Order by phone
Working hours: 24 hours
Namba Market
Average bill:
300 som
Hours of work:
08:00 - 00:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Marshmallows Woogie, 300g
330 s
Marshmallow in a cup (stars) Majai, 150 g
207 s
Marshmallow in a cup (color), 70g
125 s
Marshmallow in a cup (12 pieces)
207 s
Chewing marmalade "Fruit-tella" cool mix mini 200 gr
167 s
Bondi chewing marmalade 30g
9 s
Chewing marmalade Mayama club. black with sl. 70g
19 s
Chewing marmalade "Fruit-tella" cool mix 138 gr
95 s
Chewing marmalade "Fruit-tella" snakes XXL 70 gr
50 s
Marmalade "Chupa Chups" Fans 150g
108 s
Chewing marmalade Krutfruit 70g
17 s
Chewing marmalade KrutFrutSmail. 70g
18 s
Chewing marmalade "Fruit-tella" animals mix 70 gr
50 s
Babyfox hippos chewing marmalade 30g
8 s
Chewing marmalade Mayama anan. yabl. club. 70gr
17 s
Chewing marmalade "Fruit-tella" juicy watermelon 70 gr
50 s
Chewing marmalade Mayama assorted flavors.70g
17 s
Babyfox chewing marmalade with vit. as. vk 30g
8 s
HIPPO BONDI & FRIENDS chewable marmalade with vitamins 30g.
9 s
HIPPO BONDI & FRIENDS chewable marmalade 100g.
30 s
HIPPO BONDI & FRIENDS chewable marmalade with vitamins 70g.
18 s
Chewing marmalade Mayama malin black. sl. 70gr
17 s