Order by phone
Working hours: 24 hours
Average bill:
400 som
Hours of work:
10:00 - 20:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of the dishes can be different from reality.
Set sets
Set-set "Ramen Ottogi»
Includes 4 types of ramen: Yul ramen 120 g (the sharpest), Cheese ramen 111 g, Classic Gin ramen (medium sharp) 120 g and Gin ramen sharp 120 g.
360 s
Set-set "Assorted tea»
Includes 4 types of tea bags. Each type of tea in the set comes in three bags of a mixture of 5 nuts, ginseng, ginger, barley. Also included in the set is a traditional Korean jam-citron (100 g.
360 s
Set-set "Soy pastes»
Includes beef flavoring 100 g, Ottogi soy sauce 150 ml, fried seaweed 5 g, spicy soy pepper paste 200 g, mixed soy paste 170 g.
600 s
Ramen Nongshim Set Set»
Includes classic spicy Shin ramen 120 g, vegetarian Sun ramen 112 g, spicy ramen with seafood flavor Noguri 120 g, traditional ramen with black bean sauce 140 g.
360 s