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External batteries
Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000mAh
This is an external battery, characterized by compact dimensions and the highest reliability of operation. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000mah is compatible with smartphones, tablets, portable media players, navigators, as well as other devices compatible with the USB interface.
1000 s
External Battery for Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 (10000 mAh)
The standard version of an external battery with a capacity of 10000 mah is distinguished not only by an attractive shell, but also by its compactness. A refined and minimalistic appearance will perfectly fit into the surrounding environment, and practicality and functionality will make an external battery an integral attribute of a modern person
1500 s
External Battery for Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20000mah
Thanks to the smart USB charging controller, this battery is compatible with the absolute majority of smartphones on the market. A sufficiently high power level of the power bank will allow you to charge a variety of devices: smartphone, tablet, etc
2500 s
Mi Power Bank 10000mAh Portable Drive with Wireless Charging
No cables, just put your smartphone down.Xiaomi Mi Power Bank supports fast wireless charging with a power of 10 watts, as well as wired charging from a single port with a power of 18 watts. The Qi standard allows you to use the battery for wireless charging of a variety of smartphones, cameras, set-top boxes, laptops and other equipment.
2700 s
External battery Hoco J45
Portable additional battery with a capacity of 10000mAh with two USB outputs and an LED indicator of the charge level. Hoco j45 is the most elegant accessory that will become a stylish addition to the main devices. An external battery makes it easy to extend the autonomy of a smartphone, tablet and even a compatible laptop, which is very important for those who actively work away from the outlet.
1200 s
Hoco J46A 20000 mAh Portable Battery
This is a novelty for all kinds of mobile devices, designed for long-term autonomous use on a trip, on a hike, on a trip, at the dacha, etc.It is allowed for transportation and use on an airplane. This capacious original Power Bank, like others, is suitable for charging a huge number of gadgets, but it has a significant advantage - a large real capacity of 20,000 milliampere hours. The presence of a digital LED display will inform you about the remaining charge as a percentage.
2000 s
Wireless Charging for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
This device has an elegant appearance and a maximum power of 7.5 watts. It meets the Qi standards. To charge your smartphone, just put it on the charger.
1000 s
Portable battery "B35D Entourage" 5000mAh with two USB ports.
The compact, lightweight and ultra-thin Hoco Mini B35D 5000 mAh charger is designed for charging electronic devices in conditions of remoteness from electrical networks. It allows you to "bring back to life" a mobile phone, a player or a tablet away from civilization. The Hoco Mini B35D is equipped with two USB outputs and an LED charge indicator.
800 s