Order by phone
Working hours: 24 hours
Time to read
Average bill:
500 som
Hours of work:
10:00 – 17:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Before payment, confirm the availability of goods with the dispatcher.

Did not find the book in the catalog?
The base of books by reference: 
Russian literature
Exclusive Russian classics m Bulgakov the Master and Margarita /AST/
Item description
200 s
Dust a Coffee shop /AST/
Item description
380 s
Exclusive Russian classics m Strugatsky Monday begins on Saturday /AST/
Item description
240 s
Exclusive Russian classics m Strugatsky roadside picnic /AST/
Item description
220 s
World classics /ABC/ Dostoevsky Crime and punishment
Item description
275 s
World classics /ABC/ Tolstoy War and peace 2 vols.
Item description
510 s
AK m Lolita Nabokov
Item description
230 s
Bibl.project Boris Akunin Kalashnikov Cruel age
Item description
900 s
World classics /ABC/ Tolstoy Anna Karenina
Item description
275 s
Exclusive Russian classics m Pasternak Doctor Zhivago /AST/
Item description
260 s
Glukhovsky Metro 2033 (Glukhovsky Dmitry Bestsellers) /AST/
Item description
760 s