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This establishment gives a 10% discount on drinks of 0.75 liters!
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Non-alcoholic elixir «Emiz Tavrichesky»‎‎ in a bottle with a hook lock, 0.75 l
750ml., Ingredients: concentrated grape juice, extract from the comb, skin and seeds of grapes. For health promotion, as well as the prevention of most viral diseases, we recommend trying the grape drink Emiz Tauric. Elixir is a natural non-alcoholic grape halal drink containing a large amount of nutrients and vitamins. It has a noble dark ruby natural color of grape juice. There is no added sugar, dyes and preservatives in the drink. Emiz Tauric grape elixir is made from grapes of 3 varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi, Merlot. It has been scientifically proven that grape seeds and skins are very useful for the proper functioning of the human body. That is why we process whole grapes for the drink to obtain the maximum concentration of vitamins and trace elements. Such a fortified detox cocktail will help in weight loss, normalization of metabolism or to equalize pressure. According to our research, Emiz food concentrate is 6 times healthier than any grape drinks. You can choose non-alcoholic Emiz wine in the volume: 0.75 liters. If you doubt the benefits of the drink, take it, make sure of its therapeutic and preventive properties, it will last for a long time. Also, small bottles are suitable as a gift to mom, dad, colleague, relative or any other person
2700 s
Natural non-alcoholic grape syrup «BAZR»‎‎, 0.33 l. in a glass bottle
330ml., Ingredients: concentrated grape juice, grape seed and skin extract and citric acid. You can add it to tea, compote, jelly, make homemade lemonades and delicious natural drinks without sugar. It is recommended to dilute with water 1:5
825 s