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Flower studio «Flower.kg»
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2,000 som
Hours of work:
09:00 - 21:00 No days off
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Photographs of plants may not match to their appearance in reality
Preference for the color of roses check with the operator
Partial replacement of a flower is possible in case of its absence with a flower that is more suitable in color
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Basket "Smile"
Contrast colors and mood of this song reminds of a beautiful and warm place somewhere in the South – a Paradise on earth, clean water and dazzling white sand, where sometimes you want to escape from everyday worries. But escape is not always possible, but to enjoy a close and the woman a basket of 2 white Lisianthus, 3 white roses, 3 white orchids, 3 pink Alstroemeria, blue hydrangea, lavender statice and greenery you can at any time.
3328 s
Bouquet of roses "Classic"
Bouquet of 25 red roses height 40-50 cm, decorated with branches of ruskus
3744 s
Bouquet of 35 red roses
Bouquet of 35 red roses height 80 cm
6760 s
Bouquet of roses "Charm"
Calm and gentle bouquet of 5 white roses, 4 Lisianthus, Hypericum and eucalyptus will delight dear and close to you. Vase not included bouquet.
3016 s
A box of roses "Red Paris"
Present the song "Red Paris" from 23-27 red, white mix roses in a hat box black and white the one whose heart You've decided to win now and forever.
4160 s
Box with peony roses "Peach cobbler"
The composition of the 11 peony roses decorated with greens in a stylish box-this is a wonderful dessert of fragrant flowers.
4160 s
Box with roses "Love is..."
Box in the shape of a heart with 19 roses will be the right message to Express your feelings. Love can be expressed in different ways, trust flowers to tell beloved what love is.
3120 s
Bouquet with roses "Cappuccino"
Beautiful bouquet of Alstroemeria 1, 2 Lisianthus, 3 spray roses, 1 Lotus dried flowers, 1 satanus, 5 roses cappuccino and greens.
2800 s
A bouquet of roses "Delicate taste"
Delicate and refined bouquet of 25 roses roses in delicate shades. Perfect for the feminine and delicate, which You want to lighten the mood.
5000 s
Bouquet of roses "Ademi"
Bouquet of 25 multicolored roses 40-50 cm Colorful and delicate bouquet of roses perfect for any occasion. Let the colors tell about Your feelings.
3100 s
A box of roses "Berry Big mix"
A box of roses in mixed colours (45-51шт.) - bright and "delicious" gift for any occasion. This track will bring freshness to the elegant roses and bright mood.
7000 s
Bouquet of 11 red roses
Bouquet of 11 red roses height 80 cm
3000 s