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500 som
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09:00 – 20:30 No days off
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Before payment, confirm the availability and cost of goods with the dispatcher
Business, Economics and law
"Tiffany. The art of good table manners," Walter Hoving TV/p
520 s
"Uber. Insider story world domination", Adam Lashinsky mg/p
420 s
"Unfu*k yourself. Worry less, live more", Gary John Bishop, TV/p, Bombora
770 s
"Viva la vagina. Enough to gloss over the hidden opportunity", Nina brochmann TV/p
650 s
"We should all be feminists. The debate about equality of the sexes", Chimamanda Ngozi of Adici TV/p
550 s
"Business in the Lotus position. How to combine work and spiritual search" Rizwan Virk TV/p
700 s
"Business in the style of surfing. As the climber has created the largest sporting apparel company" Yvonne Swine t/p
860 s
"Business for punks. Spit on all the rules for example Brewdog", James watt mg/p
690 s
"Business and transferring. Neuro-quantum method of success," Olivier Masala TV/p
850 s
"Business from scratch", Eric ries TV/p
770 s
"The big book of wealth and happiness", by Louise hay TV/p
950 s
"The big book of wish fulfillment", by Louise hay TV/p
950 s