoes, chicken breast, olive oil, cucumber, tomato, pepper, lemon.
290 s
Burger bun, beef meat, onion, pickled cucumbers, melted cheddar cheese.
380 s
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