Order by phone
Working hours: 24 hours
Book`engem bookstore
Average bill:
500 som
Hours of work:
09:00 – 20:30 No days off
Payment methods:
Before payment, confirm the availability and cost of goods with the dispatcher
Literature for children
"160 educational games for children from birth to three years," penny Warner mg/p
600 s
"The 50 adventures of an adventurer", Pierdomenico of Baccalario mg/p
950 s
"Atlas Obscura. For children. A journey through the most unusual places of the planet," Dylan Thuras TV/p
1300 s
"Python for kids and parents. Play and program", brown pine TV/p
950 s
"The big book of fairy tales for kids" TV/p
1100 s
"Magical housekeeping for children. As the art of restoring order helps development," Nagisa Tatsumi mg/p
560 s
"Magical housekeeping. The Japanese art of restoring order at home and in life," Marie Condo TV/p
560 s
"The magic of mathematics. How to find the X and why" Arthur Benjamin TV/p
750 s
"Magic in the morning. For lovers. How to find and keep love and passion", Hal Elrod TV/p
850 s
"Magic in the morning. For the whole family. How to bring out the best in themselves and their children," Hal Erod TV/p
850 s
"Magic in the morning. For high sales" by Hal Elrod, Ryan snow TV/p
830 s
"Magic in the morning. For writers. How to write better and earn more," Hal Elrod TV/p
830 s