Order by phone
Working hours: 24 hours
Namba Market
Average bill:
300 som
Hours of work:
08:00 - 00:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Oral care
Toothpaste Blend-a-med Anti-caries Freshness, 50 ml.
55 s
BLEND_A_MED Toothpaste Complex with Mouthwash Herbal Freshness 100ml
154 s
BLEND_A_MED Toothpaste Complex with Rinse Aid Long-lasting Freshness 100ml
154 s
BLEND_A_MED Toothpaste Anti-CARIES Herbal Collection 100ml
73 s
BLEND_A_MED Toothpaste Anti-Caries Mint 100ml
90 s
BLEND_A_MED Toothpaste Oak Bark 100ml
90 s
BLEND_A_MED Toothpaste 3D White Whitening and Deep Cleaning with Charcoal 100ml
133 s
BLEND_A_MED Toothpaste 3D White Freshness Invigorating Freshness 100ml
133 s
SPLAT Professional Ultracomplex Toothpaste 100 ml
162 s
ORAL_B Ortho Toothbrush 1pc
192 s
ORAL_B UltraThin Toothbrush Gentle Care of gums 1 piece
227 s
SPLAT Professional Whitening Toothpaste plus 100 g
162 s
SPLAT Juicy Cherry Toothpaste 35 ml
110 s
SPLAT Juicy kiwi-strawberry Toothpaste 35 ml
110 s
Splat toothpaste Professional Active, 100ml
162 s
Splat Professional Sensitive Toothpaste 100ml
162 s
Splat Professional Lavandacept Toothpaste, 100ml
162 s
Lacalut Active Toothpaste 50ml
173 s
Lacalut Active Toothpaste 75ml
286 s
Lacalut Active Herbal Toothpaste 50ml
173 s
Lacalut Active Herbal Toothpaste 75ml
215 s
Lacalut toothpaste Base 75ml
209 s
Lacalut toothpaste Junior Tropicana 75ml
196 s
Lacalut Toothpaste Multi Effect 100ml
262 s
Lacalut toothpaste Sensetive 50ml
172 s
Lacalut toothpaste Sensetive 75ml
263 s
Lacalut toothpaste Sensetive white 75ml
326 s
Lacalut toothpaste Sensetive extra 50ml
278 s
Lacalut Toothpaste White 100ml
281 s
Lacalut toothpaste White 50ml
245 s
Lacalut toothpaste Flora 75ml
288 s
Lacalut toothpaste Fluor 75ml
263 s
Lacalut dental gel 8+ for teenagers 50ml
162 s
Lacalut toothbrush for Children up to 4 years old
178 s
Lacalut Children's toothbrush 4+
208 s
Lacalut Toothbrush Duo Clean
196 s
Lacalut Sensitive Toothbrush
196 s
Lacalut Interdental cylindrical brushes (M3. 0mm)
328 s
Lacalut Interdental Cylindrical Brushes (S2. 4mm)
328 s
Lacalut Interdental Cylindrical Brushes (XS2. 0mm)
270 s
Colgate Triple Action Toothpaste 150ml
112 s
Colgate Triple Action Toothpaste 100ml
76 s
Colgate Gentle Whitening Toothpaste 100ml
76 s
Colgate Herbal Toothpaste 100ml
74 s
Colgate Max Fresh Clean Mint Toothpaste 100ml
202 s
Colgate Max Fresh Cool Mint Toothpaste 100ml
202 s
Colgate Max White Toothpaste 100ml
202 s
Colgate Total Clean Mint Toothpaste 75ml
189 s
Colgate Safe Whitening Gums Toothpaste 75ml
170 s
Colgate Safe Whitening Charcoal Toothpaste 75ml
170 s