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Beer 2 liters
Frunzenskoe 2l
Light beer is characterized by a strong, clean, fresh taste, amber color and thick foam. Alcohol 4%
240 s
The Bishkek Bar 2l
More flavorful and Hoppy, retaining all of its rich composition of beer. A bright, Golden beer with a dense white foam and a full, well-balanced taste. In the part of selective light barley malt, specially prepared artesian water, and hops — full balanced beer flavor, noble hop aroma and spicy bitterness. Alcohol 4%
210 s
Bamberg 2l
This grade is for those who want to experience all the flavors and aroma of "live" unfiltered beer. Brewed according to traditional German technology, does not undergo pasteurization and filtering, remains unclear in appearance, with a rich hop aroma, slightly bitter. "Bamberg" light unfiltered: try beer the way it was prepared German brewers. Alcohol 4%
240 s
Prague 2l
A classic recipe of Prague will delight all lovers of Czech lagers. Its subtle malt flavor and a floral aroma, immersed in the mysterious atmosphere of the Czech capital and afford to make a small gastronomic journey through the streets and public squares of old town. Alcohol 4%
250 s
Zhiguli 2l
"Zhiguli" was the first classic beer, brewed by master brewers of the First Brewery in the new-born plant. The classic taste is achieved through the use of selected varieties of hops and malt, and combination of traditional brewing technologies. Perfectly quenches thirst, is a legendary beer "the First Brewery" has a nice bitterness of hops and the optimal density and alcohol. Alcohol 4.6%
240 s
Three Tons 2W
Beer "Three tons" ferments during according to the classical technology in closed storage tanks of small volume (tanks of fermenting beer). Hence the name of the variety – "Three tons". The main fermentation lasts for 7-10 days. Final maturation (stage of fermentation) lasts 21 days or longer. At this time the beer "Three tons" gaining "body" and depth of flavor with a soft malt character, fleeting hop bitterness and a sweet dry finish. Alcohol 4.8%
270 s
Czech elite 2l
Based on a traditional Czech recipe that the brewers Taste factory has given a new meaning. In the part of selective light barley malt, specially prepared artesian water, and hops grown in the Czech Republic. The result of great creative work on a sort of "Bohemian luxury" — full balanced taste, noble hop aroma and spicy bitterness. Alcohol 4.7
280 s
German light 2l
Beer "the German" light for special connoisseurs of beer. Brewed according to traditional German technology of brewing barley light malt and the choicest hops grown in Germany. The beer has a light Golden color, pleasant aroma and light, bystroprokhodaschee bitterness. Rate the full flavor varieties, cooked in the best traditions of European brewing. Alcohol 4.2%
280 s
Dunkel Berg 2l
The main raw material in the composition is a classic pale barley malt brewing, combined with selective "Munich" malt. The color of the beer — from deep, deep copper to dark brown mahogany. A variety has very full bodied dark beer, brewed in the best German tradition: only water, malt, hops and brewer's yeast. Alcohol 4.3%
280 s
Prague unfiltered 2l
Beer which may be called the actual at any time. Full-bodied taste is obtained due to the fact that when cooking uses only natural ingredients that are carefully pre-selected. Alcohol 4.5%
250 s
Prague premium 2l
In the Czech Republic every town is committed to brew an exclusive beer. This wonderful tradition was evaluated at the plant Arasan, and here appeared his "Prague Premium", which immediately became one of the most popular dispensers of varieties of the plant. On its creation worked the Czech brewmaster. He has invested in this sort of true spirit of Bohemia. Light beer with a Golden hue and slightly bitter at first, soon changing to a delicate mild sweet flavor. Alcohol 4.9%
280 s
Irish Ale 2l
Amazing drink: strong and extremely soft wine shade in taste. "Irish ale" is brewed from the wort is very thick with an initial density of 16%. This unique beer features a special ruby color, with high but imperceptible, alcohol content, pleasant barley malt flavor and aroma. Beer "Irish ale" dark is a unique, bright character, accentuated by high strength. Bochkari "Irish ale" will appreciate the true connoisseurs of the ancient drink. Alcohol 6.5%
290 s