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Working hours: 24 hours
Issyk-Kul Brand
Average bill:
500 som
Hours of work:
12:00 – 17:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Cream apricot
Cream Apricot used for sensitive skin. Effective to slow skin aging, dryness, eczema and itching.
200 s
Cream sea-Buckthorn berries and Apricot
Cream sea-Buckthorn and Apricot has anti-bacterial and rejuvenating properties.
200 s
Cream Sea Buckthorn
Sea-Buckthorn cream for dry skin. Has moisturizing and rejuvenating properties.
200 s
Soap Apricot
Soap Apricot is used for sensitive skin. Effective for aging and dry skin, eczema and itching.
180 s
Soap Calendula
Soap Calendula has moisturizing and whitening effect. It is possible to use for eczema.
180 s
Soap Goat milk
Soap Goat's milk has a rejuvenating and bleaching properties. It is possible to use for eczema.
180 s
Horse fat soap
For a healthy and beautiful and healthy hair this product is simply excellent tool. Because it contains keratin, the same protein, for the most part from which-and are your hair.
280 s
Soap Nettle
Nettle soap for sensitive skin. Used for allergies. And also effective against dandruff
180 s
Soap Sea Buckthorn
Soap sea Buckthorn rejuvenating. The same applies for dry skin.
180 s
Soap Parsley
Soap Parsley has bleaching properties. Effective for freckles. Dandruff.
180 s
Soap gift
Natural handmade soap with the addition of various medicinal herbs
100 s
Soap Wormwood
Mugwort soap is used for eczema. Also good for combating unpleasant odors.
180 s