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Working hours: 24 hours
Namba Market
Average bill:
300 som
Hours of work:
08:00 - 00:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Laundry products
Washing powder machine Persil deep clean vernel 3 kg for white and light
350 s
Porroshok Tide bright colors 5,4 kg
566 s
Vanish stain remover color care 1000 ml.
355 s
Vanish stain remover crystal white 1000 ml.
355 s
ARIEL Powder Automatic 2in1 Lenor Effect 450g
125 s
ARIEL Automatic SMS Powder Color&Style 1.5 kg
332 s
MYTH powder Frosty freshness hand wash 400g
44 s
Washing powder machine Persil color vernel 3 kg for colored things
350 s
Tide Automatic Color 1500 gr
275 s
Linen conditioner LENOR Scandinavian spring 1L
187 s
ARIEL Washing Powder Automatic Color&Style, 450g
124 s
Washing Powder TIDE Automatic SMS Color 3kg
417 s
Washing powder MYTH 3b1 Frosty freshness automatic 1 kg
53 s
Washing Powder MYTH Automatic SMS Fresh color 6kg
610 s
Washing powder Machine "Tide" Aqua powder Alpine Freshness 450 gr.
99 s
Tide Hand Wash Aqua Powder Alpine Freshness 400 gr
75 s
Liquid laundry detergent Perwall color 2 l
432 s
Liquid laundry detergent Perwall Magic white 2 l
432 s
Liquid laundry detergent Perwall Care and restoration 2 l
520 s
Liquid laundry detergent Perwall Aroma-Care 1,8 l
432 s
Linen conditioner Vernel Supreme Elegance, 600ml
133 s
Linen conditioner Lenor Alpine meadows, 1L
187 s
Liquid washing agent Tide Color, 1.23 l
481 s
Washing gel Tide Alpine freshness 1.235 l
481 s
Washing powder Myth Fresh color hand wash 400g
47 s
Ariel Washing Powder Automatic Aroma of Shea Butter 450 g
124 s
Washing powder machine MYTH Freshness of a snowdrop 0,4 kg
53 s
TIDE SMS Liquid capsules Alpine freshness 15x22, 8g
641 s
PERSIL laundry detergent in water-soluble capsules for white and light 210g
350 s
Ariel Pods Washing Capsules All in 1 Color, 12 pcs
486 s
Linen Conditioner LENOR Scandinavian Spring 2L
219 s
Linen conditioner VERNEL Peony and White Tea 870ml
133 s
Cleaning powder "PEMOLUX" for home "Soda 5" sea breeze 480g
48 s
LENOR Fabric Conditioner Scandinavian spring 1L
124 s
Washing powder Persil Color 450g
109 s