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"#Selfmama, life hacks for working moms", Lyudmila Petranovskaya mg/p
390 s
"7 principles of successful marriage, or emotional intelligence in love", John Gottman mg/p
400 s
"8 of the prophecies of Stephen Hawking", Igor Prokopenko TV/p
500 s
"9 secret letters from the monk who sold his <Ferrari>", Robin Sharma mg/p
380 s
"Fika, or Swedish happiness in a Cup of coffee," Linda Balslev TV/p
530 s
"Girl code. How to crack the code of success in your personal life, friendship and business," Kara Elwell Leiba TV/p
750 s
"Girlboss. How I created a million-dollar business, not having money," Sofia Amoruso, TV/p
750 s
"HBR Guide. The stress at work. To restore energy. To reduce the load. To find a balance"
850 s
"The Running man. How running helped me conquer inner demons", Charlie Engle, TV/p
780 s
"SuperBetter," Jane Mcgonigal TV/p
1000 s
"TED talks. Words change the world", Chris Anderson, TV/p
670 s
"Transcend. Nine steps on the path to eternal life," ray Kurzweil mg/p
870 s