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Working hours: 24 hours

Sherlock Pub

Average bill:
500 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
10:00 - 02:00 No days off
Payment methods:


Cuts Of Poseidon
fried shrimp, crab sticks, lemon sole, mussels, shrimp chips with Tartar sauce and Pesto
890 s
Beer Of The Baskervilles
Spring rolls, grilled sausages, fried beans, almonds, spicy snack of crackers.
480 s
Beer Abundance #1
fried fish, onion rings in breadcrumbs with a mild cheese sticks , cheese Chechel, croutons
480 s
Beer. #2
appetizer of black bread with scrambled eggs, garlic toast, chips homemade toast with cheese, sausage in batter, Chicken breast"Caesar"dressing,salsa and mustard
450 s
Beer complex #3
peanuts shirt, garlic croutons, homemade chips, onion rings, and fries Cecil
350 s
Beer Filling #4
Grilled sausages, spring rolls, smoked duck meat, crackers, cheese chips
630 s

Snacks to beer

Basturma Steinbrau
Cured meats from the famous company
290 s
Cheese sticks Sherlock
gentle rolls with melting cheese
200 s
Smoked trout
delicate cold-smoked rainbow trout with lemon
220 s
Cheese chips Sherlock
The bestseller is a crisp snack of cheese Chechel
120 s
Cecil curly Sherlock
90 s
Potato chips Sherlock
a's get cracking chips homemade
60 s
Crackers"Don't Break A Tooth"
spicy crackers
60 s
Assorted dried horse meat
250 s
Chicken nuggets
pieces of chicken fillet, fried to a Golden brown with sauce tar-tar
220 s

Cold appetizers

Appetizer Caucasian
fresh greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic, capers and delicate cheese
520 s
Cold Cuts
Smoked duck breast, Basturma, Beef tongue, Chicken roll, sauce brand
450 s
Cheese Plate
a palette of six types of cheeses from the soft to hard with honey and nuts
450 s
Cellar ( pickles )
cask cucumbers, tomatoes and pickled cabbage hot pepper
210 s
Herring in Russian
herring, pickles, crispy potatoes with onion
160 s

Salads / Salads

Caesar salad with shrimp
Spicy shrimp, croutons, cherry tomatoes on a green cushion with Caesar dressing
380 s
Salad Cypriot
chicken breast and fitaki with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers and mixed leaf salad
330 s
Salad Sherlock
smoked sausage, red beans, rocket and fitaki, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar
290 s
Caesar salad with chicken
Roasted chicken, croutons, cherry tomatoes on the green pillow and Caesar dressing
290 s
Salad Mushroom glade
Forest mushrooms with cheese fetaksa, salad mix with Parmesan cheese and lemon
290 s
Salad Boyar
Chicken, broccoli, egg, tomatoes and cheese sauce
230 s
Greek Salad
cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, olives , feta cheese
190 s
Caprese Salad
ripe tomatoes, tender cheese Fitaki and Pesto sauce
190 s
Language, green peas, potatoes, eggs, freshly-salted cucumbers with greens and mayonnaise
170 s
Vegetable Salad
Fresh sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and herbs with dressing
110 s

Salads warm

Salted salmon with broccoli
tender fish on a bed of greens and broccoli and pine nuts
390 s
Language with vegetables
Beef tongue with bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumber and spicy sauce.
140 s
Salad food
150 s
Mushrooms with meat
340 s


King Burger
double Fudge is good for You
290 s
Football Burger with beef and fries
grilled Burger with meat, vegetables complemented with French fries
190 s
Club Sandwich + fries
Toast with scrambled eggs, tomatoes, fried chicken
170 s
Football chicken Burger and fries
grilled hamburger with chicken, vegetables complemented with French fries
190 s
Italian Club
grilled cheese and fried chicken on gelnice
150 s


Meter sausage"Hunting"
310 s
Mutton sausage
280 s
Sausage of beef
280 s
Sausages chicken
260 s


Том Ям
280 s
Ear Royal
of the king's fish with capers, potatoes, herbs and lemon
180 s
Solyanochka team
veal with smoked and cooked sausage, smoked hams with pickles and mashinkami
190 s
cream of mushroom soup with roasted shampinonchiki
170 s
Red Borshchok
a traditional recipe of Russian cuisine with meat and vegetables
120 s
Hangover Soup
spicy soup of beef, vegetables and eggs
120 s
the soup is originally from Istanbul with croutons
120 s
Got the pasta home
light soup with chicken, egg and lapicki
120 s
Chuchvara Hangover
hybrid small dumpling and spicy soup
110 s
summer yogurt soup with vegetables, herbs, eggs and meat
170 s


Assorted Sausage Sherlock
sausage abundance (five types of sausage)with a slide ruddy potato fries, pickled cabbage, mustard and Salsa
1410 s
Sausages Baden Baden
Grilled sausages with Bigus and fried potatoes at home.
830 s
Mountain of wings
Crispy wings in Japanese breaded with two sauces for 3-4 people.
640 s


Pan Meat at home
Veal fillet with mushrooms, cheese, potatoes with egg, greens and BBQ sauce.
350 s
Pan Chicken at home
Chicken breast with mushrooms, cheese, potatoes with egg, greens and BBQ sauce.
340 s
Pan Sausage at home
A mix of hunting sausages, smoked duck breast with potatoes, sweet pepper and greens with sauce tar-tar.
250 s


Steak Lamb Sherlock
steak of lamb with baked potatoes
540 s
Lamb with vegetables
Fillet of lamb combined with zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers
350 s
Kuurdak (lamb)
Classic national dish
330 s
Rack of lamb
Lamb chops with fragrant sauce.
450 s


Pasta Fituchini
Fituchini, chicken, vegetables with Parmesan cheese
290 s
Pasta Bolognese
spaghetti with Parmesan and meat sauce sauteed in wine
250 s


Chicken in sweet and sour sauce
pieces of browned chicken cooked according to the recipe of ancient Chinese people
210 s
Fricassee of Chicken
chicken fillet braised with mushrooms in a creamy sauce
230 s
Crispy Buffalo Wings
wings deep fried to perfection in a spicy Buffalo sauce
230 s
chicken in batter, cheese with greens and creamy sauce
240 s
Steak chicken
chicken with broccoli salad on the pillow with a cream sauce
260 s


Walleye baked
Pike perch fillet with Golden brown home
290 s
Rainbow Trout
baked in foil forelka with lemon and white wine
350 s
Salmon under caviar sauce
salmon fillet with lemon, herbs, mashinkami with caviar sauce tobiko
580 s
Радужная форель на мангале
350 s


T-Bone Steak
T-bone steak with our special sauce, and vegetables
590 s
Ribeye Steak "Sherlock"
steak with mixed salad and cherry tomatoes
600 s
Medallions with sauce DorBlu
bonfire with exquisite Dor blue sauce and arugula
450 s
veal with mushrooms in cream cheese sauce
250 s
Meat in French
240 s
Cowboy Steak
780 s

Side dishes

Broccoli tempura
140 s
100 s
Grilled vegetables
110 s
Vegetables poached
110 s
Baked potatoes Sherlock
95 s
95 s
Rice with egg
50 s
40 s


Fresko Ice Cream
Pistachio, nut - caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla
250 s
Fruit plate
sliced seasonal fresh fruit
220 s
Pancakes Strawberry Curd
rolls of pancakes with curd decorated with strawberries
210 s
Chocolate fondant
mouth-watering hot chocolate dessert with ice cream
130 s
Chocolate-hazelnut cake with ice cream and chocolate syrup
150 s
creamy ice cream complemented with mixed fruit
100 s

The Barbecue Platter

The Barbecue Platter Sherlock
7 kinds of delicious skewers with grilled vegetables served with Pitta bread on the grill in the original design
1690 s
The Barbecue Platter #1
barbecue duck, veal, wings with flatbread on the grill, sauerkraut cabbage, potatoes
790 s
The Barbecue Platter #2
940 s


Kebab Bonfire without fat
380 s
Barbecue Lamb
290 s
Barbecue Veal
280 s
Barbecue Chicken
210 s
Barbecue Duck
230 s
Barbecue Wings
180 s
Kebab in Arabic
190 s
Skewer The Liver Jigar
170 s
The flatbread on the grill
100 s


with squash caviar
50 s
Bread Meats
with squash caviar
50 s
White Bread
with squash caviar
50 s
Bread gray
with squash caviar
50 s
Bread Meats 0,5
with squash caviar
40 s