Order by phone
Working hours: 24 hours
Namba Market
Average bill:
300 som
Hours of work:
08:00 - 00:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Body care
Zero hand cream antibacterial regenerating 100 ml
104 s
OLD SPICE Shower Gel + Chilling Shampoo 250ml
172 s
OLD SPICE Whitewater Shower Gel 250ml
160 s
Cotton pads BELLA 100 pcs
63 s
Cotton pads BELLA round 25 pcs
33 s
Gel-care for the shower "Freshness of Lemongrass" NIVEA 250ml
209 s
Gel-care for the shower "Freshness of the Balinese flower" NIVEA 250ml
222 s
Shower gel "Sage and Hibiscus" NIVEA 250ml
209 s
Shower gel "Palmolive" FEEL the Massage 250ml
205 s
Shower gel "Palmolive" Gourmet SPA Coconut Milk 250ml
205 s
Palmolive Aroma Mood Shower Gel with Dead Sea salt, Aloe Vera and mint 250ml
205 s
Shower gel oil "Fresh Juice" Sweet Almond 400ml
129 s
OLD SPICE Shower Gel + shampoo 2in1 Citron 250ml
172 s
Bath sponge for children "KidsZoo"
156 s
Moisturizing cream (universal) NIVEA 75ml
167 s
Intensive moisturizing cream NIVEA Soft 75ml
214 s
Intensive moisturizing cream NIVEA Soft 100ml
235 s
Cotton pads BELLA round 80 pcs
65 s
Cotton balls BELLA, 100 pcs
102 s