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Ring lamps
Premium LED Ring Lamp ZB-F488
This is an affordable professional lighting for large-scale filming, photo shoots or as an additional light. The compact and convenient ring lamp is suitable for everyday use. The presence of a convenient bag in the kit makes it easy to carry the lamp. The unique difference between the luxury LED lamp ZB-F488 from similar ones is that it has a large diameter of 45 centimeters and a light diffuser, which makes it possible for 512 diodes to scatter panoramic light.
4000 s
Ring LED Lamp RGB LED MJ 33
It is designed to adjust the correct light during photo shoots (for face photos - makeup, hairstyle, etc.). The ring lamp with a phone holder is perfect for selfies. It is used for photography, video streaming and live broadcasting. Suitable for mobile phones up to 7 inches. Features: - Remote control on the wire; - Hinge for adjusting the lamp at any angle; - Three illumination modes: warm (yellow), daytime (mixed) and cold (white); - 12 primary colors-Mixed shades and color effects; - Powered by 220 W or PowerBank.
2000 s
LED ring lamp with a diameter of 32 cm
For photo and video shooting, RING FILL LIGHT LC-330 is a professional lighting available to everyone for photo and video shooting, detailed shooting, additional lighting. High-quality professional ring Light Ring Light LC-330 is suitable for makeup artists, photographers, bloggers, beauty salons, almost everyone who is associated with photo and video creativity. It is these lamps that create this stunning effect of angel eyes in photos.
1000 s
Ring color lamp "Heart"
Multi-color selfie lamp for photo and video shooting is an original, versatile and unusual lighting device for additional lighting, in the shape of a heart. In this model, in addition to the main white LEDs, with a choice from cold to warm, full-color RGB LEDs are provided, which will significantly expand the palette of your professional creativity, opening up opportunities for new photo and video experiments. Now you do not need to edit the color range in photos for a long time, apply filters, everything can be done in advance by setting the desired color on the lamp itself.
4500 s
Ring LED lamp in the shape of a cat
This is a bright lighting that can be used in the beauty industry, blogging and for creating content. The design of this model is complemented by cat ears. Such a lamp will be an original gift or addition to a room, beauty salon or studio. The lighting temperature can be adjusted-warm shades (3000-3500K), cold (6000-6500K) and neutral light (5000-5500K). The brightness level can be adjusted from 1 to 100%. The diameter of the lamp is 45 cm, and the number of LEDs is 408 pieces. And the thickness of the ring is 33 mm.
4500 s