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Air Purifiers
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3 Air Purifier
Mi Air Purifier 3 is equipped with a round OLED touch screen, which displays important information for your health. The content of PM2.5 in the environment, the temperature and humidity of the air, as well as the operating mode of the cleaner are displayed digitally. Note. When the PM2.5 value in the room exceeds 150, it is displayed in red, indicating that the air quality at this time is poor; when PM2.5 is 75-150, the indicator lights orange, indicating average air quality; when less than 75, it is green, indicating excellent air quality. Mi Air Purifier 3 has a button integrated into the display, surrounded by a three-color adjustable light ring that reflects information about how high-quality the air in the room is.Up to 6,600 liters of clean air per minute, the air duct system in the Mi Air Purifier 3 has been redesigned in order to output a larger volume of air. The purifier can supply up to 6660 liters of clean air per minute.
15000 s
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 Air Purifier (White)
Clean air in one cycle, high cleaning capacity, ease of operation, quiet operation and a versatile design that will perfectly fit into any interior - these are the qualities that characterize the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 air Purifier. The new model has undergone changes: a new air distribution system has been developed, and the CADR index now reaches 310 m3/h. With impressive performance indicators, the dimensions of the device have been reduced by 40%, making it possible to provide clean air in any room, regardless of its area.Supercharging system with high suction and blowing force Filling the room with purified air depends on the circulation of the air flow. When developing the Mi Air Purifier 2, Xiaomi engineers looked for inspiration in the mechanism of air circulation in aircraft cabins. As a result, a supercharging system with a high suction and blowing force was created.
12000 s
Xiaomi Mijia Mi Air Humidifier (4L)
Forget about the illogic and inconvenience of conventional humidifiers that need to be turned over to add water. The Mijia humidifier can be filled with water from above, and the removable tank makes filling and caring for it much easier. The volume of the Mijia humidifier tank is as much as 4 liters, which is 16 bottles of 250 ml each. With a capacity of 280 ml/h, it can raise the humidity in a room of 10 m2 by 9% in just 1 hour, quickly banishing the feeling of dryness. A full tank of the humidifier is enough for 36 hours of continuous operation, so you can safely leave it on for the whole day. Antibacterial materials with silver ions Safe water for moisturizing. Quiet hydration will not interfere with rest
3500 s
Sterilization Humidifier MJ MJ-01 with Mini Night Light 220 ml
Ultrasonic Anti-fog Maker for Home Office Auto. Main Features: ● 2 spray modes: you can choose the one you like according to the weather ● Add aromatherapy, fragrant: add various essential oils (not included), accompanied by a fine mist, give the air a full aroma ● Ultrasonic spraying, like a clear mist in the forest, the water mist is more gentle ● Ultra-quiet: about 38dB, ultra-low noise, effectively increases humidity, relieves stress, but does not interfere with your work or sleep ● Protective protection: dryness protection, water shortage protection and power off ● Soft night light: create a comfortable and breathable atmosphere for you at night.
800 s