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Working hours: 24 hours
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Average bill:
500 som
Hours of work:
09:00 – 18:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Before payment, confirm the availability of goods with the dispatcher.

Did not find the book in the catalog?
The base of books by reference: 
Thinking strategies of the poor and the rich people of Davlatov (solid.) /Bishkek/
510 s
Don't be sad ! Recipes of happiness and the cure for sadness is al-Karni (book without valve)
520 s
Charm Lessons from the wise family., Monk, cat.PR.his Ferrari(softly.) /AST/
275 s
Hill Think and grow rich Classic edition (school success) /AST/
320 s
The book, which is not Novak /Peter/
260 s
Psychology all gender. How to motivate one word 50 techniques of NLP
120 s
Sinelnikov Love your disease /sh--K./ (soft., gray) Secrets of the subconscious
350 s
Another book that is not /Peter/
280 s
Psychology all gender. How to do everything at work and in life
120 s
Rich Dad Poor Dad (hard) W-K.
890 s
Psychological drawing tests for children and adults Shevchenko /practice of psychology/
210 s
Nekrasov, Anatoly a mother's love (Mignon, soft) AST
180 s