Order by phone
Working hours: 24 hours
Namba Market
Average bill:
300 som
Hours of work:
08:00 - 00:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Vegetables and fruits
Mix "Ratatouille" Miratorg 400gr
117 s
Spanish mix Miratorg 400g
156 s
Mini carrot Bauer 400 gr
170 s
Cut champignons Miratorg 400gr
120 s
Grilled vegetables with Italian herbs Miratorg 400g
120 s
Couscous with vegetables in Morocco Miratorg sauce 400g
154 s
Cherry pitted Miratorg 300g
126 s
Saute with Provencal herbs Miratorg 400g
130 s
Sliced string beans VICI 400g
159 s
Mexican mix VICI 400g
164 s
Hawaiian mix VICI 400g
179 s
Black currant VICI 300g
151 s
Spring vegetables VICI 400g
157 s
Green peas Bonduelle 400g
122 s
Cauliflower Bonduelle 400g
165 s
Cauliflower VICI 400g
159 s
Hawaiian mix Miratorg 400g
97 s
Vici compote mixture 300g
191 s
Spring vegetables Bauer 400g
151 s
Super Long French Fries for oven 600g
156 s
French fries Fry Me with peel 700g
188 s
Bauer Euro-Mix Mix 400g
161 s
Vegetables in Italian VICI 400g
169 s
Black currant Bauer 300 gr
104 s
Broccoli VICI 400g
166 s
Mexican Mix vegetables with rice Bonduelle 400g
170 s
Hawaiian Mix vegetables with rice Bonduelle 400g
187 s
Summer mix Miratorg 400g
102 s
French fries for the oven 450g
146 s
Brussels sprouts Bauer 400g
182 s