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Working hours: 24 hours
Average bill:
400 som
Hours of work:
10:00 - 20:00 No days off
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Household Goods
Massage Comb Milen Concave narrow
1 pc. Skeleton comb, stiletto comb for easy detangling of hair. Material: Plastic.
265 s
Dorco My Chief knife 100 mm.
1 pc. Kitchen knife. Size: 2. 5x21 cm. Weight: 70 g. Blade: Stainless steel. Handle: ABS plastic.
620 s
Buckwheat pillow with double pillowcase
1 pc. Filling: Buckwheat husk. Cover: Cotton. Size: 45X25 cm. Weight: 1 kg.
1970 s
Eqclean Floor Mop
1 pc. Material: plastic, cotton. Size:13x40 (cm). Length:(80 cm). Weight: 800 g.
1195 s
Frying pan Wok Kitchen Art 28 cm.
1 pc. Non-stick frying pan. Material: Multi-layer marble coating. Diameter: 28cm.
2390 s
Frying pan Kitchen Art 26 cm.
1 pc. Non-stick frying pan. Material: Multi-layer marble coating. Diameter: 26cm.
2590 s
Thermos Kitchen Art Rafale 500 ml.
1 pc. Thermos for hot and cold drinks. Material: Stainless steel case. Cover-polypropylene, silicone rubber.
910 s
Clean Wrap Rubber Gloves
1 pc. Gloves made of natural latex (shortened) beige universal size.
190 s
Pink Lock&Lock 500 ml drinking Bottle.
1 pc. A bottle for cold water. Material: Housing - food grade plastic. The lid is made of polypropylene. Volume: 500 ml.
545 s
Rice cooker Kitchen Flower RN-NA10 1 l.
1 pc. Electric rice cooker. Automatic cooking mode. Non-stick coating. Volume: 1 l. Power: 500W. Voltage: 220V. Weight: 2 kg. Size: 26.8 x 26.8 x 28 cm.
12990 s
Cimelax container for greens 2.5 l.
1 pc. Material: Polypropylene. Size:37x12x9 (cm). Volume: 2.5 l.
440 s
Kitchen Bowl Cimelax Blue
1 pc. Mixing bowl. Material: Polypropylene. Volume: 6.2 l.
695 s
Kitchen Flower Roaster Round 34 cm.
1 pc. Non-stick frying pan grill. Material: Multi-layer marble coating. Diameter: 34cm.
2740 s
Dorco Black Razor
1 pc. Razor with 4 razor blades. Material: The blade is made with a hard diamond coating, elastic rubber handle.
185 s
Plastic lids 40 pcs.
1 pc. Reusable plastic covers - covers with an elastic band. Material: Polyethylene. Diameter: 220 mm.
285 s
Apple Laundry Net 24 x 28
1 pc. Prevents buttons and buttons from falling out, tangling and shrinking of underwear. Material: Mesh polyester with a zipper that does not unfasten during washing.
325 s
Kitchen Flower Clean Gas Burner 33 x 28 x 10 cm.
1 pc. Portable gas stove. Safe design with automatic desorption.
3490 s
Microfiber Mop Cloth
1 pc. The set includes 2 pcs. Material: Microfiber. Size:13x40 (cm)
445 s
Metal stand for Parkas 25 cm.
1 pc. Material: Stainless steel. Diameter: 25 cm.
495 s