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"101 questions", Saidmurod of Davlatov mg/p (0003)
600 s
"4 rules for a successful leader", Stephen Covey TV/p
650 s
"45 tattoos of the Manager. Rules Russian Manager", Maxim Batyrev TV/p
950 s
"The 7 habits of isoeffective people. Powerful tools of personality development", Stephen Covey mg/p
850 s
"Agile management: Leadership and management teams," jürgen Appelo mg/p
1250 s
"Airbnb. As three ordinary guy created a new business model," Lee Gallagher TV/p
870 s
"Ctrl Alt Delete. Reboot your business and your career before it's too late", Mitch Joel TV/p
790 s
"MBA in 10 days. The most important programmes of the leading business schools in the world", Stephen Silbiger TV/p
1020 s
"Money. Unofficial biography of money," Felix Martin TV/p
1100 s
"PR in real time. Trends. Cases. Rules," Mikhail Umarov TV/p
580 s
"Rework. Business without prejudice" Jason fried TV/p
790 s
"Royals", Rachel Hawkins TV/p
570 s